Iron Anniversary Gifts for Him (Traditional 6th Anniversary)

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Your 6th wedding anniversary is almost here. While this might not be the blockbuster milestone that #5 was, it is important nonetheless. Who are we kidding, they are all important. Six years is a long time, and it’s a nice opportunity to stop and think about the years gone by and the life you are building together. As you look for 6th anniversary gift ideas for him, you might be surprised to find that the traditional gift theme is iron.  While iron might not be the easiest category in the world, GiftGlide has you covered with a number of iron anniversary gifts for him that fit nicely into this category. Some of these are really fun 6 year anniversary gifts, and some are quite unique.

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28 Iron Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 6th Anniversary Gifts)

iron anniversary gifts for him: fireplace tools

Fireplace Tool Set

1. What could be more romantic than curling up together next to a warm fire?  How about curling up next to a fire with a brand new wrought iron fireplace tool set? Yes, that would be even better. Not only will this gift idea encourage more romantic evenings together, fireplace tools are nicely decorative as well.

Free Weights

2. Free weights can be a great iron gift, particularly if the man in your life enjoys pumping a little iron. As time goes by, it gets harder and harder to find the time to hit the gym. So, a set of weights that can be casually used while watching TV might just be the perfect solution.


3. Is he a super athlete? If he has what it takes to complete in an Ironman Triathlon, get him the gear that he needs to compete. This can be a bicycle to help him compete in the biking portion of the Ironman or something else.

Swim Suit

4. Perhaps a swim suit for the swimming portion of the Ironman? If nothing else, this gift is highly motivational. Plus, if he doesn’t have one in this style, he will need it to compete.


5. You might get him sneakers for the running portion of the Ironman.  Yes, there are lots of different ideas related to the Ironman. Of course, you might get him anything else that might be helpful in training or competing for that matter.


6. If the Iron Man Triathlon is more aspirational, perhaps just this t-shirt. Once he starts wearing this shirt, it can only be a matter of time before he completes the race.

Rustic Iron Wall Hooks

7. Is he always looking for a better place to hang his coat or hat? These rustic iron wall hooks could be the answer. These are actually more useful than people realize. They are the perfect thing to help the two of you keep things looking neat and organized.

Iron key rack

8. If he can never remember where he put his keys, this iron key rack might be a good solution and a great sixth anniversary gift for him. Imagine all the time and stress you’ll save him if he doesn’t have to frantically search for his keys before he goes out.


9. If your husband is a golfer, then you are in luck because a set of new clubs or just a few irons make one of the perfect iron anniversary gifts for him.  Hobbies always make for fertile gifting ground, and this is one of the few hobbies that involves iron in any way. This is a particularly great gift if you happen to be a golfer as well. That way, you get to go out on the course with him while he enjoys the new gift.

Golf Club Covers

10. Going back to the golf idea from above, if he already has a set of clubs that he loves, perhaps some new golf club covers would hit the mark. In a way, these are a safer gift than actual clubs, since a lot of men want to really try clubs out before purchasing them.

Practice Putting Green

11. Ok, last golf related idea: a practice putting green. Great for golfers or guys that just enjoy hitting an occasional putt with friends.

Non-Iron Dress Shirt

12. A non-iron dress shirt would be perfect. A shirt like this will have him looking his best, and also save tons of time since they don’t have to be ironed or dry cleaned to look good. He might even wear this when you go out to celebrate your sixth anniversary.

Tire Iron

13. How about a tire iron? While this idea undeniably falls into the iron category, it is only appropriate for certain men. If your guy doesn’t know how to change a tire, this probably isn’t the best gift for him.  On the other hand, if he’s rather handy, maybe he can use an extra tire iron.

Soldering Iron Kit

14. If he is mechanically inclined, this soldering iron kit would make a great addition to his tool set. Even if he has a lot of tools already, he might not have this one.

Wine Rack

15. An iron wine rack can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Another nice thing about this idea is that you can throw in a bottle of his favorite wine as a companion gift. By the way, if he’s a wine enthusiast, you might check our these gift ideas for wine lovers.

Book Ends

16. Similarly, book ends are a functional idea that also looks great. These will add an air of sophistication to your home, and the two of you might even end up reading more.

The Man in the Iron Mask

17. By the way, if he does enjoy reading, a novel like The Man in the Iron Mask can work since it has ties to iron. This can be a clever gift as long as it is suited to his tastes.

Book About Iron Maiden

18. Riffing on the same theme, perhaps a book about Iron Maiden, or even an album if he wants to add another one to his collection. Depending on his taste in music, this might be a winner.

Iron Man Movie

19. For that matter, any one of the Iron Man movies would be a great gift as long as he’s into action films. These movies are phenomenal, and can be a blast to watch again and again.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

20. Imagine sitting by an iron fire pit in the evenings. That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? This wood-burning fire pit would be the perfect addition to your backyard.

Propane Fire Pit

21. If you really want to go all out, take a look at this propane fire pit. These are a lot easier to use than the wood burning variety. This would make a really fun 6 year anniversary gift, since the two of you will likely have a lot of evenings by the fire in the future.

Bottle Opener

22. An evening by the fire pit would be even nicer with a beverage or two. Perhaps an iron bottle opener would make the perfect addition. Of course, you’ll want to include his beverage of choice as a companion gift.

Candle Holder

23. A candle holder can make a great gift, particularly since it can be paired with a nice candle or two. Gifts like this can be nice because they become part of your home, and have the potential to last for decades.

Iron Drinking Glasses

24. These iron drinking glasses can be personalized with a special 6th anniversary message. Serve up his favorite beverage when you present this gift.

Engraved Iron Periodic Table Glasses

25. For the science lover, these engraved iron periodic table glasses are perfect. Of course, they can work well for just about anyone that enjoys drinking out of glasses as well. Feel free to mention something about the great chemistry that the two of you have together in your card.


26. Art is a great gift for almost any anniversary. While iron might not be the first thing that you think of when you think of fine art, it is actually widely used in sculpture. The right piece might sit on a bookshelf at home or perhaps in his office.

Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese Cook Book

27. Is he a fan of the show Iron Chef? Then he will love Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese Cook Book. Just imagine all of the ambitious meals he will try to prepare. Sound like fun, doesn’t it?

Cast Iron Bacon Press

28. If your husband likes bacon, this cast iron bacon press will make his day. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like bacon?

Hope these iron anniversary gifts for him help to make this an anniversary to be remembered. With any luck there will be a fantastic dinner and an evening on the town together as well.