Iron Anniversary Gifts For Her (Traditional 6th Anniversary)

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Your 6th wedding anniversary is almost here. While this might not be the blockbuster milestone that the last one was, it is important nonetheless. In fact, they are all important. There are a lot of things that you can forget in life but your wedding anniversary isn’t one of them. As you look for 6th anniversary gift ideas for your wife, you might be surprised to find that the traditional gift theme is iron. While this might not be the easiest category in the world, GiftGlide has you covered with 43 iron anniversary gifts for her that fit nicely into this category. So, if you’re looking for something romantic, unique, or fun, then you have come to the right place.

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43 Iron Anniversary Gifts For Her


1. This bed would make a fantastic present for your wife. If your old bed could use an upgrade, this would be the perfect time. What could be more intimate after all?

Golf Clubs

2. If your wife is a golfer, then you are in luck because a set of new clubs or just a few irons would make one of the perfect anniversary presents. Hobbies always make for fertile ground for that matter. This is a particularly great gift if you happen to be a golfer as well. That way, you get to go out on the course with her while she enjoys the clubs. Oh, and if she shanks an occasional ball, she now gets to blame it on you. That’s just part of the deal.

Cast Iron Cookware

3. Cast iron cookware can be a welcome addition to the kitchen. Now, there is a slight risk in this one. You don’t want to get her something that appears to just be creating more work for her. In order to mitigate this risk, be sure to get her something high end that is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. That way, it’s more likely to blow her away and less likely to feel like you just gave her a chore as a 6th anniversary gift.

Cook It In Cast Iron Cookbook

4. This Cook It In Cast Iron cookbook would be the perfect companion gift to the one above. Of course, it would be a great standalone idea as well. You might even surprise her by using one of the recipes to prepare a delicious meal in order to celebrate.

The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook

5. If she likes southern cooking, The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook could be the way to go. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat lots and lots of southern cooking?

Drinking Glasses

6. These drinking glasses can be personalized with a special 6th anniversary message. Serve up her favorite beverage when you present this one to her.

Engraved Periodic Table Glasses

7. For the science lover, these engraved periodic table glasses are perfect. Of course, they can work well for just about anyone that enjoys drinking out of glasses as well. Feel free to mention something about the great chemistry that the two of you have together in your card.


8. Art is a great idea for almost any anniversary. While iron might not be the first thing that you think of when you think of fine art, it is actually widely used in sculpture. The right piece might sit on a bookshelf at home or perhaps in her office.

Wall Art

9. Here is another piece of wall art that she would like. What better message for your anniversary than Life, Laugh, Love?

Iron Rose

10. Speaking of art, this iron rose sculpture is basically designed to be the perfect present for this occasion. It combines a little romance with a nice decorative piece of art.

Wine Rack

11. A wine rack can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Another nice thing about this idea is that you can throw in a bottle of her favorite wine as a companion present.

Book Ends

12. Similarly, book ends are a functional idea that also looks great. These will add an air of sophistication to your home, and the two of you might even end up reading more.

Storage Bench

13. This storage bench provides both seating and good storage. What’s not to like?

The Man in the Iron Mask

14. If your wife enjoys reading, a novel like The Man in the Iron Mask can work since its title ties in to this year’s theme. This can be a clever idea as long as it is suited to her tastes.

Iron Man Movies

15. For that matter, any one of the Iron Man movies would be a great gift as long as she’s into action films. These films are all instant classics. And if you happen to enjoy them as well, there is nothing wrong with that.

Candle Holder

16. A candle holder can make a great gift, particularly since it can be paired with a candle or two. Presents like this can be nice because they become part of your home, and have the potential to last for decades.

Curling Iron Set

17. For the woman that likes to style her own hair, a curling iron set might hit the mark. Your wife might have a lot of fun playing with different styles.

