40 Homemade Gifts in a Jar

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There is something inherently sweet about putting together a nice gift in a jar for someone, and there are countless ideas out there on ways to do this. Here, we have found some of the best homemade gifts in a jar that you can do yourself the next time you’re searching for that one-of-a-kind, thoughtful homemade gift.


Easy Handmade Soy Candles

Candles make a lovely gift at any time of year, so these easy-to-make soy candles are a great option for a simple DIY gift. Many people love candles, they bring a sense of serenity to any room, and add warmth to any decor. You can customize the scent to suit your style, and then just decorate the lid of the mason jar to make it look pretty, and your lovely candle is ready to give!

What’s better than cookies? Your own cookie mix in a jar that you can whip up in no time! This way, you can enjoy the delicious scent of cookies baking in the oven and the scrumptious cookies themselves when they are all finished. Layered cookie mixes have become a popular DIY gift, and people are customizing them to include their favorite cookie recipes. While this spicy oatmeal cookie is delicious, feel free to try the idea with your own favorite cookie recipe.

Everything in a Jar

Pretty much anything can be made into a gift in a jar, so the sky’s the limit when deciding on what to put in there. The Gunny Sack gets you started with some of their favorite gifts in a jar, and they even provide you with some great ideas on what to include in your themed-jar. There’s everything from “Energy in a Jar” to “Pampering in a Jar”, depending on who you’re planning this gift. Discover their favorite things, and then simply pop them into a mason jar and attach a cute label.

Tea Lover’s Mason Jar

There are so many wonderful things that you can add to this jar for that tea lover in your life. I know my mother adores a good cup of tea, so this is an idea that I plan to use this coming Christmas as one of her gifts. There are so many adorable things you can add to this jar, such as some specialty teas, a pretty stirring spoon, shortbread cookies, and other little goodies. Finish it off with some cute crinkly paper, and a ribbon around the rim, and you’re all set.

Bath Fizzies in a Jar

There aren’t many people I know who don’t enjoy a nice hot soak every now and again, so giving a jar full of bath fizzies is a lovely, luxurious gift that anyone would love. You can choose what scents you want to use, as well as what colors to make the fizzies. They make a great gift on their own, or pair them with some other self-care themed items for a truly pampering gift.

As soon as I saw this recipe, I had to include it in our list here. These cookies look absolutely amazing, and the combination of lemon and white chocolate is pure decadence! Plus, I love the yellow colors used, making it such a cheery gift to give. This mason jar gift would be perfect for a get well soon gift or just something to brighten a friend’s day. Be sure to stick around and sample one of the cookies once they’re made!

Christmas in a Jar

Is there anything that smells better than Christmas? I didn’t think so. Those smells often bring back wonderfully nostalgic memories for people. So, this Christmas in a Jar gift is a wonderful thing to give at holiday time, and they will instantly be transported back to their own childhood memories. The instructions from Nest of Posies also come with beautiful gift tags that you can print out to attach to your lovely jar.

Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub

There is something inherently therapeutic about using your own house supplies to make some self-care beauty items. It’s even better when you package those self-care items into a lovely jar with a pretty bow to give as a gift! This rosemary mint sugar scrub smells absolutely divine, and it is such a delicious treatment for your skin. It will leave your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. Whoever you are giving this to, be sure to make an extra batch for yourself as well!

Cinnamon Honey Butter

Three of my favorite things all in one title – cinnamon, honey, and butter. I don’t think it gets much more delicious than this. Perfect for spreading on toast or a favorite muffin, this wonderful spread is simple to make and easy to package in a jar as a gift to give. Decorate the jar with a ribbon and a pretty tag, and they will be singing your praises every time they open the jar!

Beginner Sewing Kit

Do you know someone who is starting to show an interest in sewing? Then perhaps this adorable beginner sewing kit would be a nice gift for them. My 7-year old daughter is learning how to sew, and I can see this little kit as being something she would love – I am keeping it in mind for future birthdays or celebrations. Fill it up with whatever they might be needing – needles, thread, buttons, thimble, etc. This way, they have a nice portable sewing kit to bring with them whenever needed!

