Traditional 11th Anniversary Gifts For Him: Steel

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It’s your 11th wedding anniversary. After 11 years or marriage, it might be getting difficult to surprise your husband with a great gift. Luckily, GiftGlide is here to help. The theme for your 11th anniversary is steel, and we have plenty of great steel gifts for him right here.


24 Steel Anniversary Gifts For Him

1. Steel Pizza Stone

When it’s pizza night at home your husband will enjoy pulling out this handy pizza stone. He can use this to cook round or square pizzas and they’ll be baked to perfection, with the toppings hot and bubbly and the crust crisp and crunchy. If he hasn’t done much cooking before, he’ll want to now.

2. Insulated Shaker Bottle

For the man who likes to mix his own smoothies or make supplements or shakes and keep them cold, this shaker bottle is sure to be high on the list of presents. It’s guaranteed to keep drinks chilled for 24 hours and includes a surgical steel mixing ball to ensure there’s no lumps left behind.

3. Wine Cooler

If your husband loves wine this is the ultimate gift for him. This wine cooler has it all, from a glass door to temperature controls that allow him to store both red and white wine. This cooler holds an awesome 12 bottles at once. He’s bound to love this incredible cooler and to use it often for his favorite wines. Plus the capacity means there will always be plenty of wine chilled to just the right temperature whenever you have guests.

4. Taco Holder Stand

Get him a set of four taco holders so that he can add all of his favorite ingredients to his tacos and they won’t tip over and spill everything out. These holders are “W” shaped and each one holds up to three tacos, so there’s enough for the whole family and you won’t have to fight to get your turn.

5. 3-Burner LP Gas Grill

A gas grill that offers push-button starting will make your husband the hero of weekend barbecues. This unit has three burners so it can handle any feasts that your husband decides to make. Perfect for high end steaks or for burgers and hot dogs.

6. Grilling Tools

If your husband is a backyard chef, make sure he has this awesome complete set of 19 tools to cover his every cooking need. These sturdy tools will work outdoors or in the kitchen. The set includes a carrying case, spatula, tongs, roasting fork, knife, and other cooking essentials.

7. Leatherman

Give your husband a Leatherman for your 11 year wedding anniversary and he’ll be thanking you for the next 11 years. Every guy should carry one of these around at all times. You just never know when you might need one of the many tools. This is truly a timeless tool.

8. Cordless Drill Set

Whether your husband enjoys working around the house or you’d just like to nudge him a bit, this cordless power drill set has everything he needs for all kinds of projects. The drill includes a powerful, long-lasting battery plus there’s an assortment of drill bits and hand tools that are sure to please your man.

9. Tactical Self Defense Pen

If you’re searching for a unique gift, look no further than this tactical pen. Not only does it provide a smooth writing point, it also has a flashlight, an emergency glass breaker, a bottle opener, and a sturdy clip to make sure his pen stays close at all times.

10. Thermal Coffee Carafe

This double-walled coffee carafe is the ideal answer to providing a ready supply of hot coffee at home or at work. The outside of this carafe stays cool even when filled with hot beverages, and it will keep cold drinks icy without sweating, so it’s safe to set just about anywhere. For coffee lovers, there is nothing better than a hot cup.

11. Bottom-Loading Water Cooler

Help him to enjoy fresh, chemical-free water directly from this bottom-loading, three temperature dispenser. It holds up to a five-gallon bottle, but no more straining to lift the bottle. This dispenser has a cabinet at the bottom that provides an easy spot for the water bottle without lifting.

12. Steak Knife Set

For the meat-loving man, this 14-piece knife block set arrives sharp and never needs sharpening. These knives are ergonomically engineered to give you a comfortable and safe cutting experience. Give your husband a no maintenance set of knives, and look ahead to seeing him carve up one delicious meal after another. 

13. Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker

This coffee maker comes with a 12 cup thermal carafe, and includes features like temperature control and brew strength. It’s also programmable and self-cleaning. Isn’t it time that the two of you upgrade your home coffee experience? By the way, if you’re interested here are our best gift ideas for coffee lovers.

14. French Press Coffee Maker

If you really want to upgrade the coffee that the two of you drink at home, take a look at this french press. Then, get ready for a rich flavor that drip machines simply can’t match. Your hubby might make this a part of his daily routine or save it for special occasions. Either way, the two of you are in for a treat.

15. Infinity Word Art

Declare your love with this steel word art that has the words “you” and “me” cut into a steel infinity symbol. This item is ready to be painted in his favorite color and hung in his office or workshop as a reminder of how you feel. It’s an original he’ll never forget.

16. Cookware Set

For the gourmet cook, get him this beautiful cookware set. It includes 12 sturdy pieces, both pots and pans, plus a colander and lids. Everything is dishwasher safe and the whole set is perfect for use on an induction cook top. He’s sure to put this set to good use.

17. Food Dehydrator

Dehydrating is a great way to store extra food, and this awesome machine makes it easy. It includes stainless steel drying racks, shelves for making fruit leathers, fine mesh sheets, and gloves. It also has digital controls to let you set the dryer for what’s inside. This is a great gift for a gardener or the man who prefers his food without additives.

18. Growler Set

Does your special someone love the great outdoors? Or, perhaps he works an outdoor job and needs to pack a hearty meal every day. Either way, he could benefit from investing in a growler set for carrying hot beverages or soups.

19. Beer Chillers

Does your husband enjoy a cold beer from time to time? If so, invest in a pair of Beer Chillers that will keep his beverage chilled even in the hot sun. This is a very clever way to keep beer cold when a large cooler or ice bucket isn’t convenient.

20. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Who doesn’t like a little pizza and Star Trek? For those Trekkie couples out there who have a soft spot for a slice of pizza, the ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is the perfect novelty gag gift for your 11 year anniversary. Of course, you can get a regular pizza cutter instead if you prefer.

21. Ice Cream Scoop

If your husband has a sweet tooth, he will love this ice cream scoop. Instead of prying at hard ice cream with his wrists, the Midnight Scoop allows him to ergonomically push into the ice cream using his arms and shoulders for more leverage and power. Finally, a scoop for the serious ice cream enthusiast.

22. Five-In-One Fire Starter Kit

Put this item at the top of the list of gifts on your 11th anniversary. This fire starter kit has everything he needs to make fire without matches and is ideal for the man who loves camping or just enjoys working with different kinds of tools. This one also includes a compass, paracord, whistle, and ferro rod. If you’re husband likes camping or hiking, he will love this gift.

23. Mortar and Pestle Spice Grinder

If your husband enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients, he’ll love this mortar and pestle spice grinder. He can grind spices singly or combine them to create his own flavors for cooking, grilling, and barbecuing. This is one of the most unique 11th wedding anniversary gifts for him that you can find.

24. Wireless Automatic Car Tent

He can protect his car with this unusual automatic car tent. It stays in place and due to its sturdy stainless steel tent pegs. This tent will protect his car in all kinds of weather but it can also be used as protection for the family at the beach, in the park, when tailgating, or anywhere else some extra protection is needed.

Hope one of these steel gifts for him makes your 11th wedding anniversary just a little more special. Happy shopping!

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