29 Taurus Gift Ideas for Women

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Taurus women are often very strong, dependable, and a tad on the stubborn side. They insist on loyalty and integrity, and they have a strong desire for extravagance, luxury, and beautiful things. This can make shopping for a Taurus woman a bit of a challenge, but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of amazing gift ideas for Taurus women that she is sure to adore.


Our Best Gift Ideas For Taurus Women

Taurus Healing Crystals

Every astrological sign has certain crystals and gemstones that are associated with that particular sign. This specially curated box of healing crystals are designed specifically for the Taurus woman. They come in a beautiful little gift box with an explanation about each stone. The included card lists the uses and benefits of each stone and how they help to benefit and enrich one’s life.

Silk Pajamas

Taurus women are known for their love of luxury and all things sensual and indulgent! So, why not treat your queen to a luxurious pair of silk pajamas? These pajamas won’t break the bank, as they’re made from premium silk satin, which is 100% polyester for that super soft feel. They also come in a variety of colors, so pick the best color to suit your Taurus lady, green being Taurus’ power color.

Gold Taurus Necklace

These dainty necklaces make a beautiful gift for that favorite Taurus woman. They are gold colored and feature both the astrological symbol and the star pattern associated with each sign. The chain runs 16” – 18” long and features a lobster clasp for extra security. The Taurus symbol represents strength and loyalty, so let her carry that strength with her wherever she goes.

Taurus Wine Glass

These stemless wine glasses make the perfect gift with their understated elegance and beautiful design. The glass is made of high-quality lead-free glass with translucent lustre, and on the front of the glass there is the Taurus constellation symbol in stylish gold color for that added hint of luxury. Each glass comes packaged in a padded gift box to ensure its protection. This is a great gift for wine enthusiasts.

3D Crystal Taurus Figurine

This beautiful crystal figurine would be a great addition to any room, and with its LED color-changing lights, it gives off a peaceful glowing light in the room. The crystal measures at 2”x2”x3.14” and features a Taurus bull and the astrological symbol laser engraved inside of it. As the LED lights illuminate the crystal, the images within are easier to see. This is a beautiful gift that your Taurus woman is sure to love.

Funny Taurus Candle

There is a humorous side to astrology as well, with each astrological sign being known for certain personality traits. When we hear Taurus, the first thing that comes to mind? Stubbornness! So, this candle is sure to make your Taurus friend burst into laughter, because it says on it, “Taurus – Also known as the bitch who doesn’t back down”! If you think your friend would relate to this statement, then grab this candle for her!

Fancy Chocolates

When we think luxury, indulgent, and sensual, what do we think of? You got it, chocolates. Grab your Taurus woman a box of fancy chocolates, and you’re sure to impress her. While Taurus women are known for their strength, stubbornness, and independence, they also have a soft side that loves to be cared for and pampered. So, this box of chocolates is sure to be a romantic gift that she truly appreciates.

Personalized Pen and Journal Set

Taurus women love things that are practical as well as creative. This personalized pen and journal set allows you to provide both! Help her to keep track of her ideas and plans with this journal, and add some creativity by having it personalized with her name or any other message you think she would enjoy, as the company allows for customizations of up to 25 characters. The engraving looks gold on the pen and embossed on the journal.

Taurus Zodiac Pendant

This Taurus zodiac pendant is a gorgeous gift to give to your favorite Taurean woman, with its simplistic detail of the Taurus symbol within a circle all covered in sparkling cubic zirconia crystals. The crystals all sparkle, just like her personality, and she can carry her Taurus strength with her wherever she goes. The charm on the necklace measures 30mm and the chain length is 20” with an additional 2” on the adjustable clasp.

Aromatherapy Gift Set

Taurus women are rooted in the earth and have a deep reverence for nature. They are also very strong and independent women, so at times, they need to take a step back and return to their roots in nature. This aromatherapy gift set allows your Taurean woman to relax and decompress, while being surrounded by the healing essential oils of lavender and lilac. This set features luxurious bubble bath, shower gel, bath bomb, handmade soap, organic lip balm, eye mask, and dried potpourri flowers.

