Wedding Gift Ideas for the New Couple

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When looking for the right wedding gift, it is always a good idea to consult the couple’s registry.  Having said that, you might like to surprise the couple with a wedding gift that they have not selected themselves.  In that case, the ideas below might just help.


Best Wedding Gift Ideas for the New Couple

Monogrammed Towels

New initials for her means new monogrammed towels for both of them.  A nice soft touch to celebrate their new life together.


Out with the hodgepodge of pots and pans they used to have and in with a matching set! After reaching such a major new life milestone, it’s time to start accumulating things together.


An incentive for shared cooking responsibilities and a happier marriage. BBQs can also serve as the foundation for many years of family memories to come.

Plates and Bowls

His plates don’t match her bowls? No problem, get a new set! Every time someone pays them a compliment on these plates or bowls, they will be reminded of the person that gave the gift.


All grown up and ready for a new silverware set.  Continuing on the theme of creating a matching set for the new couple.


High ball, juice, wine, and scotch – there is a perfect glass for every drink.  Depending on your glass selection, you may wind up being the topic of many toasts in the future.

Cutting Board

This one might well sit on their kitchen counter forever. Functional, sturdy and dependable. What is not to love about a cutting board?

Custom Stamp

“The Smith’s; 123 Happy Lane; Nice Town, CT”. Add a bit of fun to the task of sending letters. Perfect for all of the thank you notes they will be sending out after the wedding.

Welcome Mat

Welcome to the Smith’s. The may move their place of residence from time to time, but the right welcome mat will declare that they are home.

His and Hers Robes

If the ceremony didn’t make it official, the robes definitely do.  Perfect for lounging together in comfort and style for many, many relaxing mornings ahead.

A new marriage is a very happy time.  Hope the wedding gift ideas above help you to celebrate with the new couple.