Wood Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 5th Anniversary)

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It’s your 5th anniversary. Congratulations on five years together! This one is a little more special than the ones that preceded it, and the next major anniversary milestone is five years away. If you’re following the traditional gift theme, the fifth anniversary is all about wood. The good news is that wood is a fun category for gifting. There are plenty of unique and romantic wood anniversary gifts. Some of these wood gifts are cheap and others are expensive. Without further ado, take a look at the list of wood anniversary gifts for him below.

If you’re interested, here is our list of 5th anniversary gifts for her instead.


58 Wood Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 5th Anniversary Gifts)

Globe Bar

1. This globe bar is a nice decoration and super cool place to store beverages and glasses. Imagine how fun it would be to open this up when you have a guest come to visit. This works at home or perhaps at the office, at least it would in Mad Men.

Ring Toss Game

2. This ring toss game is sure to be a blast. A great casual game to play with his buddies or with you. Kind of like darts, but much safer and better for your walls. This is sure to get some use whenever people come over.

BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set

3. Does your guy like to grill? If so, he will love this BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set. This set comes with everything he needs to smoke meat on a gas or charcoal grill, including a premium stainless steel smoker box, specialty BBQ thermometer, three flavors of smoking wood chips, easy to follow step by step instruction, smoking recipes, and a flavorful hickory smoked sea salt. Plus, this is a powerful incentive for him to make dinner a little more often.

Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Bacon Press

4. This cast iron pre-seasoned bacon press has a wooden handle. Not a bad gift for anyone that enjoys the occasional piece of bacon, which is pretty much everyone. We own one, and it makes bacon way better. That’s saying a lot because it’s pretty hard to improve on bacon.

Wooden Clock

5. A classically designed wooden clock can bring elegance to your living room. This is a simple gift that he can keep for years to come. Gifts like this carry a lot of sentimental value. It’s a little something that he’ll see all the time and it’s a nice reminder of your shared love.

Cuckoo Clock

6. Or, go with a cuckoo clock for something little more fun.  There are plenty of options to suit his personality and taste. A wooden cuckoo clock will stand out a bit more and might even end up being a nice conversation piece.

Decanter Globe Set

7. This decanter globe set can hold whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, iced tea, water, or pretty much anything else he might like to drink. It’s a highly functional, cool decoration and a really fun fifth anniversary gift for your husband. What is it about globes and drinks? I guess they go together.

Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

8. If your husband enjoys pizza, you might get him this wood pellet pizza oven. This will be a blast if you happen to love pizza too. Gifts like this are great because you’re bound to build some cool memories using them.

Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

9. If he is really serious about his pizza, you might get him this professional series wood fired pizza oven. This one is a little pricey.  Then again, can you really put a price on great pizza?

Handmade Wood Card

10. Some people love to gift cards for anniversaries and other special occasions. If you’re going to get him a card, why not get him this handmade wood card.

Wood Sunglasses

11. These wood sunglasses are great for guys that love spending time outside. A wood pair of sunglasses is pretty unique. Plus, people can just never have too many pairs of sunglasses.

Coffee Table

12. If you’re in the market for furniture, take a look at this coffee table. If it fits with your home’s style, it’s a winner. This is a great 5th anniversary gift that’s bound to last for years and years.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

13. If your husband is a coffee drinker, he might like this pour over coffee maker. This will elevate his coffee experience to the next level, and this one happens to have a wooden handle. If he is a serious coffee enthusiast, you might check out these gift ideas for coffee lovers as well, though not all of them fit the wood theme.

Wooden Puzzle Games

14. These wooden puzzle games are fun to play with and nice to look at. This will be a pretty unique fifth anniversary gift, and something that your husband is sure to enjoy. Plus, once he masters the puzzles, he’ll be able to show off a little.

Cutting Boards

15. Cutting boards can make great gifts. They are solid, they last a long time, and often times they sit out on the counter semi-permanently. This one is perfect for your 5th anniversary since it can be customized with your family name and wedding date.

Serving Board

16. A serving board can make a great gift as well. These are particularly great if the two of you entertain guests once in a while. Small details like this really add a nice touch to the evening.