No Bake Mini Grasshopper Pies

Looking for a gift that is green-themed? Maybe it’s getting close to St. Patrick’s Day or Earth Day and you’re looking for something that would go along with your theme. These no bake mini grasshopper pies make great little gifts or desserts to set out. They are bright and colorful and taste amazing! Tie them with a little green ribbon if you plan to give them as a gift. I’m sure the recipient will be delighted!

Gingerbread Playdough Gift Set

Kids love playing with playdough, there is something so fun and tactile about the stuff, my kids just can’t get enough of it. But I can’t say as I’m wild about the smell of the store-bought playdough, instead I prefer to make my own. So, I’ve made lots of playdough over the years, but I’ve never thought to give it as a gift until now. This cute little gift set makes a great gift for little ones, and I plan to do up a few for my nieces and nephews this holiday season. Attach a few cookie cutters to the outside so they have something to use with the playdough, and you’re ready to go.

Chill Pill Jar (Great Gift for Teachers!)

As a teacher myself, I laughed so hard at this gift idea, it makes such a perfect gift for teachers! We all need some chill pills every now again, and with the adorable pill bottle-themed label tucked inside, this is sure to make anyone chuckle. Fill the jar with some nice sweets for them to enjoy, decorate the lid with some colorful tape or ribbon, and tuck the label inside. 

DIY Lavender Bath Salts

Another gift to help someone pamper themselves. There are few scents that are as relaxing as lavender, so these DIY lavender bath salts are a great gift to give someone who may be going through a tough time. Help them relax and unwind with these easy-to-make bath salts. Simply follow the instructions provided by The Happier Homemaker, and then fill a mason jar with the salts. Finish it off with a pretty lavender ribbon around the lid and a decorative tag to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Halloween Slime

Two things that are super fun – Halloween and slime! These cute little jars make great party favors if you’re hosting a Halloween event for your kiddos. All kids love playing with slime, and these are a nice alternative to giving treat bags as well. Using mini mason jars make these slime jars the perfect size, and you can even decorate the outside to look like a little pumpkin. These cute little guys are sure to delight!

S’mores Mason Jar Gift

S’mores – the symbol of summertime! We all love s’mores over an open fire, so why not give a s’mores gift in a jar that they can use on their own bonfire?! These are really easy to make, and you can include whatever you like in them. The main ingredients are graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, but you can customize them to include your favorite kind of chocolate bar or even some sprinkles to jazz them up a little. A perfect gift for a summer get-together!

Chocolate Mint Mason Jar Gift

Do you know someone that is obsessed with the combination of chocolate and mint? (Other than myself, that is) A great gift idea would be to find several items that are chocolate-mint flavored, and pack them into a mason jar. You could include candies, chocolates, hot chocolate mixes, or anything else you can find. Then simply decorate the jar with a nice mint theme, and it is ready to give!

DIY Floating Candles

These DIY floating candles make wonderful gifts, but they also make a beautiful centerpiece if you’re looking to decorate your own table at home. The instructions are easy to follow, and really the ingredients are fairly customizable depending on your preferences. The color combination of the rosemary and the cranberries make these a perfect decoration for the holiday season, but you can switch them out for other items at different times of the year.

Mini Bar in a Jar

Do you know someone who enjoys a nice shot of a quality liquor? Then give them their very mini bar in a jar! This is about as simple as it gets in terms of DIY gifts. All you need to do is pop in their favorite mini bottles of liquor into a jar and attach a cute tag onto it. You will want to go for a larger mason jar for this gift, so that you can fit the different mini bottles inside.

Salted Caramel Sauce

Oh salted caramel…it has become my new weakness. I would put it on my cereal if I could, it is so good! So this gift idea definitely appeals to my tastebuds, and I’m sure it would many others. There are so many cute things you can do with it once it’s finished also. Pop some of it into a little mason jar, attach a cute label that is free to download from Recipe Girl’s site, and pop it into a clear bag along with a few apples – ready for dipping!

Gourmet Popcorn Gift in a Jar

There are so many ways to make popcorn so much more interesting, and lately you can find all sorts of different popcorn flavors on the grocery store shelves. If you know someone who enjoys testing out different flavors of popcorn, then this gift will really appeal to them. The Country Chic Cottage provides you with a beautiful label to print for your gift, and then simply fill the jar with some bag of popcorn and specialty seasonings for your popcorn connoisseur to enjoy!

