Wood Anniversary Gifts For Her (Traditional 5th Anniversary)

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It’s your 5th anniversary.  Congratulations on five years together!  This one is a little more special than the ones that preceded it, and the next major anniversary milestone is five years away.  If you’re following the traditional gift theme, the fifth anniversary is all about wood. The good news is that wood is a fun category for gifting. There are plenty of unique and romantic wood anniversary gifts. Some of these wood gifts are cheap and others are expensive. Without further ado, take a look at the list of wood anniversary gifts for her below.

In case you’re interested, here is our list of 5th anniversary gifts for him.


54 Wood Anniversary Gifts For Her (Traditional 5th Anniversary Gifts)

Jewelry Box

1. What could be better than someplace to store all of the jewelry that you have given her over the years?  You might select a large jewelry box that has plenty of room for all of the gifts that you plan to give her in the future as well.  Add a little bling inside to make this gift extra special.

Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Bacon Press

2. This cast iron pre-seasoned bacon press has a wooden handle. Not a bad gift for anyone that enjoys the occasional piece of bacon, which is pretty much everyone.

Spice Rack

3. This bamboo spice rack is functional and decorative, and make the kitchen just a little nicer. This is a particularly nice idea if you generally keep all of your spices stuffed away in a drawer.  The improvements in organization and ambiance will bring delight.

Wooden Clock

4. A classically designed wooden clock can bring elegance to your living room. This is a simple gift that she can keep for years to come. Whenever she checks the time, she’ll think of you.

Cuckoo Clock

5. Or, go with a cuckoo clock for something little more fun. There are plenty of options to suit her personality and taste. It all depends on personal style, but this can be a really fun and interesting fifth anniversary gift.

Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

6. If your wife enjoys pizza, you might get her this wood pellet pizza oven. You can use all sorts of recipes and toppings. This will be a blast if you happen to love pizza too.

Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

7. If she is really serious about her pizza, you might get her this professional series wood fired pizza oven. This one on the expensive side. So, it’s probably best if you already know that your wife loves making pizza at home.


8. If your wife enjoys taking a load off once in a while, this glider can be a great way to relax. It’s a very comfortable way to unwind at the end of the day.

Coffee Table

9. While we’re on the topic of furniture, take a look at this coffee table. If it fits with your home’s style, it’s a winner. It’s also bound to last for year and years, which makes it a really nice anniversary gift.

End Table

10. If you already have a coffee table that your wife loves, perhaps you could get her an end table or two to round out your living room. This could even be a companion gift to go along side a coffee table if you want to upgrade the entire room.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

11. If your wife is a coffee drinker, she might like this pour over coffee maker. This will elevate her coffee experience to the next level, and this one happens to have a wooden handle. If she is a serious coffee enthusiast, you might check out these gift ideas for coffee lovers as well, though not all of them fit the wood theme.

Cutting Boards

12. Cutting boards can make great gifts. This one is perfect for your 5th anniversary since it can be customize with your family name and wedding date. Functional and aesthetically pleasing. What more could you want?

Serving Board

13. A serving board can make a great gift as well. These are particularly great if the two of you entertain guests once in a while. Small details like this really add a nice touch to the evening.

Wine Rack

14. If you do entertain much, it can be a good idea to have some wine on hand. And what better way to show off a few bottles than with a wine rack like this one?. Actually, these can be great gifts even if you don’t entertain much. If you enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, why not store them in an attractive way?

Wine Box

15. On the other hand, a wine box can be a great thing to have on hand whenever you visit some friends and want to show up with a nice bottle. If your wife happens to be a wine enthusiast, check out these gifts for wine lovers.

Wood Bench

16. A wood bench can make a nice addition to your living room, kitchen, or an entryway to your home.

Outdoor Wood Bench

17. For that matter, she might like an outdoor wood bench for the patio or outside the front door. Both functional and nice to look at, this is a thoughtful fifth anniversary gift.

Wood Chairs

18. While we’re on the topic of furniture, you might get her some wood chairs for the kitchen table or dining room if your set is in need of a refresh. This is probably a little less romantic. Still though, anniversaries can be a nice time to make some upgrades.


19. More and more people are working from home these days, at least some of the time. If your wife is one of these people, she might like a new desk. Upgrading the place where she spends her day working is bound to be appreciated.

