41 Pottery Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 9th Anniversary)

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It’s your 9th wedding anniversary. Nine years is a long time, and just a year away from a very major milestone. The traditional theme this year is pottery. This is a really fun theme because there are lots of different possibilities. Some of these gifts are romantic, some are funny, some are functional, and some are aesthetic. There are also lots and lots of companion gifts that go along with the pottery itself which can certainly make things interesting. Without further ado, here are our best pottery anniversary gifts for him.

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41 Pottery Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 9th Anniversary)


1. Mugs are a great 9th anniversary gift. You might give your husband this mug, which proclaims him to be a man of wisdom. It must be true after all, since he wound up with you, right? Feel free to throw in a bag of his favorite coffee beans if you really want to go all out.

Ceramic Cookie Jar

2. If your husband has a sweet tooth, and one of you likes to bake, this ceramic cookie jar will make a great functional decoration for your kitchen. This one can even be personalized. Just imagine the look on his face when he opens up this gift and realizes freshly baked cookies are on the way.

Fondue Set

3. While we’re riffing on delicious food, a fondue set would be a great way to indulge in a great meal or two. The great thing about fondue is that it’s actually fairly versatile. You can cook meats and vegetables. If you like cheese, you can dip all kinds of things in melted cheese. Oh, and then there are those chocolate drenched desserts. You might even use this one on the evening of your anniversary. What could be better than fondue and a bottle of wine with your husband?

Another Mug

4. Here is another mug to let him know how your really feel. After all, who doesn’t appreciate being reminded that they are awesome every morning? Now that is how you start the day off right. Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on just how great your spouse is.

Pottery Wheel

5. If he is the artistic type, this pottery wheel will give him a new creative outlet. It’s designed for beginners, so even if he is new to pottery, it will make a great gift. This could be a really fun hobby.

Pottery Book

6. Whether he is advanced or a beginner, this pottery book would be a great companion gift to the pottery wheel above. It has plenty of instructions and tips for aspiring potters as well as those honing their expertise.

Pottery Tool Set

7. This pottery tool set would also make a great companion gift to the ones above, or a good standalone gift if he already knows what he is doing when it comes to pottery.

Vodka Themed Mug

8. This is a great mug for anyone that enjoys an occasional adult beverage. Really though, he should at least mix in some coffee with that vodka. If you’re looking for a funny 9th anniversary gift, this could be the one.

Wine Themed Mug

9. If your husband is more of a wine guy, this mug might suit him even better. Coffee and wine probably don’t mix all that well though, so he will have to get his caffeine fix somewhere else. By the way, he your husband does enjoy wine, check out these gift ideas for wine lovers

Ceramic Pottery Art

10. This ceramic pottery art is hand painted in Italy, and can be personalized with any landscape and written message that you like. It would be hard for him not to fall in love with this one.

Personalized Bowl

11. This personalized bowl is engraved with your names and wedding date. Another great decoration to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary. As a bonus, if you put this in a prominent location, you will always have a nice reminder of your anniversary date.

Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

12. Does your husband love drinking coffee or tea? This temperature control ceramic mug combines elegant pottery with high end technology. Make cold coffee or tea a thing of the past. For guys that appreciate gadgets and coffee, this one is absolutely perfect. By the way, if your husband really likes coffee, check out these gift ideas for coffee lovers.

Fruit Bowl

13. This fruit bowl combines the aesthetics and functionality. Who knows, the two of you might even end up eating more fruit.

Still Life Painting

14. Looking for a slightly outside the box art idea involving pottery? Here is a still life painting of a pottery bowl with lemons. This would look great on your kitchen wall.

Pottery Table Lamp

15. This pottery table lamp has a rather unique look. If this style suits your home, it could be a winner.

Succulent Planter

16. If your man has a green thumb, he will love this succulent planter. A succulent to go inside is a highly recommended companion gift. Of course, you can always go to pick one out together after your anniversary if you like.

Artificial Potted Lemon Tree

17. What if he doesn’t have a green thumb, you ask? How about this artificial potted lemon tree? That way, your husband can enjoy the aesthetics without all of the work and watering to try and keep the tree healthy. Of course, if he’s up to the challenge, feel free to get a real lemon tree instead.

