Mother’s Birthday Gifts

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Your mother’s birthday is coming up.  Over the years, your mom has done a lot for you, and you want to show her how much you love her.  Some years you might send a homemade birthday card, and other years you might get her a nice gift.  Here are a few popular ideas that she might appreciate.


Best Mother’s Birthday Gift Ideas


Is your mother a gardener, athlete, baker, or an artist?  A person’s hobbies are often the way to their heart.  Indulging in something she enjoys will surely bring a smile to her face.

Book or Audiobook

If your mother is a reader, books and eBooks are great standby gifts.  This is a great idea this birthday, and it will be a great idea for the next one too.  And the one after that.  You might also lighten up her commute with an audiobook.


Bowls, mats, treats, jars, toys or anything with an animal printed on it!  Animal lovers are sure to enjoy something for their favorite furry friend.


For someone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a roasting pan, ramekin, or set of pots and pans can be a ray of light and inspiration.  New cookware can turn a task that occasionally seems tedious into something new and fresh.

Home Decorations

A vase, fruit bowl, sculpture, tchotchke or throw pillow can add warmth to any room.  Since it’s from you, she is sure to love whatever you choose.


Perhaps a set of monogrammed towels to upgrade the bathroom?  Or a kitchen towel with a fun seasonal design?  Linens tend to wear over time, so something new is sure to delight.


Help her stay warm with a new sweater, vest or fleece.  Or a T-shirt with a picture of a place that she loves.


A person that enjoys candles can never have too many.  Scented, unscented, or decorative – there are lots of options to choose from.  This can be a great “tradition gift” that you get her every year!


Coffee and tea drinkers can always use an extra mug. You might even personalize it with a photo, or select one with a nice message. Perhaps throw in some gourmet coffee beans or tea leaves to round this out. This gift has the potential to become a part of your mother’s daily ritual.  She’ll smile every day while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or tea with this gift.

Hope these gift ideas help make your mother’s birthday extra special.  Happy shopping!