How to Assemble the Perfect Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box


Your wedding is going to be a big day. That’s a given. But, what you might not realize is that your wedding is actually much more than a single day. I’m not talking about the fact that marriage is a lifelong endeavor, and I’m not just talking about the rehearsal dinner or honeymoon either. The reality is that most weddings involve months and months of planning and fun long before the day even arrives. This can mean going out and sampling menu options with your future spouse. Or, it can mean trying on wedding dresses with your closest friends. There are all sorts of small celebrations and events that take place along the way. Your bachelorette party for example. And one of the things that makes all of this build up truly fun, memorable and exciting is having the right people along for the ride. Those people are your bridesmaids. But before any of this begins, you need to ask people to be your bridesmaids and to do this the right way you will need a Will You Be My Bridesmaid box. Ok, strictly speaking the box is far from required, but it does sound fun, doesn’t it?

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How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

how much should i spend on a wedding gift

Weddings are wonderful celebrations.  When people reflect on their life, they often can recall many, many details about their own wedding.  These days tend to be filled with mix of magical moments and the inevitable minor catastrophe that arises when trying to coordinate a variety of activities with a large number of people across several hours.  Of course, each and every spectacular detail of a wedding must be meticulously planned by the couple.  The guests are able to simply show up and enjoy it all.  Except of course for one common question:  How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

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