Waffle Iron

18. A waffle iron fits the bill nicely and may result in many delicious home made Sunday brunches. In this case, you will want to volunteer to make the waffles on a very regular basis. In fact, a great way to unveil this gift would be to surprise her with some mouth watering waffles on the morning of your anniversary. Feel free to top them decadently with whipped cream strawberries or whatever she might like.

Iron Inlaid Jewelry Box

19. This iron inlaid jewelry box is something she might be able to use. Throw in a little bling for good measure! With that combination, this idea can’t miss.

Jewelry Tree

20. If you think she would like to have her jewelry on display at all times, this jewelry tree would be even better. In case you’re wondering, it would definitely be a good idea to include some jewelry with this one too. Of course, you probably already knew that considering you have been married for 6 years.

Rustic Wall Hooks

21. Is she always looking for a better place to hang her coat or hat? These rustic wall hooks could be the answer.

Practice Putting Green

22. Ok, last golf related idea: a practice putting green. Great for golfers or women that just enjoy hitting an occasional putt with friends.

Pre-Seasoned Bacon Press

23. This pre-seasoned bacon press will make a great addition to your breakfasts going forward. Who doesn’t like bacon?

Intertwined Horseshoe Hearts

24. These intertwined horseshoe hearts make a great piece of art to hang on the wall, and a really unique gift for your 6 year anniversary.

Iron Flask Water Bottle

25. If your wife is active, then a reliable water bottle is a must. This Iron Flask Water Bottle boasts a sturdy metal design that’ll keep her drink cold for 24 hours. 

Flat Iron Pepper Co. Gift Set

26. If she loves to cook, then give the Flat Iron Pepper Co. gift set to add some spice to your next meal together. 

Iron Appetizer Tray

27. Enjoy a date night at home with a new iron appetizer tray filled with her favorite snacks. 

Handheld Steamer and Iron

28. A twist on a classic iron gift, this handheld steamer and iron is a gift she can use to care for her favorite garments.

Iron Vase

29. Fill an iron and glass vase with her favorite flowers to celebrate your 6th anniversary. 

Japanese Tea Set

30. A Japanese cast iron tea set includes a teapot, trivet and four teacups, perfect for afternoon tea time.

Iron Bookmark

31. Give your book lover a metal bookmark that features an iron-inspired finish. Place it in a new book that she’ll love to read.

Cast Iron Fondue Set

32. A cast iron fondue set allows you to enjoy a romantic dinner for two at home. This set includes a cast iron pot and all the accessories you need for sweet or savory fondue.

Jewelry in an Iron Box

33. Pick up an iron box that you can fill with a gift she’ll love. Consider amethyst jewelry—the gemstone for the 6th anniversary.

Iron Photo Frame

34. Choose an industrial-inspired metal photo frame as a 6th anniversary gift. 

Escape from Iron Gate

35. Looking for a creative date night idea? Give her Escape from Iron Gate, a prison-break game that’s fun to tackle as a couple.

Cast Iron Bistro Set

36. Enjoy some al fresco dining on a new cast iron bistro set with a table and chairs for two.

Flat Iron

37. Update her hair tools collection with a new flat iron that’ll give her a salon-quality look.

Desk Lamp

38. An industrial-inspired desk lamp with a sturdy iron base adds a touch of illumination to the home office.

Wine Chiller

39. This metal wine chiller features an iron-like look and keeps her wine cold for up to 6 hours.

Iron Maiden Tank

40. Married to an Iron Maiden fan? Give her this tank top that’ll showcase her favorite band. 

Iron Garment Rack

41. Help her organize her clothes with this two-tiered iron garment rack with wood shelves.

Iron Wind Chime

42. Elevate your outdoor space by giving her an iron wind chime.

Cast Iron Griddle

43. Learn to cook a new recipe together on a sturdy, dual-burner cast iron griddle.

Hope these iron anniversary gifts for her help to make this a wonderful anniversary.  Of course, beyond the gifts you will want to plan an elaborate celebration.  Better get to work!