Desk Lamp

20. This wooden desk lamp can be a great companion to the desk above. Of course, this also works if your wife already has a desk but could use a bit more light.

Desk Organizer

21. This desk organizer can also be a great complement to the gifts above or a great standalone gift idea. This will give a good home to all those little things that she keeps around her desk.


22. If your wife is a reader, or just someone that like to have books out as decorations, these bookends can make a great fifth anniversary present. Displaying books like this can be a nice reminder of what she recently read. Or, a good place to put books that she likes to pick up and refer to once in a while.

Wood Bookmark

23. This wood bookmark would make an excellent companion gift to the one above if she happens to be a bookworm. It’s a nice upgrade from the paper bookmarks or small pieces of paper that people often use to hold their place.


24. A sign with a romantic phrase like this one would look great on your mantle or hanging on a wall. It’s a romantic fifth anniversary gift. What else would you really want?

Puzzle Piece

25. This puzzle piece is a unique piece of wall art that lets her know how you feel. It’s a nice decoration that’s a little more unique than just another nice framed picture.


26. Here is a decoration to hang on the wall that is custom made for your fifth anniversary. It’s made of wood and describes all of the things that take place over five years of marriage.

Wood Figurine

27. This wood figurine is shaped like a couple and a heart. This would made a very sweet gift. In fact, it’s a perfect 5th anniversary gift for your wife.


28. This bed is made of iron and wood. If your old bed could use an upgrade, this would be the perfect time. It’s both intimate, functional, and something she’ll use every day. In other words, it makes a great anniversary gift.

Wooden Watch

29. Since no anniversary gift list would be complete without jewelry, check out this wooden watch. It certainly stands out compared to the smartwatches that people are wearing today. So, it’s bound to get some compliments.

Epicurean Rolling Pin

30. If she is a baker or enjoys spending time in the kitchen, this Epicurean rolling pin might just blow her away.

Epicurean Utensil Set

31. Along a similar line, this Epicurean utensil set can be a great addition to the kitchen. If she loves preparing delicious food, this might be a winner. If not, you’ll probably wan to move on to other ideas.

Set Of Wood Picture Frames

32. This set of wood picture frames would make a thoughtful anniversary gift if you pop in a few of her favorite photos. While we’re all swimming in digital photos these days, a lot of people don’t have many physical images. For that a set of wood frames can make a really nice gift.

Wood Frame Mirror

33. For the woman that enjoys an occasional glance in the mirror, this wood frame mirror would be a delight. It’s also a very nice decoration.

Wooden Roses

34. Flowers are a great companion to any gift. If you want to surprise your wife with a twist this year, here are some wooden roses that should do the trick.

Whiskey Barrel Planter

35. This whiskey barrel planter is made of distressed oak. It’s a great gift, particularly if you pair it with a plant or a flower bulb. This may be the gift that keeps giving if you get flowers that bloom every year.

Wall Art

36. Wooden wall art is great for women that appreciate art. The nice thing about good art is that people never tire of looking at it.

Paint Brushes

37. For the more artistically inclined, paint brushes could be in order. This one is only recommended if she’s pretty into painting though.


38. You might even get her an easel if she is a serious painter.  Indulging her artistic skills could wind up creating many, many masterpieces to place throughout your home.

Coaster Set

39. A coaster set can be both decorative and functional.  While these items are highly functional, this is an opportunity to go for something a bit nicer and more extravagant.  Turn an ordinary item like a coaster into something special.

Personalized Wood Burned Desk Photo Clock

40. This wood burned photo clock is a beautiful gift to give, and the personalized photo is the perfect touch! Choose your favorite photo and have it burned into the wood for a completely customized look. The clock is available in two different sizes, and you can also customize the writing that you want included – perhaps a favorite quote or a special message. The choice is yours, create the perfect gift for your special girl.

Wooden Date Night Dice Set

41. Celebrate your five years of marriage with this fun date night dice set! Keep things interesting, and let the dice choose how you are going to spend your date night. Are you going to go on a picnic or try a new restaurant? It will be lots of fun finding out! The dice come in a lovely wooden keepsake box with “Five Years” and “Happy Anniversary” written on the top of it.

