Leather Anniversary Gifts for Her (Traditional 3rd Anniversary)

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It’s your 3rd anniversary. Congrats on three years together. Another year or marriage means another anniversary, and that of course means another anniversary gift for your wife. If you’re following the traditional theme, this one is all about leather.  Luckily, leather is a great category and there are lots of great leather anniversary gifts for her out there.  Here are 34 leather gift ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.

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34 leather anniversary gifts for her

1. Indulge those designer desires with a leather handbag.  This one is almost certain to be a winner. Even if your wife already has a few, there are a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors that are suited to match any occasion.  Plus, it’s a scientific fact that women can never have too many.

2. These leather coasters can be personalized with your names and wedding date. They look good and they will keep your table tops dry and in good condition. Throw in a bottle or two of her favorite beverage to go along with this gift.

3. This leather valet tray has lots of compartments for her mobile phone, keys, sunglasses and whatever else she might carry around. These can be a lifesaver and put an end to the days where she is scrambling around looking for her keys before heading out for the day. Beyond functionality, this valet actually looks quite nice as well.

4. A good belt can tie together her whole look.  Some women find a favorite belt and seem to wear it every day.  Perhaps this gift will give her a chance to broaden her horizons and add something new to her repertoire.

5. Leather flip flops are stylish and comfortable. Highly versatile when the weather is warm.  These are great for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

6. There is something nice about a gift that can be used first thing in the morning, and slippers certainly fit that description.  For indoor and outdoor use. These are both comfortable and dependable.

7. This personalized leather tray set can be customized with your initials and hers, along with your wedding date. This is a convenient place for her to throw her keys and whatever else she carries around every day. It will also make a perfect 3rd anniversary gift for your wife.

8. What 3rd wedding anniversary gift list would be complete without jewelry? This leather necklace is simple and elegant and would make a great gift for your wife.

9. This leather smartphone case has a couple of slots for credit cards as well. It’s stylish and should give her what she needs when she heads out.

10. Watches make great gifts in general. A watch with a leather strap would be stylish, functional, and fit nicely into the 3rd wedding anniversary gift theme. While the world seems to be going increasingly digital, there is something about a traditional watch that just looks great.

11. You can give her a leather photo frame, and place one of your favorite photos inside. You might pick a photo that captures a nice memory from the year that has just passed by. While people have lots of photos on social media these days, printing out a few particularly good ones is a great way to decorate your home. This one can be personalized with your names and wedding date or a message of your choosing.

12. You might even surprise her with a leather bound photo book. Add in all of your favorite photos from the life that you have built together so far, and leave room for all of the years ahead. Some couples dedicate a single page of a photo book for each year they spend together. Of course, if she is the photographer in the couple, you can simply give her the photo book and encourage her to fill it up.

13. If she can pull it off, this faux leather jacket would look ridiculously cool. The hoodie is removable for those days that she just wants to wear the jacket.

14. Leather gloves to keep her hands warm in the winter. She is sure to appreciate this gift on those really cold days.

15. If she’s into skiing or snowboarding, you might get her these gloves instead. These ones have a synthetic leather palm, which is good enough to get them included on this list. You might even make plans to hit the slopes to enhance this gift.

16. If she has a green thumb, she might like these synthetic leather gardening gloves. Add in a plant or some seeds to round this gift out.

17. This leather print can be personalized with your names, wedding date, and a special message or poem. A very sentimental gift for your third wedding anniversary.

18. On a similar note, this leather plaque describes all of the different things that three years or marriage means.

19. Candles make a great gift for almost any occasion. For your 3rd anniversary, why not get her a leather scented candle?

20. A leather sofa could be a winner if you happen to be in the market for one. Who knows, you might even enjoy lounging on the sofa yourself.

21. This toiletry and cosmetics bag will ensure that she can take everything she needs with her whenever she heads out on the road.

22. This leather case for glasses or sunglasses can make a nice gift on its own. Or, you can pop in some new glasses to enhance it.

23. While we’re on the topic of cases, you might get her this leather camera case if he is a photographer. Just be sure to get one that fits her camera. Of course, you can always get her a camera to go inside as well.

24. Make every vacation and business trip a little more enjoyable.  This is fertile ground for gift giving since a lot of people carry around luggage for years after it has been beat up by the airlines.  Could be a great companion gift to an anniversary vacation as well. Just saying.

25. If she happens to be one of those women that loves shoes, you might get her some leather ballet flats.

26. This leather ottoman makes provides room for storage, a great place to sit, and will look great in your home. What’s not to like?

27. This leather bracelet with a stainless steel heart would make a great 3 year wedding anniversary gift for any woman that loves jewelry.

28. This laser engraved wine bottle carrier includes four useful wine accessories. This is a great gift for wine enthusiasts, and it would be a really good idea to throw in a bottle of her favorite wine as well.

29. A backpack might be helpful for the things that she carries around every day. A lot of women to carry things around in a backpack when they head to the office. It’s all just a matter of personal taste.

30. This leather professional portfolio will keep her organized on the job, and give her everything she needs for meetings. This one even comes with a tablet sleeve for an iPad.

31. If your wife keeps a journal or a diary, this leather bound journal can be a great gift.  The right journal can make it that much more fun to jot down some thoughts or record the day’s events.

32.  A wallet would make a great gift, particularly if her current wallet is old or lacking in some way. The right wallet can be both highly functional and elegant at the same time.  Make her feel special every time she reaches for it.

33. Put a small smile on her face every time she gets in the car with a new keychain. Customize it with your anniversary date to make it extra special.  You might even make this a companion gift to go along with a new car!  Or, maybe save that idea for next year…

34. This leather jewelry box is sure to make her day. Feel free to load it up with a little bling if you really want to make her smile.

Hope these leather anniversary gifts for her help to make this a great 3rd anniversary. Happy shopping!