Faux Succulent In A Ceramic Pot

18. This faux succulent in a ceramic pot is another great gift for the man with the not-so-green thumb. Since this doesn’t require any maintenance, it can be a nice touch at his office or of course at home.

Candle In Round Pottery

19. If your husband enjoys candles, he is sure to like this candle in round pottery. Candles are another one of those great gifts for any occasion, and this one ties in nicely for your 9th wedding anniversary.

Hilarious T-Shirt

20. It seems like there is a hilarious t-shirt for everything these days, and apparently pottery is no exception. Hope this one gets a chuckle.

Ceramic Apple Statue

21. This ceramic apple statue would look great on his desk, bookshelf, or anywhere else for that matter.

Funny 9th Anniversary Mug

22. After 9 years of marriage, you’ve likely settled into some solid routines, such as lying awake at night listening to your loved one snore loudly and peacefully while you try to catch some shut-eye! Make them chuckle with this funny anniversary mug celebrating your 9 years together AND your ability to tolerate the snoring!

Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

23. This is a beautiful gift to celebrate your 9th anniversary, and with it being your traditional pottery anniversary, there is nothing better. Make a hand casting mold of your hands holding each other as a wonderful keepsake of your love for each other. This kit comes with everything you need, along with detailed instructions on how to make the casting. This makes for a fun activity to do together, while celebrating your relationship at the same time.

Ceramic Jewelry Dish

24. Nice and simple, let him know that you “still do” with this elegant jewelry or trinket dish. Made of ceramic, it’s the perfect gift for your pottery anniversary, and it provides him with a spot to keep all his treasured items, such as jewelry, coins, or keys. The dish measures 4” x 4” square, and it is decorated with a beautiful gold trim around the outside for some added elegance.

Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine

25. Willow Tree ornaments are some of the most beautifully whimsical ornaments on the market. I have a collection of them that I have been given at special times throughout my life, and I treasure each and every one of them. They seem to capture a special moment so well, and replicate the emotion that is being conveyed. Give him this lovely Willow Tree figurine with its thoughtful sentiment, “love ever endures” to celebrate your pottery anniversary.

Couple Coffee Mugs

26. Do the two of you enjoy sitting together and sipping your morning coffees? Then why not grab him these couples coffee mugs to celebrate your anniversary? These mugs are so stylish and elegant, with their gold detailing and golden stirring spoon, not to mention the titles of “King” and “Queen” on each mug! Treat him like royalty this anniversary with these beautiful mugs!

9th Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame

27. Grab one of your favorite photos together and pop it into this lovely 9th wedding anniversary photo frame. Along the sides of the frame, it lists the various amounts of time that have passed over the 9 years, which is a great way to celebrate all the time you’ve spent together. Made of top quality leatherette, the markings are engraved not printed, to ensure longevity of the writing.

Infinity Love Anniversary Figurine

28. Your 9th anniversary calls for a gift that is made of pottery or ceramic, so why not get him this stylish and romantic figurine for your home? Using a battery-operated flickering LED candle, this figurine has beautiful hearts at the bottom where the light can shine through, highlighting the loving embrace that the couple is sharing. This is a lovely way to celebrate the strength of your bond and the time you have spent together.

Bob Ross Decorative Pottery Planter

29. Want to get your hubby something humorous for your pottery anniversary? Then how about a good ol’ Chia Pet in the shape of Bob Ross?! This gift is tons of fun and will certainly make him smile. He can set up the pottery planter by simply adding the chia seeds on top of the head, add some water, and in no time at all the chia seeds will sprout, looking like a replica of Bob Ross’ infamous curly hair. A fun way to honor the pottery tradition for this 9th anniversary!

Funny Candle

30. Did you guys meet on the internet? If so, then this funny candle would be a great way to celebrate your relationship and the love that you share. On the front of the candle, it features the quote “You’re the best thing I’ve ever found on the internet”, which is a sweet way to let him know just how much he means to you. This all natural soy wax candle has a delicate lemongrass sage scent, which would complement any home or office.