Wooden Ring Holder

42. You first proposed with a ring, so for your anniversary, why not give her somewhere to keep her special rings? This wooden ring holder is classy and elegant, and it is a great way to store special rings that you definitely don’t want to misplace. With a weighted brass base and sleek design, this ring holder is sturdy, durable, and will hold any size ring from 00 and up. The holder comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if it is not what you’re looking for.

5 Years of Marriage Wooden Photo Frame

43. This wooden photo frame celebrates the five special years you’ve spent together, and breaks down all the special times into months, weeks, days, minutes, and even seconds! Put in a favorite photo of the two of you, and give her this wooden frame to celebrate your 5-year anniversary.

2 Forged Iron Roses in Wooden Frame

44. A stunning piece of wall decor, this wooden frame holds two iron roses that are forged together, symbolizing the love you share and its timelessness. This is a one-of-a-kind 3D piece of art, as no two pieces are the same. The roses measure 30cm, while the wooden frame measures 40cm, making it the perfect size to hang anywhere in your home.

Willow Tree “Promise” Wooden Figurine

45. Willow Tree figurines are originally hand carved by artist Susan Lordi of Kansas City, MO, and subsequent figurines are cast from the original figurine and then handpainted. This particular figurine features a couple embracing, and includes the sentiment “Hold dear the promise of love” on the enclosure card. A beautiful, timeless statement of your love together.

Wooden Cooking Utensils

46. Does your wife pride herself on her cooking skills? Then celebrate her culinary arts with a set of wooden cooking utensils in a wooden canister. The spoons are carved from teak, which is a very strong and durable wood, so the utensils will last a long time. The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Handmade Walnut Wood Love Greeting Card

47. Your 5th wedding anniversary is your wood anniversary, so this walnut wood love card is the perfect thing to give her! Made of pure walnut wood and featuring interlocking hearts, you can write your own sweet message on the inside of the card to let her know just how much you care.

Personalized Wood Anniversary Plaque

48. This gorgeous wooden anniversary plaque is made from solid red alder wood and measures approximately 12” x 9” x ¾”. It has a lovely quote on it that reads, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” The plaque can also be personalized with names and dates. A stunning piece to hang in your home in celebration of the love that you share.

Love Quotes on Wooden Hearts

49. This is a super sweet gift that she’s sure to love! A cute little wooden box containing 15 wooden hearts with various love quotes written on them. Give her 15 different reasons why you love her with these adorable wooden hearts. The wooden box measures 4.5” x 3.5” x 3”, and each of the little hearts are 3mm thick, laser cut, and lacquered for a smooth finish.

Couples Wooden Beads Bracelet

50. These couples bracelets symbolize the love that is shared between two people, as each person wears a bracelet that is reflective of the other. The man’s bracelet is made from hardwood with a single jasper bead, while the woman’s bracelet is made from jasper with a single hardwood bead. The set comes in a lovely gift box with an explanation card and certificate of authenticity.

Wine Tumbler Set

51. These gorgeous wood finish wine tumblers come packaged in a lovely pine box with a beautiful engraved message on the top that reads, “To My Girl, I never laugh at the choices you make because I’m one of them”. The two 12-ounce wine tumblers have double wall insulation, and they also come with 12 Ace of Hearts stainless steel stones that will help to keep the wine chilled for hours without dilution.

Cute Candle Holders For Wife From Husband

52. If your wife enjoys candles, then grab her these adorable candle holders that feature an older couple embracing and a heart cutout when the two candles are put together. Let your wife know that she will always be your queen, and you will always be her “grumpy old husband”! A fun gift that celebrates the timeless love that you share.

“Love Beneath the Red Moon” Ambient Light

53. This is an absolutely gorgeous and romantic light that is officially on my Christmas wish list! Featuring a beautiful cutout to show the full moon, the light offers a wooden finish, making it the perfect gift for your wooden anniversary. In the center of the light is a sculpture of a couple embracing as they look at the moon, and it is this sculpture that you touch to select your level of lighting from 3 different settings.

Marriage Prayer Wood Plaque

54. Every marriage needs to be blessed, and this is a lovely way to celebrate and bless the love that you share. This wooden prayer plaque has been handcrafted in the USA using the finest materials. It measures approximately 5.5” x 12” and features a rustic wooden design, which makes it a great gift for your 5th anniversary. The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with it.

Hope these wood anniversary gifts for her help to make #5 a special anniversary. Happy shopping!