What is a Push Present and Should I be Getting One?

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What do you get a new mom to celebrate her baby’s arrival? The birth of a baby is a life-changing experience and a milestone occasion. With the baby’s arrival also comes gifts. While your traditional baby gifts might focus on gear, clothing and toys for the new baby, other gifts can celebrate the mother. A push present is a gift for the new mother after childbirth. Understanding what is a push present and what types of gifts are appropriate will help you find the perfect item for the new mom. Or, if you’re an expectant mother, you can learn about push presents to determine whether you should be getting one (hint: you should!). Read on to learn about push presents and whether you should purchase one after your new arrival.


Push Presents: The Basics

Before you go shopping for a push present, you need to understand the basics of these gifts, what’s expected, and who should buy one. Read on to discover more about push presents.

Who Should Give a Push Present?

A push present is typically a gift exchanged between the parents of the baby. Typically, the father or partner of the mother celebrates the arrival of the baby with this type of gift. In some circumstances, a close family member like a parent or sibling might opt to give a push present, but the gift should first be given by the father or partner if they are interested. If you’re the mom-to-be and are interested in a push present, talk to your partner about the idea so that they’re prepared to buy you something you will truly love.

When Should a Push Present Be Given?

Push presents are typically given around the birth of the child, but there’s some flexibility on when to give it. Generally, you can plan on giving the gift in the months leading up to or immediately following the birth. Some people even choose to bring the gift to the hospital to give to the mother after the baby’s arrival. If you’re expecting a push present, it’s important to understand that there’s a wide time frame when your partner might choose to give it to you, so don’t be disappointed if it isn’t given in the hours following your baby’s birth.

An important consideration in the timing of the push present is how the mom will use the gift. In some cases, the gift is a piece of jewelry or another item that she may want to wear during her newborn pictures or even hospital pictures, so you may want to give the gift before she goes into labor.

Should I Request a Push Present?

There’s nothing wrong with talking to your partner about a push present. These types of presents are relatively new and more common in some social circles or even regions than others. Items like mother’s jewelry featuring their baby’s birthstone have been around for decades, but the concept of a present to celebrate the childbirth—and certainly the term push present—is more recent. 

So, your partner might not know what a push present is, much less that you’d like one. Bringing it up during your pregnancy can give your partner plenty of time to shop for the perfect gift. Plus, asking for a push present, even if you aren’t specific about what type of gift you want, ensures that you don’t start your life as new parents off on the wrong foot. Simply put, you can request a push present and even specify what type of gift you’d prefer if you’re an expectant mother.

How Much Should My Push Present Cost?

Like many types of gifts, push presents can come in at a variety of price points depending on the mother’s tastes, your budget, and her gift preferences. Some push presents might cost under $100, while others most cost $1,000 or more. Push presents certainly do not have to be extravagant to be meaningful. Some moms might request a new piece of jewelry to commemorate the birth of their baby, and gifts like these will run a higher price tag.

Consider your family’s budget and your personal style and preferences when determining an appropriate cost for the present. As the recipient, you certainly don’t have to be the one to define the budget, so you can also trust your partner to choose a gift that’s appropriate for you.

Push Present Ideas

You’re ready to purchase—or talk to your partner about—a push present, but you might need some guidance on what types of gifts are appropriate. Check out these ideas, which include some traditional gifts as well as some more creative options.


Jewelry is the classic push present, one that many mothers select as their post-pregnancy gift. In many cases, mothers want the piece to showcase their baby’s birthstone to commemorate the occasion. Birthstone jewelry comes in many styles, including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. You can pair the baby’s birthstone with the mother’s, or if the mom has multiple children, let the jewelry showcase the birthstone of all of her children.

Another jewelry option is engravable jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet. Consider a bar necklace or bracelet that features an engravable piece of gold or sterling silver. Add your baby’s name, initials, or birth date as a commemorative piece of jewelry celebrating their birth. 

Push presents can also include more extravagant pieces of jewelry featuring dazzling diamonds. Consider your budget and the mom’s style when selecting a piece of jewelry as a push present.

Spa Day

Pregnancy and childbirth can be emotionally and physically draining for the new mother. Add in the challenges of life with a newborn, and it’s certain that mom will need a break. A spa day can deliver just the luxury mom needs, making it an ideal push present. Book her a massage, facial, or manicure and pedicure at her favorite spa or salon for a day of baby-free relaxation after childbirth.

Comfortable Loungewear

Newborn life brings with it middle-of-the-night feedings and perhaps even some sleepless nights. Let her tackle these nights in loungewear that makes her feel extra comfortable when it’s time for bed. Consider two-piece, button-down sets, which are especially convenient for nursing mothers. Choose a color or pattern she loves so that she feels stylish, even at bedtime.

Coffee Maker

A coffee-loving new mother probably needs a jolt of extra caffeine during those early months with the baby. A new, high-end coffee maker can be a perfect push present for her. If she might miss those daily trips to the local coffee shop, she can recreate cafe-quality coffee drinks at home with an espresso machine that includes a built-in milk frother and other features she’ll love.

Spa Basket

Perhaps she isn’t ready to leave the baby quite yet, which can make a day at the spa impossible. Fortunately, she can still enjoy some pampering at home with a spa basket push present. Bring the luxury to her with a basket filled with her favorites, including scented candles, face masks, essential oils, and lotions. On those stressful days with a new baby, she’ll be able to reach for these products to bring a sense of calm and pampering into her day.

Mommy-and-Me Outfit

Celebrate the arrival of your baby by purchasing a mommy-and-me outfit for the two to wear. Discover a variety of options, from adorable novelty tees and onesies, to floral dresses that coordinate with a matching baby romper. For a stylish mama, this push present will certainly be a hit.

Subscription Box

Give her a gift that keeps on giving, month after month. Sign her up for a subscription box that she can look forward to in the months ahead. A variety of subscription box options exist, including monthly flowers, beauty boxes filled with new products to try, or tea and coffee boxes that deliver new flavors monthly.

In-Home Chef

During those early months with a newborn, cooking dinner can be a challenge. Let the new mom enjoy a night of gourmet food without ever leaving the house. Find a local chef who can come in and prepare a meal in your home. If you can’t find that service in your area, consider a gourmet delivery box that allows you to prepare the food yourself while the new mom relaxes and simply enjoys the meal.

Baby Photo Book

Life with a newborn is certainly worth capturing, and a baby photo book can help you do just that. If the new mom loves to journal or take photographs, then this book can allow her to express her creativity and capture those milestone moments during her baby’s first year. This gift can serve as a memorable keepsake for years to come.


Giving a push present can celebrate the arrival of a new baby and the mother’s hard work throughout the pregnancy. This personal gift is typically reserved for partners, spouses or close family members to give. If you’re an expectant or new mother, then a push present is certainly a gift you can request from a loved one. Comment below with any questions about push presents, or share your ideas for what types of gifts would make thoughtful push presents.