Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Your best friend, sister or perhaps a coworker is having a baby.  Once the baby shower has been planned and the theme has been picked, you might feel as though you are just counting down to the big day.  The only question is, what gift should you bring?  There are plenty of baby gift ideas for new parents but you might was something more fun for the shower.  There may be a registry to look at but if you want to go off registry and stand out with unique baby shower gifts that the expectant parents can actually use, here are some great ideas. Continue reading

Tradition Gifts: The Gift Idea that Keeps on Giving

Sometimes finding the right gift for someone is easy.  You think of the person and light bulbs start flashing with ideas.  More often than not though, it can be a challenge.  You find yourself wondering… do they really need this?  Will they like it?  Do they already have one?  And, that’s if you can even think of a halfway decent idea to begin with.  For that reason, tradition gifts can be a minor miracle.

What is a tradition gift, you ask?  Well, a tradition gift is something that you get for someone each and every year.  The gift giver knows what they are giving and the recipient comes to anticipate it.  That said, tradition gifts need not be boring.  On the contrary.  The time saved in brainstorming from scratch can be spent in selecting the best possible gift in a given category.  Or, the time saved can simply be time saved since for a lot of people there is simply never enough time to go around. Continue reading

When is it Alright to Return Gifts?

So, someone in your life just got you this great gift for some big occasion and there is just one problem…  you want to return it.  The unfortunate reality is that not every gift hits the mark.  Gift recipients often wonder what to do with such stray gifts.  Should they try and use the gift anyway?  Find a nice home for the gift in the back of the closet?  Or, does it make sense to return gifts that they don’t want to get something that they like more?  The answer of course is that it depends on the exact circumstances. Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

When seeking out the perfect gift for someone in your life, their hobbies and interests are a great place to start.  For a lot of people, coffee is a daily ritual.  Some people drink coffee to stay awake.  Others enjoy the different flavors and aromas and look to coffee as a simple pleasure in every day life.  Coffee lovers are always looking for new ways to experience this daily ritual, making coffee particularly fertile ground for gifting.  So the question is, what are the best gift ideas for coffee lovers? Continue reading

What Gift Should I Get for My Young Niece or Nephew?

So it’s the holiday season or your niece or nephew is having a birthday and you need to decide what gift to get.  For parents that have their own kids, this question might seem like a slam dunk.  On the other hand, for the person that doesn’t have kids, it seems almost impossible to even know where to begin.  So, let’s dive in. Continue reading

Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Just like clockwork Valentine’s Day is here again.  Often referred to as the Super Bowl of romantic dates, the stakes are high on this day.  Play your cards right, and you might create a lifelong memory with the one you love.  On the other hand, one false move, and you might find yourself back on the singles market.  Ok, maybe things aren’t that extreme.  This is a pretty special day though.  For budding romances, this is a day to take your relationship to the next level, and for married couples this is as good a time as any to recapture the magic.  The only question is what to do on this special day?  There is the always enjoyable night out at at great restaurant, but what if you want to do something a bit more special since Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year?  GiftGlide has a few ideas that might just get your creative juices flowing. Continue reading

What is a Push Present and Should I be Getting One?

A lot of first time parents have some preconceived ideas about what pregnancy, labor and new parenthood look like.  Often times, these notions come from movies and TV.  Of course, real life is a bit different than Hollywood, and most of the time labor doesn’t involve a frantic rush to the hospital followed almost instantly by the swift delivery of a new bundle of joy.  No, in real life, things tend to progress much…  more…  slowly…  And there is one area that Hollywood writers seem not to cover at all – the push present.  In case you haven’t heard, push presents have become quite popular over the past decade or so and this catches many fathers-to-be by surprise.

This of course leads to a number of important questions:  What on earth are push presents?  If I am only just hearing about them now, do I really need to get one?  What do I even get? Continue reading

Visiting Friends – To Gift or Not to Gift?

Visiting old friends is one of the great joys of life as we age.  Whether you are getting together for a day of action or simply plan to sit and reminisce, the visit is sure to pack a heavy dose of nostalgia.  While getting together is it’s own reward, bringing along a gift or two can help set the tone for a fun time.  Is this really necessary?  Probably not.  But, then again, maybe it is.  It really depends on the situation. Continue reading

The Right Valentine’s Gift for a New Flame

Finally, after months or years of single life you have started seeing someone.  The person that you have met is cute, smart, funny, charming and even your friends approve.  There is just one problem.  You look at the calendar and it’s already February.  Valentine’s Day is just a week or two away.  On the plus side, you have a date this year.  Dinner, a glass of wine, some chocolate cake – what could be better?  But then, there is that nagging feeling.  Should I give a Valentine’s gift?  We have only just started dating.  What would be appropriate?  You don’t want to go overboard and scare them off.  But then, you don’t want to blow this off either.  Is this new relationship too fragile to survive a gift gaffe?  Not to worry, GiftGlide is here to help. Continue reading

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