New Baby Gifts

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There are few moments in life that can match the excitement and joy of the arrival of a new baby.  There are also few things that are more life changing and overwhelming than becoming a new parent.  This combination makes a new baby’s arrival a perfect opportunity for a gift that will both celebrate the momentous occasion and help the new parents through a daunting challenge.


Best New Baby Gift Ideas

Piggy Bank

This will decorate the baby’s room for years to come. A nice decoration for the parents to enjoy now, and an object that the baby will grow to appreciate with time. It’s never too early to start saving either!


Babies seem to go through more outfits in a day than adults go through in a week.  They need clothes.  A LOT of clothes.


Rattles and stuffed animals just don’t ever go out of style.  Babies are indiscriminate toy lovers.  They might enjoy an old key chain just as much as a brand new rattle.  The trick is to get something safe that they can play with, and to give them a large variety to stimulate their senses.


With the right crib, maybe, just maybe the baby will learn to sleep through the night.  And then, the parents can finally get a little rest.

Pack & Play

For the baby that travels or occasionally catches a few Zzzs someplace other than the crib, a pack & play can make a great gift. These can also be essential for the parents that want to keep baby close at night for the first few months before baby moves to a crib.


New parents will spend hours and hours trying to get their little one to sleep. A comfortable glider or rocking chair is worth its weight in gold.

Activity Mat

A entertained baby is a happy baby. Activity mats are perfect for those times when a parent needs to put baby down for a few minutes to prepare a meal, do some laundry or any one of the other million tasks required to keep things running smoothly.

Baby Bjorn

A great way to keep baby close on a hike or while running errands throughout the day. Indispensable for the parent on the go.


Many parents get several strollers these days.  There are your every day use strollers, your jogging strollers, and your light umbrella strollers.  Some of these strollers are expensive and others are more affordable.  New parents are sure to appreciate a gift that lightens the load.


It’s never too early to start reading to a baby.  Having lots of books to choose from keeps things interesting for everyone involved.  Oh, and for first time parents, a book with baby advice is a necessity.

Hope that these gift ideas help make the new baby’s arrival a time of bliss.  Happy shopping!

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