Leather Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 3rd Anniversary)

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It’s your 3rd anniversary, and if you’re following the traditional theme, this one is all about leather.  Luckily, leather is a great category and there are lots of great leather anniversary gifts for him out there.  Here are 33 leather gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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33 Leather Anniversary Gifts for Him (Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gifts)

Without further ado, check our our best leather anniversary gift ideas below.


1. A lot of men carry around wallets long after they are badly worn. This is a great gift that will be used for many, many years to come.  Wallets also have the advantage of being used with incredible frequency.  Every time he reaches to pay for something, he will smile.

You might even place something special inside, like a gift card to his favorite store or tickets to an event. This is great way to turn a good gift into a great one. Also, the gift card doesn’t have to be leather related, so it opens all kinds of possibilities.


2. With all of the devices that men carry around these days from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, attaches have become a necessity for many men.  A quality attache will get years of use, and your anniversary is a good time to upgrade this increasingly important accessory.


3. A good belt can tie together his whole look.  Some men find a favorite belt and seem to wear it every day.  Perhaps this gift will give him a chance to broaden his horizons and add something new to his repertoire. Belts also have the advantage of lasting practically forever. So, your man will get good use out of this one.


4. If your husband is handy, this is a must have. Even for guys aren’t mechanically inclined, a Leatherman can be a lifesaver.  He might not have a full tool set, but this can certainly be used in a lot of jams.  Is a Leatherman actually made of leather?  No, but the name gets it included in the leather theme. Ideas like this are fun since they make it onto the list through a creative and unexpected loophole.


5. There is something nice about a gift that can be used first thing in the morning, and slippers certainly fit that description. For indoor and outdoor use. These are both comfortable and rugged.

Personalized Leather Tray Set

6. This personalized leather tray set can be customized with your initials and his, along with your wedding date. This is a convenient place for him to throw his keys and whatever else he carries around in his pockets every day. It will also make a perfect 3rd anniversary gift for your husband. Oh, and I’m sure he won’t mind if you use it too. So, it’s a double win!

Shoe Shine Kit

7. This shoe shine kit is designed for polishing leather shoes. This is a must have item for someone that wears dress shoes regularly.


8. Of course, if you are going to get him the shoe shine kit, you might considering getting him a nice pair of shoes to go along with it. You might even splurge on a pair that you really think he would like, but wouldn’t buy for himself.

Watch with a Leather Strap

9. Watches make great gifts in general. A watch with a leather strap would be stylish, functional, and fit nicely into the 3rd wedding anniversary gift theme. While the world seems to be going increasingly digital, there is something about a classical watch that just looks great. In fact, mechanical watches have a bit of a cool retro vibe going for them these days.

Leather Photo Frame

10. You can give him a leather photo frame, and place one of your favorite photos inside. You might pick a photo that captures a nice memory from the year that has just passed by. While people have lots of photos on social media these days, printing out a few particularly good ones is a great way to decorate your home. This one can be personalized with your names and wedding date or a message of your choosing.

Leather Bound Photo Book

11. You might even surprise him with a leather bound photo book. Add in all of your favorite photos from the life that you have built together so far, and leave room for all of the years ahead. Some couples dedicate a single page of a photo book for each year they spend together. While most people have no shortage of photos on their phones, physical photos are a relative rarity these days. Still, it can be a lot of fun to flip through a well curated photo book.

Leather Jacket

12. If it fits his style, a leather jacket would be a nice addition to his wardrobe. Leather jackets are both rugged and cool. What’s not to like?

Leather Gloves

13. Leather gloves to keep his hands warm in the winter. He is sure to appreciate this gift on those really cold days.

Ski Gloves

14. If he’s into skiing or snowboarding, you might get him these gloves instead. You might even make plans to hit the slopes to enhance this gift. That would take your anniversary to a new level, and create some fun memories to boot!

Gardening Gloves

15. If he has a green thumb, he might like these gardening gloves. Add in a plant or some seeds to round this gift out.

Leather Canteen

16. This leather canteen could come in handy if he ever goes on hikes or trips in general for that matter. You might even plan a fun outing to set the stage for this gift delivery.


17. If he enjoys an occasional scotch, whiskey, or other liquor, this flask could be a great 3rd wedding anniversary gift. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in a bottle of 21 year old scotch to go with this gift.

Leather Scented Candle

18. Candles make a great gift for almost any occasion. For your 3rd anniversary, why not get him a leather scented candle?

Leather Sofa

19. A leather sofa could be a winner if you happen to be in the market for one. This could go in the living room or in a man cave if he happens to have one. Who knows, you might even enjoy lounging on the sofa yourself.

Toiletry Bag

20. A toiletry bag would is a very useful thing to have, particularly if he travels frequently. Sure, he can get by without one. But, this is the kind of luxury that he will probably really appreciate. And if he does travel much, you might take a look at these travel gift ideas as well.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

21. Depending on his preferences, he might even like this hanging toiletry bag even better. This style allows for better organization, and works well even if there is limited counter space. If your man pack a lot of toiletries when he travels, this idea is a real winner.

Leather Coasters

22. These leather coasters look good and they will keep your table tops dry and in good condition. Throw in a bottle or two of his favorite beverage to go along with this gift. You’ll be having a fun evening before you know it.

Leather Valet Tray

23. This leather valet tray has lots of compartments for his mobile phone, keys, sunglasses and whatever else he might carry around. These can be a lifesaver and put an end to the days where he is scrambling around looking for his keys before heading out for the day. Beyond functionality, this valet actually looks quite nice as well.

Leather Case for Glasses or Sunglasses

24. This leather case for glasses or sunglasses can make a nice gift on its own. If you want to take it to a new level though, include a new set of sunglasses to go in the case.

Leather Camera Case

25. While we’re on the topic of cases, you might get him this leather camera case if he is a photographer. Just be sure to get one that fits his camera. Of course, you can always get him a camera to go inside as well.

Poker Set

26. This poker set comes with a leather case. Perfect for all of the card players out there. Who knows, your house might even become the go-to destination for a weekly card game.

Deluxe Shaving Set

27. This deluxe shaving set is just plain cool for any guy that enjoys the ritual of shaving. By the way, since a lot of men shave every day, this is something that will get a ton of use. And it comes with a leather case, making it a great gift for your three year anniversary.

Chess Set

28. This chess set comes with a flask and four cups that are wrapped in leather. A little chess, a little scotch. What’s not to like? I’m not sure who came up with this idea, but I have to say, I admire them for it.

Stainless Steel Braided Leather Bracelet

29. This stainless steel braided leather bracelet would be a great 3rd anniversary gift if it fits with his style. Of course, if you don’t think he would wear a bracelet, feel free to move onto the next one.

Duffel Bag

30. This duffel bag is great for any guy that travels once in while. This one is waterproof too. If you want, you can bundle this together with one of the other travel related gifts on our list.


31. A backpack might be helpful for the things that he carries around every day. A lot of men prefer backpacks to messenger bags or attaches. It’s all just a matter of personal taste.

Professional Portfolio

32. This leather professional portfolio will keep him organized on the job, and give him everything he needs for meetings. This one even comes with a tablet sleeve for an iPad.

Leather Bound Journal

33. This leather bound journal can be great for writing down thoughts and ideas, or just making notes. I’ve really come to like using these over the years. They’re much nicer than just keeping a regular pad of paper.

Hope these leather anniversary gifts for him help to make this a great 3rd anniversary. Happy shopping!