Housewarming Gifts

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When someone moves in to a new home, it doesn’t take long to realize they need all sorts of new things to fill it up.  Traditionally, housewarming gifts included bread, wine, and salt.  However, in more recent times, the list of housewarming gifts has broadened considerably.  Here are a few ideas.


Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Smart Speakers

Get onto the cutting edge of sound and convenience with smart speakers.  From playing music or answering questions, to setting timers it seems there is no limit to what smart speakers can do.  As smart speaker capabilities continue to grow, they are all but certain to be a staple in every home.


A huge flat screen for the living room wall, or a second TV for the bedroom.  In this history of the world, has anyone every complained that their TV is too nice or new?  This one will get plenty of use.  Trust me.


Furnishing a new home can be overwhelming and expensive!  This is particularly true when someone makes a move from a small home to a larger one.  Lighten the load with a recliner, sofacoffee table or a bed.

Welcome Mat

A fun way to celebrate a new place of residence, particularly if you personalize this one. A custom welcome mat provides a sense of home and permanence.

Stamp with Address

A personalized stamp that is customized with the new address and the resident’s name is something small that will put a smile on their face every time they use it.  It’s also a huge time saver for anyone that sends a lot of mail.


No better way to enjoy a new home than a delicious feast prepared on a grill.  This is a gift that will create years and years of memories with family and friends.  If they have a grill already, perhaps a new grilling set.


A connected thermostat for the smart home enthusiast. Nest owners rave about these, and I suspect in a few years time we will all be wondering how we ever got on without them.


Often the gathering place when people get together, this is one of the most important rooms in the home.  Help the new homeowners with decorations and functionality.  Fruit bowls, kitchen towels, trivets, plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware sets all fit the bill!

Hope these housewarming gift ideas help to make for a wonderful new home.