Birthday Zodiac Candle

This beautiful candle would be the perfect cake topper or decoration for a birthday party, and your Taurus friend will surely appreciate it. Designed to be shaped like a gemstone, this candle has beautiful gradient coloring of pinks, blues, and purples, with a golden Taurus symbol on the top of the candle. A truly decadent way to decorate a birthday cake for her!

Taurus Jewelry Tray

Everyone needs a spot to put their tiny treasures, and Taurus women especially like to be organized and careful with their belongings. So, this pretty jewelry dish makes a great gift for that Taurus woman in your life. This dish is made of quality ceramic and features the Taurus constellation symbol in gold tones on the top of the dish. A stylish way for her to keep track of her valuables!

Black Onyx Taurus Bracelet

Black onyx stone has been used for many years as a protective amulet. Along with the black onyx stones, there is also a double-sided stone that features the Taurus bull on one side and the astrological symbol on the other. The beads are threaded on thick elastic cord, to make it easy to take on and off. This beautiful bracelet makes a great gift, and it doubles as both a stylish piece of jewelry and a protective amulet to keep your Taurean woman safe.

Taurus Tea Mug with Golden Spoon and Tea Infuser

Taurus women are beauty-loving, sensual beings who enjoy the finer things in life. So, this gorgeous golden tea mug gift set makes the perfect gift for her. The black porcelain mug is trimmed with gold, with a golden Taurus astrology symbol on the mug itself. The gift set also comes with a beautiful golden spoon and golden tea infuser to complete the set. BEautiful packaged in a lovely gift box, she is sure to love this thoughtful present.

3 Piece Constellation Zodiac Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are the latest fashion trend, and these stunning 14K gold plated constellation zodiac necklaces are simply gorgeous. The first necklace features the Taurus astrology symbol, the second necklace features the Taurus constellation symbol, and finally the third necklace has the word ‘Taurus’ written in golden script. The necklaces all come attached to an information card that provides some details about the Taurus zodiac symbol, making them a great gift for your Taurus girl.

Soft Taurus Blanket

Since Taurus women love all things soft and sensual, why not grab her this wonderfully cozy Taurus blanket? This soft flannel blanket is made from microfiber material that will never pill or fade, and is lightweight so as not to be too heavy and hot. It features an image of a bull and the Taurus star constellation on a beautiful dark blue background. The blanket is available in a variety of sizes as well, allowing you to choose the coziest size for her.

Wooden Taurus Jigsaw Puzzle

Does your Taurus woman enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Then, this gift is the perfect one for her! This wooden jigsaw puzzle is absolutely stunning in its design and color choices. It is made up of 282 puzzle pieces and measures 13.7”x12.5” when fully completed. When finished, it forms the shape of a bulls head, complete with beautifully colored designs throughout it. This puzzle is very challenging, so if she enjoys such activities, she will certainly love this one!

Real Preserved Roses with Taurus Glass Cover

One of the most unique gift ideas we have come across lately! These are real preserved roses that have undergone a special treatment that helps them to last for up to 3 to 5 years without requiring any watering or special care! They are then encased in a gorgeous glass cover with the Taurus astrological symbol at the top. If you’re looking for something that is truly unique and something that your Taurus woman would love, then look no further.

2 Piece Taurus Bracelet & Necklace Set

This is a stunning jewelry set that any woman would love. It features a beautiful silver necklace with a crescent moon upon which is hung a cabochon with an image of the planets and stars that are associated with the Taurus sign. On the bracelet, the same cabochon is featured along a leather strap with added beads. If your Taurean woman enjoys wearing matching jewelry items, then she will really appreciate this beautiful set.

Set of 2 Stemless Taurus Wine Glasses

While it’s nice to give a wine glass as a gift, it’s even nicer to give two! This lovely 2-piece stemless wine glass set makes a great gift, and it comes with two beautiful glasses that each feature the Taurus constellation amidst a sky of stars. Each wine glass is carefully etched by skilled artisans, and they are then packaged in a lovely gift box. Pair it with a bottle of her favorite wine, and the two of you can enjoy a drink from her new glasses!

