Travel Gifts for Men

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When a man travels, he needs to think carefully about what to take with him.  Each and every item that he decides to bring, is another thing that he must carry around through the airport or on the train or in a cab.  Bring too much, and he might become exhausted.  But leaving something important behind can be a disaster.  Object size and weight are also important considerations.  All of these factors make travel gifts for men very fertile gifting ground.


Best Travel Gift Ideas for Men

travel gifts for men: portable charger

Travel gifts for men that help them stay fully charged

In this day and age, keeping all of your gadgets charged is perhaps the biggest challenge for frequent travelers.  If you’re staying in one place, you can always plug your phone into a wall outlet.  But, if you’re on the move, you might not have that luxury.  Of course, for a lot of people, being on the road means nearly constant mobile phone use.  Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, using the GPS, texting, calling, or emailing, chances are your phone battery will soon be drained.  There are a couple of great solutions to this problem.  One is a portable charger.  These are fantastic since generally, they can be used to charge any device.  The only disadvantage is that if you give this to someone, he must carry it around, but these are fairly small so that is somewhat mitigated.  The other great solution is a phone case that doubles as a charger.  With these, there is no need to carry an extra item around since it fits right onto the phone.  Just be careful to get the right one since these cases need to fit the phone to function properly.

travel gifts for men: neck pillow

Comfort and Convenience

A lot of frequent flyers like to try to get some shuteye on a long flight.  This is particularly true for people that take a lot of overnight flights.  For these people, a neck pillow will be much appreciated.  These are comfortable and help keep a person’s head from bobbing every time they begin to drift off.  Sleep masks can also be a nice touch for people that want to block out the world and get a little sleep.  Then, there are shoes.  If someone is going to be walking around an airport or a city, a comfortable pair of shoes will make a big difference.  But, shoes are not just about comfort.  With airport security these days and the need for a lot of people to take their shoes off an put them back on, the requirement to untie shoes and lace them back up can be one more irritating task in an already hectic day.  Why not give him a pair of shoes that slide on and off like loafers?

travel gifts for men: noise canceling headphones

Staying entertained on the road

In the old days, if you wanted to fight off boredom when traveling, options were fairly limited.  You might read or a book or do a crossword puzzle but there weren’t many diversions available.  Fortunately, technology has come along and changed all of that.  Today, there are a host of downloadable movies, TV shows and smartphone games to keep us entertained even when we are without access to the internet.  When thinking of travel gifts for men, you might Give the Gift of Amazon Prime.  This can be a lifesaver with a vast range of movies, TV shows and music to choose from.  You might also get him an audible subscription, so that he can listen to audiobooks while he relaxes or while he is in transit.  And what better way to help him enjoy these things than with noise canceling headphones?  These block out all of the background noise that you hear on an airplane so that you can focus on the content.

travel gifts for men: suitcase

Traveling in style

When you stop and think about it, there have been amazing innovations in luggage in recent times. Just a few decades ago, people used to carry suitcases around when they hit the road.  Today, at a minimum every traveler should have a good roller suitcase. For frequent business travelers, a messenger bag that attaches to a suitcase is a must to prevent achy shoulders. Then, there are your toiletries.  While many people just stuff them loosely into a suitcase compartment, a nice toiletry bag can be a major upgrade. These help keep guys stay organized and allow them to take a quick inventory before departing to ensure they don’t leave something behind.

At its best, travel can be a wonderful and enriching experience. On the other hand, at times it can be a grind. Hopefully these travel gifts for men will help the frequent traveler in your life enjoy all of the perks while minimizing the downside.