Silk Anniversary Gifts For Him

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It’s your 12th anniversary and the traditional gift theme this year is silk. This is a great category, since there are a lot of intimate and romantic present possibilities. We have done our best to pull together a list of ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. Without further ado, here are our best silk gifts for him.


29 Silk Anniversary Gifts For Him

1. Necktie

If your husband wears suits regularly, a new tie is always a welcome gift. John William makes a nice selection of ties, including these classic solid ties, which are also appropriate for weddings or more formal occasions.

2. Scarf

Perfect for cooler fall days, a scarf can be a dapper addition to your man’s outdoor attire. Add a bit of warmth against the wind without the discomfort of a thicker, itchy scarf. These Ellettee scarves come in a number of interesting patterns. 

3. New Pajamas

If your husband is a “hot sleeper”, he will love these luxury pajamas. These pajamas are incredibly comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic to give him the best sleep of his life.

4. Robe

This gorgeous robe has been described as looking “embarrassingly good” and a “wow robe”. There’s no better way for him to make a statement while he’s drinking his morning coffee!

5. Boxer Shorts

A smooth and sexy gift that will make your husband think of you every time he wears them. Plus, the material is moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties will help keep him comfortable all day long, even in summer. Pick up a pair of these Boxers, which come in several different colors.

6. Camp Shirt

Camp shirts are particularly nice if you live in a hot climate, thanks to their natural breathability. This collection from 28 Palms is perfect for a backyard party or a casual day at the office.

7. Pocket Squares

Add a touch of class to his business attire with some of these patterned pocket squares. Pocket squares come in so many patterns and colors, he can stand out in a crowd while still looking professional.

8. Bowtie & Cumberbund Set

Formal wear for purchase is much classier than those that come with a rental package. If your husband has to attend formal events frequently, why not get him his own cumberbund and bowtie set?

9. Cufflinks

Add a subtle bit of flare to your husband’s daily attire with a set of silk knot cufflinks. We like this set of five pairs from Cuff Daddy as fun alternative to traditional cufflinks.

10. Sleep Mask

This incredibly popular sleep mask will help him get a few more Zzzs. A sleep mask is an eye relaxer and easy way to achieve a total blackout, particularly helpful for frequent travelers or those who need to sleep during odd hours.

11. Wallet

This wallet is made of leather but its lined with polyester silk, and can therefore sneak into the 12th anniversary gift category. Wallets make great presents since men carry them everywhere they go.

12. Glove Liners

If your husband is an avid runner, do him a favor and pick up some glove liners. These liners add a layer of warmth, without the extra bulk, and help keep hands from overheating and getting clammy.

13. Long Underwear

Okay, that might not sound romantic, but trust us, if your husband spends long hours outside in the cold, he will be grateful for these Thermasilk Pants. This lightweight baselayer is great for athletes and construction workers because they are thin enough to wear under clothes, while still adding a layer of warmth and wicking moisture away from the body.

14. Pillowcase

Pillowcases are quickly gaining popularity thanks to the belief that they reduce wrinkles and help skin retain moisture. This material is also naturally hypoallergenic, which your guy will appreciate if he suffers from dust and mold allergies. This popular pillowcase comes in a ton of colors to match any decor!

15. Sheets

Take it a step further with something for you to enjoy too and get the whole sheet set! These sheets may have you thinking of tacky motels, but good quality sheet sets have actually been known to improve quality of sleep by reducing allergies and helping to maintain body temperature to keep you warm without overheating.

16. Duvet

This luxurious light-weight comforter is perfect for summer due to the material’s breathability and moisture wicking properties. Stay cozy without the weight and heat of a traditional duvet.

17. Throw Blanket

A luxurious but lightweight blanket is perfect to throw over the back of his favorite chair. This 100% mulberry silk throw is cozy and great for cuddling, but stylish enough to show off in your living room at all times.

18. Sleeping Bag Liner

Perfect if your husband likes to camp, a sleeping bag liner is a great compact gift he can carry in his backpack or suitcase. The liner will help keep him cool in summer and warm in winter and help protect both him and his sleeping bag from germs and allergens. This material is quick to wash and dry, which will make his sleeping bag much more hygenic.

19. Money Belt

The secret of experienced travelers is to carry their personal documents close with a money belt. If your husband is a frequent traveler, he will appreciate this money belt. The advantage of a silk money belt is that is feels smooth and comfortable against the skin and does not hold in moisture, keeping you and your valuables dry all day.

20. Handmaid Artwork

A hand-embroidered piece would make a stunning addition to his office or study, particularly these Red and White Koi, which are believed to attract great wealth and success.

21. SILK Comic Book

The superhero-loving man in your life might appreciate this comic book about a newcomer to the Marvel universe, Cindy Moon, aka Silk.

22. Spider-Man Comic Book

For that matter, if your man is more of a Spider-Man fan, this comic qualifies as well. Those webs he slings are made of silk after all.

23. Beard Balm

Does your husband love having a beard, but hate the irritation it can cause his skin? Beard Balm might be just what you’re looking for. Scotch Porter infuses silk protein into their beard supplies to help stop the itch and keep beards feeling smooth.

24. Book by Silk White

Give him something new to read by this best-selling author of urban fiction novels. Tears of a Hustler is the first book in a thrilling series about the underworld of drugs, complete with sex, lies, and murder.

25. Silk, the TV Series

If your husband enjoys crime television, give him the first season of the British criminal law series, Silk. This series has everything he loves from other courtroom dramas, but with a fresh look from the British perspective.

26. Ficus

The Ficus Tree is a great addition to any home or office, but they can be finicky and require a lot of maintenance. This silk ficus tree  is incredibly life-like and will add color and ambience, without any of the upkeep.

27. Lingerie

Why not get something for yourself that’s really a gift for him too? These nightgowns are guaranteed to give you both sweet and sexy dreams.

28. Blindfold

Along a very similar line, this blindfold will make a fun 12th anniversary gift for your husband. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

29. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This Tibetan singing bowl makes a beautiful, peaceful, calming and relaxing sound when tapped or played around the rim. It’s perfect for setting a nice mood.

Hope these silk gifts for him help make your 12th anniversary spectacular. Happy anniversary!

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