Taurus Ring

It’s always fun to wear interesting pieces of jewelry, as they often serve as conversation starters with others. This Taurus ring is just such a piece of jewelry, with its intricate designs along the ring. It features the sign of Taurus as well as the constellation symbol, and it is an adjustable ring to easily fit any finger size. The ring is made from lightweight stainless steel, so it is durable and won’t tarnish or fade.

2 Piece Taurus Lava Rock Aromatherapy Bracelets

As Taurean women are so comfortable in nature, help her to get back to her roots by giving her these beautiful lava rock aromatherapy beaded bracelets. She can add a few drops of her favorite essential oil to the lava rock beads, to enjoy the soothing scents throughout the day. The bracelet is filled with porous lava stone beads, as well as silver Taurus charm. A beautiful way to help her connect to nature while looking stylish at the same time.

Neon Taurus Sign

Taurus are proud people who are strong and independent. So, maybe she’d want to shine that pride where others can see it. This awesome neon sign can be displayed anywhere in the home, and it lights up the Taurus symbol on the wall. It is mounted on a clear contour cut backing with two pre-drilled holes for easy installation. It is powered by a USB cord and the neon lights last up to 60,000 hours.

Taurus Astrology Notebook

This interactive notebook is an amazing way to learn about the history of the zodiac and the Taurus sign itself. Simply scan the covers of this notebook using the interactive app to initiate the augmented reality interactivity. Then, sit back and enjoy learning all about the mythology behind the sign. A truly personal gift that your Taurus woman will love and appreciate, as she learns all about her sign in a fun and interactive way.

Message Card Taurus Necklace

Taurus women love beauty and style, and this gorgeous Taurus necklace is the perfect gift for her. It features a small pendant with the Taurus symbol on it, fastened to a dainty golden chain that measures 17” with an additional 3” on the adjustable clasp. The necklace comes attached to a message card that explains the key elements of the Taurus sign, that she will enjoy reading through and learning about.

Taurus Key Ring

This is a lovely simple gift for that special Taurus friend, that she can carry with her every day. The charm itself measures 30mm and is made of quality stainless steel. On the charm, there is the name of the astrological sign and three key personality traits that are associated with the zodiac sign. For Taurus, it reads “loyal, persistent, strong” followed by the Taurus symbol at the bottom.

Rotating Twinkling Music Box with LED lights

This is an absolutely stunning gift to give, and your Taurean woman will surely appreciate the beauty in this music box. On the lid of the box, she will find a glowing sun with its rays separating the 12 different zodiac signs, all unique in their design. The music box rotates and twinkles with LED lights inside to create a truly magical experience. When opened, the musical box plays Castle In The Sky, and the inside of the box features a beautiful mystical design of stars.

Moon Lamp

This gift is not necessarily specific to people born under the Zodiac sign, but really anyone who enjoys astrology and astronomy. This beautiful moon lamp creates a warm, soft glow in any room. The lamp is made using 3D technology based on a real NASA topographic map. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, so it will last up to 8 hours after 2 hours of charging. This moon lamp makes a great night light or soft lighting in any room, and anyone who enjoys astronomy will enjoy having such a unique lamp in their home.

Luxury Bubble Bath

As mentioned previously, Taurus women love all things luxurious and comforting, and this set up luxury bubble bath makes the perfect gift for her. The set comes with three different types of bubble bath – rose, lavender, and chamomile, and each bottle is also infused with Epsom salts for added relaxation and muscle comfort. Let her slip into a nice bubble bath to soothe her worries after a day; she will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Taurus women love things that are practical but also luxurious, and they appreciate the finer things in life. Give her a gift that helps her to reconnect with nature or that celebrates her strong Taurean personality traits. Whatever you choose, as long as you choose it with your heart, she is sure to love it. Be sure to come back and let us know which Taurus gift you decided on.