How to Assemble the Perfect Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

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Your wedding is going to be a big day. That’s a given. But, what you might not realize is that your wedding is actually much more than a single day. I’m not talking about the fact that marriage is a lifelong endeavor, and I’m not just talking about the rehearsal dinner or honeymoon either. The reality is that most weddings involve months and months of planning and fun long before the day even arrives. This can mean going out and sampling menu options with your future spouse. Or, it can mean trying on wedding dresses with your closest friends. There are all sorts of small celebrations and events that take place along the way. Your bachelorette party for example. And one of the things that makes all of this build up truly fun, memorable and exciting is having the right people along for the ride. Those people are your bridesmaids. But before any of this begins, you need to ask people to be your bridesmaids and to do this the right way you will need a Will You Be My Bridesmaid box. Ok, strictly speaking the box is far from required, but it does sound fun, doesn’t it?

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Best ideas for a Will You Be My Bridesmaid box

If you’re going to put together a bridesmaid box, there are are few things that you must include and there are others that are really just options. You can decide which ones are which based on your own personality and set of friends but here are a few ideas:

  • A nice note: You are going to be doing some serious bonding with your bridal party in the coming months. While that might be a ton of fun, it’s also going to be a lot of work (at least for them). So, now is a great opportunity to endear yourself to them and remind them how close you are. Write a nice thoughtful note to let them know why they are so special to you. Or, perhaps go with something more light hearted and funny. Either way, including a note is a great idea.
  • Champagne: You are getting ready for the celebration of a lifetime, and nothing says celebration like Champagne. Kick things off the right way with a small bottle for your bridesmaid-to-be. I’m not saying that it’s a requirement for you to drink a glass of Champagne every time you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, but I’m not saying that it’s not a requirement either.
  • Champagne flute: Do you think a Champagne flute is superfluous? Ok, just go ahead and drink that Champagne right out of the bottle. No one is judging here.
  • Delicious treats: You know what goes really well with Champagne? Chocolate covered strawberries. Or cake. Or cookies, brownies, or candy. Did I mention chocolate? You get the idea.
  • Fun photo props: Think about your bachelorette party. Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone wore the same sunglasses, tiaras, or sashes? Whatever you go with here, make sure it says “Bridesmaid” in prominent letters.
  • Wedding day essentials: This one is for your bridesmaids to hold onto until your wedding day. Basically, it’s a kit that has everything that anyone might need on your wedding day in case something unexpected happens. Safety pins, bobby pins, and stain remover pens are all on the list. Better include mini liquor bottles or nips too just in case. Yes, this is entirely separate from and in addition to the Champagne mentioned above. This one if for wedding day emergencies only.
  • A small gift that they can keep after the wedding: For the most part, the items above are all to be used in advance of the wedding, or perhaps on the day itself. You might also throw in something nice that they can keep after the wedding to remember all of the fun leading up to it. This shouldn’t be anything too big or expensive. Maybe just a charm bracelet or a picture frame. When in doubt, you can always give her a candle.

You know what to include, but how should you ask?

Do you remember when your fiance asked to you to get married? Did he get down on one knee? Did he ask you as a restaurant or someplace more private?

Well, now it’s your turn to pop a question of sorts. You might ask casually while you’re hanging out together, or you might plan something a bit more extravagant. Perhaps you can give her the Will You Be My Bridesmaid box without saying anything and let your note do the talking. Maybe you meet up before a big night out to make the ask, and then go celebrate.

You can ask each of your bridesmaids individually or plan a get together where you ask everyone at once. Be a little bit careful with this one though in the event that there are a few people vying for maid of honor, since someone might be disappointed

If at all possible, ask everyone in person. It will be more fun and memorable. Of course, distances and living arrangements don’t always allow this. So, do whatever makes most sense for you.

Hope these Will You Be My Bridesmaid box ideas are helpful. Best of luck with all the wedding planning ahead!