Best Gifts For Trumpet Players

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When you’re thinking about getting someone a gift, looking at their hobbies is a great place to start. If someone has a particular hobby, they are much more likely to enjoy and use a closely related gift. And that certainly applies to trumpet players! There are plenty of useful gifts for trumpet players, but there are also plenty of funny and unique gift ideas for trumpet players. Some of these things might not be absolute necessities, but they can certainly be a lot of fun. Without further ado, here are our best gift ideas for trumpet players.

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38 Gifts For Trumpet Players

Trumpet Player Figurine

1. This trumpet player figurine is a really unique gift idea for the trumpet player in your life. They can put this figurine on a desk, table, bookshelf or anywhere else they desire. Oftentimes, when people have a strong affinity for a certain hobby, they love having reminders and trinkets around.

Trumpet Player Street Sign

2. Personally, I have always loved street sign wall art. This trumpet player street sign is perfect for anyone that plays the instrument. Sure, you could always get a trumpet related painting or picture. But, street signs really stand out and give a room a unique feel.


3. There are a few great trumpet related t-shirts, and perhaps none funnier that this one that says Sorry, I Tooted. If you are getting a gift for someone that appreciates this sort of joke, this shirt is a winner.

Coffee Mug

4. This funny coffee mug proclaims that life without trumpet would be flat. Indeed, it would be. Coffee mugs are a great gift for just about any affinity. After all, coffee drinkers can always use an extra mug.

Star Wars Trumpet T-Shirt

5. This t-shirt is perfect for anyone that is both a trumpet player and a Star Wars fan. Even a very casual Star Wars fan would probably appreciate this one. Plus, it’s sure to get comments from time to time from other people. So, it’s a great conversation piece.

Finger And Hand Strengthener

6. Finger and hand strength is important for just about any musician, and trumpet players are no exception. Give this finger and hand strengthener to the trumpet player in your life so that they can exercise those muscles while they’re watching TV, hanging out or whenever they want for that matter.

3D optical illusion night light

7. This 3D optical illusion night light is cool in it’s own right, and would make a great gift for anyone that loves the trumpet. Even people that don’t play are going to appreciate how this looks. Though, of course, it really only makes sense as a gift for musicians.

Trumpet Patent Print

8. This trumpet patent print is a nice piece of art that only a trumpet player would enjoy. For anyone that plays, this would be a nice thing to hang on the wall. A patent like this can really tie a room together.

Clever T-Shirt

9. Trumpet players that read music will love this clever t-shirt. It’s also a great conversation piece, since a lot of people will wonder exactly what is says. So, it’s an inside joke for those in the know, and something that evokes curiosity for others.

Trumpet Player’s Heartbeat T-shirt

10. Have you ever wondered what a trumpet player’s heartbeat looks like? This t-shirt should give you a pretty good idea. This may or may not be entirely accurate from a medical perspective, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Trumpet & Football T-Shirt

11. Often times the band plays second fiddle to the sports team. This t-shirt flips the dynamic in a humorous way. Is there anyone out there that wouldn’t find this at least kind of funny?

ChopSaver Lip Balm

12. This ChopSaver lip balm was designed by a professional trumpet player to address the needs of brass and woodwind instrument players. It’s a small, thoughtful gift for trumpet players and other musicians alike.

Trumpet Christmas Ornament

13. This trumpet Christmas ornament can be personalized. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for a trumpet player, this could be it. This is another great way to sprinkle in someone’s affinity throughout their life.


14. This cleaner removes dirt that other cleaners leave behind. It’s designed for trumpets and other instruments. This small, thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated by the trumpet player in your life.

Trumpet Care Kit

15. For someone that is looking for a more comprehensive trumpet care kit, this one has everything. Clean instruments look better but they also sound better, so this is a must have.

Leather Valve Guard

16. This leather valve guard will have your trumpet player feeling like a pro. It’s funny, but little things like this can actually make a big difference. Just make sure to keep their ego in check after you give this gift.

Trumpet Stand

17. This trumpet stand is really well designed. The legs fold up so that it can be stored in the bell of the instrument, making it very easy to travel with. How cool is that? This is a must have accessory for trumpet players.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster

18. This trumpet mouthpiece booster will take their sound to a whole new level. Sure, more practice will also help them sound better. But, why not take advantage of an accessory like this? A great gift for someone as they grow and develop their musical ability.

Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer

19. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that trumpets can be loud. For that reason, this practice trumpet mute silencer can be a great gift for anyone that spends a lot of time practicing. The trumpet player will appreciate this, and so will any room mates or family members that share a residence with the trumpet player


20. This tuner can be used for just about any instrument, and will help the trumpet player in your life sound great when they perform. Keeping an instrument in tune is really important, and helps musicians develop a good sense for exactly how things should sound.

Brass Mute Holder

21. For someone that already has a mute to keep the volume down while practicing, this brass mute holder can be a great gift. It’s essentially an accessory for an accessory. So, it’s often overlooked. For the trumpet player that has everything, a brass mute holder might be just the right gift idea.

Valve Oil

22. This valve oil is long lasting and keeps instruments clean. It’s a small useful gift for any brass instrument player. This is a staple, and something that a trumpet player will always need to refresh from time to time.

Silent Brass System For Trumpet

23. This silent brass system for trumpet is a way for a musician to keep the volume down when practicing. However, this goes beyond a standard mute, and provides for volume control and a more natural sound. This is perfect for practice and warm-up sessions.

BERP Trumpet

24. This BERP Trumpet (Buzz Extension Resistance Piece) allows users to practice in silence. This is important for anyone that practices a lot. It’s important for anyone that lives with a trumpet player that practices a lot.

Trumpet Earrings

25. These trumpet earrings are a perfect gift for young women that play trumpet. Not only are they fun conversation pieces, but they are pretty much essential for concerts.

Trumpet Necklace

26. This trumpet necklace is a fun, stylish gift for trumpet lovers. This will definitely be a lot of fun to wear to concerts or just about any time. This can be a nice addition for someone that already has trumpet earrings.


27. This bracelet is another great jewelry idea for the trumpet enthusiast in your life. This one is super casual and fun, and can be worn any time. Is it really every possible to have enough trumpet related jewelry?

Nickel Silver Plated Key Chain

28. This key chain is nickel silver plated. This is a low-key way for a trumpet player to show off their joy of music. It’s bound to make the musician in your life smile every time they go for a drive.

Personalized Key Chain

29. Here is another key chain option. This one can even be personalized with the musician’s name. Personalization is a nice touch for just about any gift.

Trumpet Cuff Links

30. For the more stylish guy, these trumpet cuff links are a really fun gift idea. What could be better than showing up for a big performance with these cuff links? Anyone that wears cuff links with any regularity like to have a lot of different options to choose from. These are one of those areas of men’s fashion that can be great for self expression.

Star Wars Instrumental Solos (Movies I-VI): Trumpet, Book & CD

31. For anyone that needs an extra incentive to play the trumpet, this Star Wars Instrumental Solos (Movies I-VI): Trumpet, Book & CD should do the trick. What could be more fun than listening to these solos?  How about playing along with them. You will be hard pressed to find something more fun for someone that likes trumpet and Star Wars

Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos: Trumpet, Book & CD

33. Not to be forgotten, here is a Lord of the Rings Instrumental Solos: Trumpet, Book & CD. You get the idea here. There are plenty of fun options.

Portable Hand-Held Digital Recorder

34. This portable hand-held digital recorder provides musicians with a great way to record and play back their practice sessions. It can actually be really cool for someone to hear how they sound, since it’s hard to tell when playing.

Sheet Music Stand

35. Every great musician needs a sheet music stand or two. For the aspiring trumpet player in your life, this can help them take their craft to the next level. This is essential for any trupmet player.

Ear Plugs

36. It can be a very good idea for musicians to protect their ears, and trumpet players are no exception. These ear plugs should do the trick. Believe me, the musician in your life will thank you for this one somewhere down the road.

Trumpet Bag Case

37. Trumpets can be heavy if you have to carry them around all the time. Help lighten the load with this trumpet bag case. A case might not be the first gift idea that comes to your mind, but it’s a really important one.

Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer’s Guide to Trumpet History and Literature

38. For all the the history buffs out there, this book provides some interesting color on the history of the trumpet and it’s place in society. Interesting reading for avid trumpet enthusiasts.

Hope these gifts for trumpet players help you to come up with something that brings a little joy to the musician in your life.

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