Fresh Mango Pineapple Salsa 

Everyone loves to receive homemade goods, and this deliciously colorful salsa is sure to be a hit! Just the colors alone are very appealing, but once you actually try the salsa? Oh my goodness, your tastebuds will never be the same! This is a perfect gift to bring to a summer cookout, as it pairs so nicely with grilled items from the BBQ. 

Sugar Plum Fairy Jars

There’s nothing like a little magic at Christmas time, and these adorable Sugar Plum Fairy jars encapsulate that magic. These are great gifts for those little ballerinas and princesses in your life who would love something sparkly and pretty and magical! Fill the jar with her favorite candies, preferably shiny candies if possible, and you will have a lovely gift to give that shimmers and shines with all the magic of Christmas.

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Are you or someone you know getting married this year? Then, you might be looking for a nice, economical DIY wedding favor. Wedding favors can be incredibly expensive, especially if you plan to have a large wedding. These sweet little mason jar favors are not overly expensive to make, nor do they take a lot of time or experience. It’s just a matter of decorating the jars to match your wedding decor and then filling them with whatever little treat you’d like to give.

Santa’s Sugar Cookies

Santa needs his cookies on Christmas Eve, so this little gift is perfect for those little ones who will want to be baking up a storm leading up to Christmas. All you need to do is follow the instructions to add the ingredients to the jar. Then decorate the jar with some Christmas-themed ribbon and attach the printable tag that is available from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. You can add a little more by including a mini whisk and some cookie cutters or sprinkles tied to the lid.

Detox Bath in a Jar

Ahh…more self-care items in a jar. I think I might collect all these ideas and make myself a pampering gift basket! This detox bath is truly amazing and something that everyone should treat themselves to on a regular basis. Made with simple ingredients like ginger root and Epsom salts, this detox bath helps to remove toxins from your system and improve overall health and wellness. Needless to say, this makes a perfect gift for anyone who hasn’t been feeling well or is over-tired – perhaps a new mom or someone getting over the flu. Treat them to a detox bath in a jar!

Homemade Pie in a Jar

Portable pie, is there anything better? This gift idea from C Stands For Carrie is very flexible and customizable, depending on what pie flavors are your favorite. Now, you can be the ultimate chef and make your own pie crust and filling from scratch, or you can purchase both and cut your baking time. Really, the choice is yours. Bottom line is that these adorable little pies make the absolute cutest gifts, and are a nice little portable treat for anyone to enjoy.

Layered Caprese Pasta Salad

This is a gift that would be best opened immediately, it’s not something that will store for very long unless refrigerated. But, it would be a perfect thing to bring to a potluck or a dinner event for the hostess gift. The colors in the salad are beautiful, and they look so pretty all layered in the jar. This is a nice healthy salad too, so you won’t feel guilty about tucking in and enjoying it! Again, this salad is fairly customizable depending on your taste preferences, but this recipe gives you a starting point.

Homemade Cracker Jacks Popcorn

Who remembers Cracker Jacks? I have to say I haven’t enjoyed that treat in years, but I used to buy those little boxes all the time as a kid. I always loved to look for the prize! While this gift doesn’t include a prize inside (although I suppose you could…), it certainly replicates the delicious caramel popcorn that we all know and love. A simple recipe to follow and a sweet gift to give!

Snowmen Hot Cocoa

This hot cocoa set is such a sweet thing to give during the winter time, and the three little jars look so cute piled up to look like a snowman. Each jar contains a different part of the hot chocolate, from the marshmallows to the cocoa mix itself. Just follow the simple instructions to fill each jar, and then add some decorations to the outsides like buttons and a carrot nose. Tie them all together carefully to “build” your snowman, and these little guys are ready to give!

Pamper Yourself Gift Jars

This gift jar idea has so many possibilities! The main idea is to give the person different little items that they can use to pamper themselves. Depending on the person, these items will vary. You might choose to include a little bottle of bubble bath, some chocolates, nail polish, hand cream, face mask, specialty teas…the list really does go on! Fill it up and label the jar with a cute tag, and your friend will be so grateful to go and pamper themselves.

