Unique Baby Shower Gifts

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Your best friend, sister or perhaps a coworker is having a baby.  Once the baby shower has been planned and the theme has been picked, you might feel as though you are just counting down to the big day.  The only question is, what gift should you bring?  There are plenty of baby gift ideas for new parents but you might was something more fun for the shower.  There may be a registry to look at but if you want to go off registry and stand out with unique baby shower gifts that the expectant parents can actually use, here are some great ideas.


Unique baby shower gifts that put the fun in functional

unique baby shower gifts: rattles

When new parents are welcoming a baby into the world, there are tons of different things they need.  Toys, car seats, strollers, and various baby supplies are all on the list.  If you want to go with a toy, babies love something they can grasp that also makes noise.  It’s no wonder rattles have been such a popular baby toy for so long.  Look for rattles that are easy to hold and bright colors that help stimulate imagination and development. These are easy to travel with, making them perfect for on-the-go parents or those that would like to keep baby entertained while eating out.  Rattles with a suction can be great and also save baby from the frustration of repeatedly dropping their new toy.

unique baby shower gifts: diaper cake

Then there are the unique baby shower gifts that would only ever make sense at the baby shower itself.  For example, a diaper cake.  What is a diaper cake you ask?  Well, it’s a cake made out of diapers of course.  A beautiful diaper cake is the perfect eye-popping off registry gift. Give it as is or add little gifts to each tier, such as bath toys, rattles or even a gift card. Don’t forget to customize depending on the baby’s gender. These can be a fun surprise to bring out during the festivities.  And of course, this cake is highly useful as well since babies have been known to go through a diaper or two…  every hour of every day.

Something to help with the long nights ahead

A lot of new parents just do not know what they are in for.  Indeed, until someone has a baby, they just don’t know what it’s like to sleep in short two hours bursts that are punctuated by crying.  While those first few months can be rocky to say the least, the baby shower is the perfect time to make light of the situation.  After the baby’s arrival, jokes about not getting any sleep will become significantly less funny to the new parents.  So, take advantage of this opportunity to laugh about the challenge ahead and also get something to help them out.

unique baby shower gifts: sleeper

A new parent probably doesn’t know they need a sleeper, but they do.  It might quite possibly be the only place the baby is willing to sleep besides Mommy’s or Daddy’s arms in the beginning. This is a must have for sleep deprived parents.

unique baby shower gifts: sound machine

Sound machines are another must have for sleep deprived parents and wide-eyed babies.  The lullabies and sounds will soothe the baby right to sleep… hopefully.  Careful though, these gentle lullabies have also been know to soothe the parents right to sleep.  Then again, this might not be such a bad thing.

Photo ops to remember the baby shower and the days ahead

unique baby shower gifts: stuffed animal

Since the mother-to-be will be spending the day with friends and loved ones, there are sure to be plenty of pictures taken and possibly shared on social media.  Why not play into this fun activity with some gifts that fit right in to fun filled photos.  A cuddly, soft life-size stuffed animal is the perfect photo prop at the baby shower and after the baby arrives as well.  Imagine how fun it will be to watch a newborn grow and ultimately outgrow this huge friend. Suitable from birth, these will become a staple in the baby’s day to day life as they grow.

Towels are another great gift that doubles as a photo prop.  Something to keep the baby cozy after a nice a warm bath.  You might even pair it with some bath toys or washcloths.

Hopefully these unique baby shower gifts will help make the baby shower an extra special day.  Of all of life’s big milestones, having a baby is one of the most fun to celebrate.  So, enjoy this perfect opportunity to stop and smell the roses.  Happy shopping!