Bamboo Cheese Board With Cutlery Set

17. Along a similar line to the idea above, this bamboo cheese board with cutlery set includes a wood charcuterie platter and serving meat board with slide-out drawer and 4 stainless steel knives. This is sure to make your next soiree just a little more fun.


18. Does your husband carry around a pocketknife? If so, he might like one that is personalized with his name or initials. Personalization is a nice touch for any gift, but especially for a wedding anniversary gift.

Wine Rack

19. If you two entertain much, it can be a good idea to have some wine on hand. And what better way to show off a few bottles than with a wine rack like this one? Even if you don’t entertain much, a rack like this is a nice decoration.

Wine Box

20. On the other hand, a wine box can be a great thing to have on hand whenever you visit some friends and want to show up with a nice bottle. By the way, if your husband happens to be a wine enthusiast, check out these gifts for wine lovers.

Wood Bench

21. A wood bench can make a nice addition to your living room, kitchen, or an entryway to your home. It’s practical and looks nice. What more could you want?

Outdoor Wood Bench

22. For that matter, he might like an outdoor wood bench for the patio or outside the front door. This is another functional and aesthetic wooden anniversary gift.


23. More and more people are working from home these days, at least a couple days a week. If your husband is one of these people, he might like a new desk.

Desk Lamp

24. This wooden desk lamp can be a great companion to the desk above. Of course, this also works if your husband already has a desk but could use a bit more light.

Desk Organizer

25. This desk organizer can also be a great complement to the gifts above or a great standalone gift idea. This is particularly nice if your husband uses a table for a desk as these often don’t have many drawers or storage options.

Docking Station

26. Speaking of organization, he might like this docking station. Finally, a place for him to throw his keys, sunglasses, mobile phone, wallet, watch and anything else he carries around with him. Gone are the days of having to track down all of these items before heading out of the house.


27. If your husband is a reader, or just someone that like to have books out as decorations, these bookends can make a great fifth anniversary present. After all, who doesn’t enjoy showing off the books that they read?

Wood Bookmark

28. This wood bookmark would make an excellent companion gift to the one above if he happens to be a bookworm.


29. This bed is made of iron and wood. If your old bed could use an upgrade, this would be the perfect time. This is really a gift for both of you. But, then again, what could be more intimate?


30. Is your husband a handyman? If so, you might get him a new drill to add to his tool kit. No, the drill isn’t made of wood. But, it qualifies since it’s used in woodworking.

Circular Saw

31. If he is really into woodworking, you might get him this circular saw. Just imagine all of the cool things he will be able to make with this.

Deluxe Woodcarving Set

32. Along a similar line, this deluxe woodcarving set is sure to bring a smile to his face if he enjoys working with wood. This is perfect if he’s relatively new to woodworking or doesn’t yet have all of the tools he needs. It might also be a great upgrade to his existing set.


33. Whether he is super handy or not, every guy should at least own a hammer. Why not get him one that’s personalized?

Set Of Wood Picture Frames

34. This set of wood picture frames would make a thoughtful anniversary gift if you pop in a few of his favorite photos. Sure, we all have a million digital photos these days. But, it’s still nice to print out a few really special ones.

Wall Art

35. Wooden wall art is great for men that appreciate art. The nice thing about good art is that people never tire of looking at it. This is another fifth anniversary present that he can cherish for years and years.

Paint Brushes

36. For the more artistically inclined, paint brushes could be in order. That way, he can make a few of his own masterpieces.


37. You might even get him an easel if he is a serious painter.  Indulging his artistic skills could wind up creating many, many masterpieces to place throughout your home.

Coaster Set

38. A coaster set can be both decorative and functional.  While these items are highly functional, this is an opportunity to go for something a bit nicer and more extravagant. Turn an ordinary item like a coaster into something special.

Wooden Watch

39. This wooden watch will look great on his wrist, and give him one more accessory to wear wherever he goes. This is also quite a contrast from all of the smart watches that people where these days.


40. This humidor will be much appreciated by the man that enjoys an occasional cigar. You might even throw in a few really nice cigars to go along with it.

Shoe Shine Kit

41. Finally a place to store all of the polishes, brushes, and rags. There is no doubt about it, shining shoes can be a chore. Sometimes the best gifts are things that take a mundane task and turn it into something pleasant. A shoe shine kit may have him looking forward to this task, at least for a little while.