DIY Hand Soap Gift

This is not only an awesome gift, but it is very practical too. As we’re busy washing our hands like crazy these days, it’s nice to be able to use some homemade soap that might be a little gentler on our hands. Homemade soap is a bit of a process, but The Happier Homemaker sets out all the instructions in an easy-to-follow manner. Before you know it, you’ll have your own homemade soap to give out as gifts to others. Makes a great housewarming gift!

Pork Rub Gift in a Jar For Dad

Let’s not forget about Dad! Even he would appreciate a gift in a jar! This pork rub is absolutely awesome, and it’s perfect to add before grilling. Follow the simple recipe, and then pop it into a mini mason jar and attach a cute tag to it. Voila! Dad has his very own homemade pork rub, and he will be King of the BBQ once again!

Easy Soup in a Jar

There are tons of different soup recipes that you can put in a jar as a gift, but it’s great if you can find one that has a lot of different colored ingredients, as it really adds to the pretty layers in the jar. This easy soup recipe has tons of color in it, so it looks amazing in a mason jar. Follow the instructions in terms of what you need, and then simply layer those ingredients in a mason jar. Complete the gift with a nice tag that includes instructions on how to prepare the soup. Anyone who has been feeling unwell or is recovering from a surgery will certainly appreciate the thoughtful gift.

Christmas Angel Mason Jar Gift

This gift is not only a sweet treat, but it is also a lovely ornament that would look pretty displayed on a table or centerpiece at holiday time. Ideally, you want to try to find some white candies such as the pearlized gumballs you see featured in the photos to fill the jar with. Fill it up, and then adorn the lid with some pretty gold ribbon. Attach the angel wings to the jar (there is a template available on the website), and the little tag that is also printable. A beautiful, festive decoration!

Cowgirl Cookies Mix

I love the different colors in the cowgirl cookies mix when they’re all placed in a jar. These would be super cute for anyone really, but I can see my daughter getting a big kick out of them. She loves anything pink! Follow the instructions from Bakerella to fill the jar, and then cover the lid with some sweet cloth and a leather tie, print up the label from the website, and you’ve got some sweet little cookies to deliver!

Terrarium in a Jar

If you know someone who loves succulents, then this terrarium in a jar would be a great gift for them. Terrariums are amazing because they demonstrate the whole plant cycle in one little jar, showing how condensation gives way to moisture, which in turn supplies the plants with what they need. You can be fairly flexible with what you choose to add to the terrarium, as long as you follow the instructions for layering the supplies. It is vital that there is a layer of rocks on the bottom, followed by the dirt. After that, the choice is really up to you!

Coffee Lovers Gift in a Jar

It is unbelievable how many flavors and styles of coffee are available these days! The possibilities are endless! Grab a few of these different flavors and pop them into a mason jar for the coffee lover in your life. You can even pop in some cookies for them to enjoy with their cup of coffee, or any toppers you think they might like. Then simply decorate the lid and attach a sweet gift tag, and you’re all set!

Pot o’ Gold St. Patrick’s Day Jar

Looking for a cute way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? This adorable pot o’ gold jar would be a big hit with anyone who is a fan of the holiday. Fill up the jar with a bunch of chocolate gold coins and print out the colorful gift tag available at Polkadot Chair. Attach the tag to your jar, and you are ready to head out and celebrate the Irish!

Mommy Survival Kit

I saved the best for last – a Mommy Survival Kit! Can I hear all the Moms out there who desperately need such a survival kit? I know I’ve got both my hands in the air right now! If any of your Mom friends are in need of a little pick-me-up, or have perhaps just joined the ranks of motherhood, then put together this sweet little jar to help give them the boost they need. Fill it with whatever you think they would enjoy or need – candies, Wet Ones, hand sanitizer, lip balm, chocolates, and whatever else! Help a fellow Momma out and drop her a survival kit!

There are so many wonderful things you can put in a jar to give as a gift, the possibilities are endless! The bottom line is that you are using your creativity to make something that is truly from the heart, and that my friend is priceless. Which gift idea most appeals to you? Be sure to come back and let us know if you tried any of these homemade gifts in a jar!