Pottery Anniversary Gifts for Her (Traditional 9th Anniversary)

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It’s your 9th wedding anniversary. Nine years is a long time, and just a year away from a very major milestone. The traditional theme this year is pottery. This is a really fun theme because there are lots of different possibilities. Some of them are functional, some are aesthetic, and some are both. There are also lots and lots of companion gifts that go along with the pottery itself which can certainly make things interesting. Without further ado, here are our best pottery anniversary gifts for her.

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25 pottery anniversary gifts for her

1. This potted pottery rose is specifically designed as a 9th wedding anniversary gift. Who can argue with that?

2. If she is the artistic type, this pottery wheel will give her a new creative outlet. It’s designed for beginners, so even if she is new to pottery, it will make a great gift. This could be a really fun hobby.

3. Whether she is advanced or a beginner, this pottery book would be a great companion gift to the pottery wheel above. It has plenty of instructions and tips for aspiring potters as well as those honing their expertise.

4. This pottery tool set would also make a great companion gift to the ones above, or a good standalone gift if she already knows what she is doing when it comes to pottery.

5. For all of the dog lovers out there, this ring holder will make a great gift. If you are really feeling ambitious, you might even throw in some bling to go with it. Of course, if she’s not a dog lover, there are plenty of others to choose from.

6. This ceramic pottery art is hand painted in Italy, and can be personalized with any landscape and written message that you like. It would be hard for her not to fall in love with this one.

7. This personalized bowl is engraved with your names and wedding date. Another great decoration to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary. As a bonus, if you put this in a prominent location, you will always have a nice reminder of your anniversary date.

8. Does she love drinking coffee or tea? This temperature control ceramic mug combines elegant pottery with high end technology. Make cold coffee or tea a thing of the past.

9. This fruit bowl combines the aesthetics and functionality. Who knows, the two of you might even end up eating more fruit.

10. Looking for a slightly outside the box art idea involving pottery? Here is a still life painting of a pottery bowl with lemons. This would look great on your kitchen wall.

11. If she has a green thumb, she will love this succulent planter. A succulent to go inside is a highly recommended companion gift. Of course, you can always go to pick one out together after your anniversary if you like.

12. What if she doesn’t have a green thumb, you ask? How about this artificial potted lemon tree? That way, she can enjoy the aesthetics without all of the work and watering to try and keep the tree healthy. Of course, if she’s up to the challenge, feel free to get a real lemon tree instead.

13. This faux succulent in a ceramic pot is another great gift for the woman with the not-so-green thumb. Since this doesn’t require any maintenance, it can be a nice touch at her office or of course at home.

14. If she enjoys crafts or knitting, she might have fun with this Knit your own Cactus Kit. It comes with a pot, making it a great 9th wedding anniversary gift.

15. If the two of you entertain often, you can impress your guests with this heart shaped serving bowl. This would also be a really nice touch if you want to surprise her with a spectacular home made 9th anniversary dinner. This serving bowl would be a great decoration even if you don’t plan to use it at meals.

16. When it comes to gifts for your wife, rule #1 is that she can never have too much jewelry. Since you have made it nine years, I’m going to assume that you picked this one up along the way. With that in mind, this earring holder is sure to get some use. This one is just begging for earrings as a companion gift as well.

17. In case you were wondering, rule #2 is that you can never get her too many flowers. This vase will look great, especially when it’s filled with roses, tulips, or whatever you pick out. Don’t forget to include flowers as a companion gift with this one.

18. If she enjoys candles, she is sure to like this candle in round pottery. Candles are another one of those great gifts for any occasion, and this one ties in nicely for your 9th wedding anniversary.

19. If she’s a baker, this pottery baking dish is sure to be a winner. Imagine the tasty treats that she might make in the future with this one.

20. Speaking of tasty treats, check out this muffin pan. Who doesn’t love home made muffins?

21. If she has a sweet tooth, and one of you likes to bake, this ceramic cookie jar will make a great functional decoration for your kitchen. This one can even be personalized.

22. While we’re riffing on delicious food, a fondue set would be a great way to indulge in a great meal or two. You might even use this one on the evening of your anniversary. What could be better than fondue and a bottle of wine with your wife?

23. It seems like there is a hilarious t-shirt for everything these days, and apparently pottery is no exception. Hope this one gets a chuckle.

24. A set of plates would be another great gift idea for the frequent entertainer. Use these all the time or save them for special occasions.

25. This ceramic heart dish can be used for food or for storing jewelry or other items.

Hope these pottery anniversary gifts for her help to make your 9th anniversary special. Happy shopping and happy anniversary!