Mini Pottery Wheel Machine

31. Now this is taking your 9th anniversary tradition to a very literal level! Give him an actual mini pottery wheel for your anniversary! If you think this is something he might like to try some day, then this sweet little wheel would be a great gift for him to test out his potting skills. This mini wheel is great for beginners and comes with everything he’d need to get started. Give it a try, who knows, you two might be reenacting scenes from the movie Ghost before you know it!

Pottery: A Beginner’s Handbook

32. Along with his mini pottery wheel, perhaps you should grab him this beginner’s handbook. This book provides step-by-step photo instructions of how to make a variety of different pottery projects, including molded pots, pinch pots, slab mugs, and simple thrown pots. This will certainly give him a starting point for his new potting adventure!

Mini Pottery Match Striker

33. This darling little match striker is the perfect gift for your hubby if he likes to use matches for starting fires, lighting candles, or getting his BBQ going. It is a sweet little mini pottery holder, measuring 2.25” H and 2.5” W, with a rough bottom for perfect match striking. The top of the holder is polished smooth for a finished look. These match strikers are hand made in North Carolina, and the small family-owned company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Italian Ceramic Oil & Vinegar Set

34. This gorgeous oil and vinegar set would make a great pottery anniversary gift, and it provides a practical addition to your kitchen as well. Each of the bottles are painted with a beautiful Tuscan landscape, and they sit perfectly on the ceramic tray that is included. They are lead free and safe to use with food as well. Bring a bit of Italy home this anniversary with this beautiful oil and vinegar set!

Italian Ceramic Pottery Bag

35. This pottery bag is made by the same company that makes the oil and vinegar set listed above, and this Italian ceramic bag is complete with the same beautiful Tuscan landscape painted on it. The gentle bending and folds of the pottery bag makes it look like a real bag; it’s truly a lovely decor piece to have in your home, and it would look great with flowers in it or simply standing alone.

Pottery Journal

36. This pottery journal has a cute cover on it with the quote “Seize the Clay”, and it provides plenty of lined pages in it for him to write about whatever he chooses. If your hubby is a journal keeper, then he will get a kick out of this journal, and it’s perfect for your 9th anniversary, as it follows the pottery theme. If he is embarking on a new pottery journey, then he may enjoy using this journal for notes about what worked well and what didn’t as he tried out new methods of potting.

Ceramic Serving Teapot

37. No home is complete without a serving teapot, just in case relatives come over to visit, especially those of the older generation who still enjoy gathering for a cup of tea! This serving teapot is absolutely gorgeous in its construction, with its hand-painted design. It is not an overly large teapot, with a capacity of 400ml, however it will certainly be appreciated for its hand-crafted beauty.

Pottery Shaving Bowl

38. Get your hubby clean shaven with this stylish pottery shaving bowl. This beautiful blue-black ceramic wet shaving bowl is handmade by artisans in India, and it measures 3” x 4” in size. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, making it simple to clean afterwards. This makes a great gift for your pottery anniversary, and it’ll keep hubby from having all those ticklish stubbles!

Ceramic Ring

39. This ring is beautiful in its simplicity and makes a great gift for your 9th anniversary. Perhaps your husband would like to switch things out for a different wedding ring, so this would make a perfect replacement. The ring is available in different widths, from 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm, and it is made of black ceramic with a brushed finish. Available in a wide variety of ring sizes, so if you wanted to have a matching set, you could do that as well.

Maple Syrup Pitcher

40. Do you enjoy those lovely weekend breakfasts, complete with real maple syrup? Here in Canada, maple syrup is a big deal, so we like to have a nice pitcher to keep the good quality syrup in (because let’s face it, the kids go through the cheap stuff, while we save the quality syrup for the grown ups who appreciate it!). So, if you also enjoy maple syrup like we do, then grab him this maple syrup ceramic pitcher to celebrate many more years of yummy breakfasts together!

Ceramic House Numbers

41. The two of you have made a home together, so why not get some beautiful ceramic house numbers to celebrate your pottery anniversary? This would be a lovely sentiment to recognize what you have built together over your 9 years of marriage, and it is a practical gift that will help to spruce up the outside of your home. These ceramic numbers have a lovely design on them, and they each measure 4” H by 2” W, so they are a nice size to display your house address.

Hope these pottery anniversary gifts for him help to make your 9th anniversary special. Happy shopping and happy anniversary!