Traditional 1st Anniversary Gifts for Him: Paper

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The time leading up to your wedding is surreal. There are months and months or planning and then suddenly the day arrives and flies by in a blur. Next, you and your spouse are hitting the road for your honeymoon and reminiscing about the magical day that just happened. Before long, you settle into your life together as newlyweds. Then, before you know it, it’s time to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary. If you would like to follow the traditional theme for wedding anniversary gifts, then the first gift is a paper gift. And if you are looking for the right gift, GiftGlide has lots of paper anniversary gifts for him right here.

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28 paper anniversary gift ideas for him (traditional 1st anniversary gifts)

1. A poker chip set can be a great gift for the occasional gambler. The playing cards cover the paper theme.

2. You can take things a step further with an entire poker table. Of course, you will have to get used to occasional poker games breaking out in your home that go late into the night. Just be sure to include some cards with this one.

3. If you’re going for something a bit simpler, playing cards are a good bet. A person can just never have too many decks, and a nice set might be fun to own.

4. Beyond traditional cards, you could get him a game like Pictionary that involves drawing on something resembling paper.

5. The paper theme doesn’t have to be restricted to paper itself. You could get him a printer which is undeniably linked to paper. This one is an all-in-one model that prints, scans and copies as well. If you’re gong to get a printer, you might as well go all out.

6. Tickets to a sporting event could be a winner. If he loves baseball, football, basketball, hockey or any other sport, you might send him off for a fun day with the guys. If you’re a sports fan as well, tickets for the two of you could be a lot of fun.

7. On that topic, if he’s really into baseball, you might get him some baseball cards. This one is for the dedicated collector only though. If he doesn’t have a set already, now is probably not the time to start.

8. A comic book can be a great gift too, but again only if he is already an avid collector.

9. Art is a perennial favorite gift idea for a whole variety of occasions. It’s particularly well suited to the paper theme since it opens up the possibility of giving him a painting or a print by his favorite artist.

10. If he happens to be artistically inclined himself, you might get him a nice canvas to create his own masterpiece.

11. You might even throw in a set of brushes, paints or an easel to round out this gift.

12. If he prefers drawing to painting, perhaps a sketch pad instead.

13. Origami Paper and instructions would be a great art gift as well. You just can’t get something that is more about paper than origami.

14. You might even sign him up for an art class so he can refine his painting or drawing skills. Even if he paints well, it might be cool to learn a new style or technique. If you have an inclination, this is even something the two of you can do together.

15. A framed map of someplace special can bring a little magic into your home. This can be your honeymoon destination, the city where you met, or the place that you live now

16. As long as books are still being printed, this is a great gift for avid readers.  Just be sure to take the time to select something that he likes and hasn’t read.  Recent best sellers are often a good place to start brainstorming.  For tech savvy readers, eBooks are a great option.  While not technically paper, they play on the paper theme.

17. What’s even better than a book? A hollow book with something cool inside. Imagine the look on his face when he opens this up and sees a watch or some nice cuff links inside.

18. Tickets to a concert can be a great gift, especially if he loves music. This can be a great adventure for the two of you.

19. Nothing goes with paper like a really, really nice pen. Make writing notes, checks and anything else just a little bit more enjoyable.

20. Tickets to a movie can be a lot of fun. These days, there are a more and more high end movie theaters opening up. So, you can enjoy some good food in comfortable seats to boot.

21. Calendars are another great paper gift. Functional, decorative, and even entertaining. Get him a calendar with a joke of the day or an interesting piece of daily trivia. These can be a nice thing to look forward to each day and also makes for great chatter at the office.

22. If you enjoy crafts, you might put together a scrap book of your first year together. Start with your wedding and honeymoon, and then move through all of the fun adventures you had throughout the year. You might even leave a page open at the end for your first anniversary celebration.

23. If he has a sense of humor, this first anniversary toilet paper is sure to get a laugh.

24. You might or might not like giving cards for occasions like this but for your first anniversary, a card plays well on the paper theme.

25. This couples coupon book is rather inexpensive, though you will have to accept all of the vouchers that he gives you in the future.

26. For that matter, you might get him a coupon book with discounts to local merchants. Just be sure to go through and circle all of the restaurants that you want to try.

27. A magazine subscription is a good gift for a few more years before everything goes digital.

28. A newspaper subscription could be a winner as well. This one even works in digital form since it has the word “paper” right in the name.

Hope these paper anniversary gifts for him make this a day to be remembered. Happy shopping!