Best Silk Anniversary Gifts For Her

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The traditional 12th anniversary gift theme is silk. In general anniversary themes vary quite a bit. With some themes, it can be difficult to think of any good ideas at all. With other themes, it’s more a question of picking the best gift ideas out of lots and lots of possibilities. Silk is one of the easier categories since there are plenty of intimate and romantic possibilities. What follows below are our best silk gifts for her. Enjoy!


25 Silk Gifts For Her (Traditional 12th Anniversary Gifts)

1. Pillowcase

The longer you’re married, the more you appreciate comfort—and this pillowcase delivers on that. Your wife will appreciate a silky smooth pillowcase that’s both comfortable and elegant for her side of the bed. As a pillowcase fabric, this is hypoallergenic and breathable, and it’s apparently great for your skin, too, something that ladies always appreciate. Of course, there are colors to match every bed set and sizes to fit, too. 

2. Nightgown

You could go with regular pajamas, but a nightgown is easier to size (this one is one size fits most) and has a more elegant feel. The silk is meant to be roomy and comfortable, and the digitally printed image gives the nightgown some color. 

3. Van Gogh Painted Scarf

While not all of us are as fashion-forward as our wives, we can recognize great art when we see it. And a Van Gogh painted scarf qualifies as both fashionable and artistic. There are multiple color options, so you can choose your favorite or get more than one and leave the styling up to your wife. 

4. Robe

Pick any one of the styles on this ankle-length robe, and your wife will love the smooth and luxurious feel. There are only three sizes to select from, which makes things a bit simpler, and the robe includes a belt for a custom fit.

5. Throw Blanket

If your wife is perpetually cold, she’ll love this smooth throw blanket for the couch or for bed. The size is ideal for a throw blanket in the living room with its soft and warm mulberry silk. It’s also breathable and hypoallergenic, so great for sensitive skin.

6. Sheets

When it comes to 12th anniversary gifts for her, you can benefit, too! Silk sheets are both skin-friendly and cozy, and they’re also naturally hypoallergenic. You may even notice less dust and allergy issues since the fibers naturally repel dust mites that other materials tend to attract. 

7. Tapestry

If your wife isn’t one to wear silk, she may enjoy looking at a handmade, embroidered tapestry to celebrate 12 years of marriage. Choose the image that fits your wall décor or your wife’s favorite space and wherever it ends up, it’s a present that you both get to enjoy.

8. Eye Mask

Eye masks are known for helping with relaxation, but silk eye masks have the benefit of being hypoallergenic and healthier for skin than less breathable fabrics. If your wife enjoys her sleep or spa time, a printed eye mask with an adjustable strap is a thoughtful gift. 

9. Massage Gloves

Silk is not only a luxurious fabric for clothing items, but it’s also therapeutic. These massage gloves can help stimulate blood flow, exfoliate skin, and help with overall body detox. They go on with velcro closures and are one size fits all, so your wife can share them with you, too.

10. Silk Phone Case

This phone case isn’t genuine silk, but the name comes from its smooth exterior. Air pockets at the corners help protect your wife’s phone, while grippy sides and cash and card holders add function. A screen protector film is also included.

11. Comforter

A bedspread-sized comforter will keep both you and your wife comfortable through all four seasons. The comforter is allergy free and contains a filling with natural long-strand mulberry silk. And since silk is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust and mites, you might even breathe easier at night. 

12. Silk Therapy Hair Treatment

If your wife styles her hair often and has noted that it’s become dry or damaged, this hair treatment is a thoughtful fix. The formula works on all hair types and helps return hair to its healthy natural state, but it’s also something your wife may not think to buy for herself since it’s a bit of a splurge to use all the time.

13. Body Lotion

It goes on like “liquid pajamas,” so this lotion is smooth and creamy. It also contains lavender, which can help achieve better relaxation and restful sleep. The herbal infusion is another highlight, especially for ladies who like more naturally-minded skincare.

14. Threads of Silk Book

This highly-rated novel explores historical themes—including silk embroidery in China—and includes a love story. All told, it’s an engaging story that will tie together this anniversary theme, ideal if your wife is a book lover!

15. Chocolate Silk Tea

If your wife enjoys tea, she’ll feel truly pampered with this deluxe chocolate tea package. The tea is fair trade and non-GMO, 100 percent organic, and arrives in hand-sewn cotton sachets, ideal for tea lovers and chocolate fans alike.

16. Lip Balm

Lip balm is a thoughtful addition to your anniversary gift, because not only is it a “silk” item, but it’s also something that your wife can use daily. After all, everyone who uses lip balm is always misplacing it, so it’s both practical and thoughtful. 

17. Travel Bags

Traveling can be a hassle, especially when ladies need to pack items that wrinkle easily. With these travel bags, delicate clothing items stay wrinkle-free, but your wife can use them for storage at home, too. 

18. Travel Pouch

A miniature pouch for travel or just the necessities, this trim pouch has a magnetic snap closure and one front zip pocket. It comes in a variety of colors and prints, but all bags have a silk and rayon blend with a satin lining.

19. Bamboo Silk Fan

A classic bamboo silk fan is a meaningful anniversary marker that’s also functional. Each fan comes in a handmade pouch for easy storage, so your wife can use it to create a cool breeze or as a decoration commemorating the anniversary.

20. Head Scarf

Head scarves are both fashionable for ladies today as well as functional. The same as a pillowcase or head wrap, women can wear head scarves to bed to protect their hair and skin. They also double as hair accessories when folded in a variety of ways.

21. Silk Flowers

Live flowers will wilt and die, but just like your love, silk flowers last forever. Choose a bouquet of your wife’s favorite flower, but in a silk version that will last longer and remind her of the milestone for years to come. You can even order a variety and design your own custom bouquet.

22. Rug

While an area rug may not be your first choice for an anniversary gift, the right style can serve as both décor and a memorialization of your wedding anniversary. Choose a traditional Persian rug that covers an entire room or select accent rugs for hallways and other spaces.

23. Pajamas

These pajamas are both sexy and comfortable. Perfect for getting a good night of rest or for wearing around the house. Your wife will thank you when she is slips these on.

24. Blindfold

This blindfold will make a fun 12th anniversary gift for your wife. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

25. Teddy Bear With Silk Rose

This teddy bear is designed to be the perfect 12th anniversary gift for your wife. This makes a nice companion present but also can be a cute standalone gift.

Hope these silk gifts for her help make your 12th anniversary a celebration to be remembered. Happy anniversary!

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