Iron Anniversary Gifts for Her (Traditional 6th Anniversary)

Iron Anniversary Gifts for Her (Traditional 6th Anniversary)

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Your 6th wedding anniversary is almost here.  While this might not be the blockbuster milestone that #5 was, it is important nonetheless.  In fact, they are all important.  There are a lot of things that you can forget in life but your wedding anniversary isn’t one of them.  It’s right up there with your wife’s birthday and Valentine’s Day.  As you look for 6th anniversary gift ideas for her, you might be surprised to find that the traditional gift theme is iron.  While iron might not be the easiest category in the world, GiftGlide has you covered with a number of iron anniversary gifts for her that fit nicely into this category.

Does she play golf?

If your wife is a golfer, then you are in luck because a set of new clubs or just a few irons make one of the perfect iron anniversary gifts for her.  Hobbies always make for fertile gifting ground, and this is one of the few hobbies that involves iron in any way.  This is a particularly great gift if you happen to be a golfer as well.  That way, you get go out on the course with her while she enjoys the new gift.  Oh, and if she shanks an occasional ball, she now gets to blame it on you.  That’s just part of the deal.

iron anniversary gifts for her: golf clubs

Cookware, if you dare

Cast iron cookware can be a welcome addition to the kitchen.  Now, there is a slight risk in this gift.  You don’t want to get her something that appears to just be creating more work for her.  In order to mitigate this risk, be sure to get her something high end that is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind.  That way, it’s more likely to blow her away and less likely to feel like you just gave her a chore as a 6th anniversary gift.

iron anniversary gifts for her: pan

Waffle iron.  Why not?

This idea comes with a similar risk to the one above.  In this case, you will want to volunteer to make the waffles on a very regular basis.  In fact, a great way to unveil this gift would be to surprise her with some mouth watering waffles on the morning of your anniversary.  Feel free to top them decadently with whipped cream strawberries or whatever she might like.

iron anniversary gifts for her: waffle iron

Artwork: one of the best iron anniversary gifts for her

While iron might not be the first thing that you think of when you think of fine art, it is actually widely used in sculpture.  The right piece might sit on a bookshelf at home or perhaps in her office.

iron anniversary gifts for her: sculpture

Functional decor

Beyond purely aesthetic artwork, iron can is used in a number of functional objects that also happen to look good.  For example, you might get an iron wine rack, book ends, or a candle holder.  Gifts like this can be nice because they become part of your home, and have the potential to last for decades.

iron anniversary gifts for her: book ends

Wrought iron gate

If you happen to live in a home with a gate, this might be a nice occasion to upgrade and install something new that is made of iron.  This might be on the expensive side but it’s also an opportunity to replace an eye sore with something that delights.

iron anniversary gifts for her: wrought iron fence

Entertainment that cleverly involves iron

Does she love movies, music or reading?  Then why not get her an Iron Man movie or an album by Iron Maiden?  Perhaps a novel like The Man in the Iron Mask?  This can be a clever gift as long as it is suited to her tastes.

iron anniversary gifts for her: book

Hope these iron anniversary gifts for her help to make this a wonderful anniversary.  Of course, beyond the gifts you will want to plan an elaborate celebration.  Better get to work!