BBQ Utensils

42. BBQ utensils with wooden handles will have your husband grilling in style. There is something about standing around, and watching the food as it is grilled to perfection that is just so enjoyable. It might be the combination of bonding time and anticipation of a delicious meal. Any gift that encourages more grilling is a winner.


43. Rollors is an incredibly fun outdoor game for BBQs, picnics, or just about any other gathering. It’s also made of wood. So, if your man enjoys games, he’s sure to like this one.

Wooden Valet Tray

44. Keep his life organized with a wooden valet tray. Store it on a nightstand or dresser and keep important items such as smartphones, wallets, and loose change organized. Three compartments deliver ample storage space.

Bamboo Golf Tees

45. Married to a golfer? Try bamboo golf tees to celebrate your 5th anniversary. These golf tees are biodegradable and durable, making them a great addition to any golf bag. Plus, they come in a bulk size so that your husband never runs out of tees.

Kitchen Knife Set

46. If you’re married to someone who loves to cook, a new knife set is an instant update to the kitchen. This 14-piece set comes in a sturdy wooden block for display on the countertop and includes steak knives, paring knife, break knife and more.

Ring Holder

47. Give him a convenient spot to store his wedding ring every night. Whether he’s someone who tends to misplace his ring or simply needs a more secure spot for it when he slips it off, this wooden ring holder provides an attractive and dedicated spot to store his jewelry.

Dartboard Cabinet Set

48. Let him turn his man cave into a game room with this dartboard cabinet set. It features a self-healing dartboard and comes with six steel-tipped darts, a flights marker, and a mounting bracket for an easy installation. It’s housed within a custom cabinet that makes it easy to hang on the wall.

Framed Photo

49. Celebrate your favorite memories over the last 5 years by giving your partner a framed photo of your life together. Whether you choose a wedding photo or a picture from a favorite vacation, it will look lovely displayed in this sturdy wooden frame.

Wooden Board Game

50. Get ready for your next game night by giving him this deluxe edition of Scrabble. It features a solid wood game cabinet that turns, making playing with a crowd easy. A removable game top reveals built-in storage for all of the pieces so that they stay organized.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

51. This wall-mounted bottle opener is a convenient addition to a basement or home bar. It features a solid wood and iron construction that makes it especially durable. A built-in storage basket collects the bottle caps for your convenience.

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

52. Give his bedside table an update with this wooden digital alarm clock. It features a sleek wooden design with a large, easy-to-read digital display. It showcases time, temperature, and humidity and has an adjustable brightness for complete customization of the display.

Foot Massager

53. Give the gift of relaxation to celebrate your 5th anniversary. This wood foot roller delivers acupressure therapy for his tired feet. It works to relieve tension, boost circulation, and de-stress all from the comfort of home. Skip the spa and give him this foot massager that he can enjoy every day.

Wood Grain Tumbler

54. Let him enjoy his favorite beverages at home or on the go with a new tumbler. It features a handsome wood-grain finish and double-walled insulation that will keep his drinks cold. Pick up a set of two so that you can toast to your 5th anniversary.

Wooden Bottle Caddy

55. If your husband loves to sample local craft beer, pick up this wooden bottle caddy. It holds six beer bottles and has a built-in bottle opener, making it perfect for transporting his favorite beverages. Complete the gift by filling it with some beers for him to sample.

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

56. If he has a green thumb, give him a bonsai tree starter kit to help him cultivate his own bonsai tree. This kit includes four bonsai tree seeds, soil discs, burlap grow bags, plant markers, and shears. He’ll receive all the instructions he needs to grow bonsai trees at home.

Cocktail Whiskey Smoker Kit

57. With a cocktail whiskey smoker kit, he can create flavorful and creative cocktails at home. This kit is perfect for the home bartender or entertainer. It comes with four types of wood chips, butane torch, and all the accessories he will need to add the smoky flavor of wood chips to his next cocktail.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

58. Give him a wood-burning fire pit to create a welcoming outdoor space where you can relax together. This fire pit can make chilly nights a little warmer and create a lovely ambiance when you’re enjoying your patio or deck. It features a sturdy metal construction and mesh lid to keep the sparks away when you’re enjoying it.

Hope these wood anniversary gifts for him help to make #5 a special anniversary. Happy shopping!