40 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

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We all love to get our Dads the newest gadget or outdoor tool for Father’s Day, and we often save our sentimental gifts for Mother’s Day. But, Dads can be just as mushy as Moms and appreciate the heartfelt homemade gifts just as much. Here are some adorable Father’s Day craft ideas that are sure to pull at your Dad’s heartstrings! 


Swedish Fish Box

Combine two of Dad’s favorite things this Father’s Day – fishing and candy! If he enjoys both of those things, then this adorable “Hugs and Fishes for Dad” gift from Eighteen 25 will surely be a hit! While you could certainly fill this tackle box with any of his favorite sweets, using colorful fish to fill it up really makes the pun even cuter!

Beer Bouquet

Switch things up this Father’s Day and give Dad a bouquet that he’ll really love – a beer bouquet! This craft is simple to make and shows Dad just how much you care. Pick up a 6-pack of his favorite bottles of beer, and follow the instructions from Unoriginal Mom to create an adorable beer bouquet! 

DIY Photo Blocks

Every parent loves to have photos of their child(ren) on display, and these photo blocks are the perfect thing! Grad a few unfinished photo blocks from your local dollar store, and set to work adding your creative touches to them. They can be painted in whatever color you think Dad would like best, and then you simply glue on your favorite photos on the different sides of each cube. For an added touch, grab some stick-on letters to spell out the word “DAD” on the blocks. These little cubes serve as great paper weights, note holders, or photo holders. 

Scribble Mug

Do you have little ones in the house who would like to contribute to the DIY Father’s Day gift? Then this scribble mug is a perfect solution. All you need to do is pick up a white ceramic mug (most local dollar stores carry them), some stickers, and some good felt markers. Stick on whatever design you choose on to the mug – you might choose to spell out “Dad” or decorate it with hearts, whatever you decide! Then let you little one go wild with the markers! They can scribble until their masterpiece is finished, then you simply peel off the stickers to reveal the white underneath surrounded by beautiful color. Now Dad has a perfect mug to enjoy his morning cup of coffee!

“We’re Nuts About You” Photo Frame

Everyone enjoys a cute pun, and if you are planning a gift for someone who is a handyman, then they will certainly enjoy this adorable photo frame. Pick up an unfinished photo frame from your local dollar store, along with some paint. Paint the frame your desired color and attach some nuts and bolts from Dad’s toolbox. Then, using some letter stickers, spell out the phrase “We’re nuts about you, Dad!”. Voila! Super punny and cute Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day Keychains

These beaded keychains make a great gift for Father’s Day, and the nice thing about them is you can customize them to say whatever you want! You could do “I love Dad”, “#1 Dad” or perhaps a cute inside joke between the two of you. Either way, the keychains make a practical and thoughtful gift that Dad can take with him wherever he goes.

Pencil Cup

If Dad is always running around looking for a pen that works, then he will really appreciate this adorable pencil cup holder. Decorated to look like a dress shirt and tie, this pencil cup is really easy to make and fun to display. The instructions are easy to follow, and you need little more than some old material, buttons, and a hot glue gun. While the kids can help with some of this craft, be careful around the hot glue gun!

Handprint Art

Who doesn’t love their children’s adorable, chubby little handprints?! I don’t know a parents out there who doesn’t marvel at how much their child grows every year. So a great idea for a Father’s Day gift is to use those little prints in a nice craft, and it’s a bonus if Dad also enjoys fishing, as this particular handprint craft is definitely fishing themed!

Father’s Day Printables

These are some fun (and free) printables that you can use to decorate wine/beer bottles, as well as create some special coupons that Dad can redeem on Father’s Day. While this idea is not necessarily a full DIY, you get to decide which bottles you will cover, what treats the coupons will provide, and what you will write inside the card. The rest is done for you! Easy-peasy!

Dad’s Secret “Stache” Gift Bag

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Or perhaps does he enjoy a favorite salty snack? Whatever tends ot be his go-to for snacks, give him a cute bag full of his favorites this Father’s Day! Marvelous Mommy provides you with a free printable to use on the front of your bag, so all you need to do is decide what you’re going to put inside. Then, Dad will have a special bag full of his favorite goodies to enjoy on his special day!

Popsicle Stick Art

We all remember making popsicle stick art when we were kids, so it is totally nostalgic to be doing so again with our own kids to celebrate Father’s Day! This idea is very sweet, because it lists the top ten reasons why we love Dad, and if you’re aksing really little kids then these answers will be totally heart-melting. Write out each of the ideas on a different colored popsicle stick, glue them together along with some yarn to hang it, and you have a gift that will likely bring a tear to his eye and make him feel oh-so-loved.

Grill Set Holder

Now, this DIY project take a bit more time and work, but the results are absolutely amazing. If Dad is the King of the Grill in your household, then honor the King with a place to store his grilling tools. Follow the simple directions on Let’s DIY It All, and you will have a stylish grill set holder that he will love. Bring on summertime and BBQ’s!

This is such an adorable gift idea that I want to buy myself dress shirts just so that I can wear these cufflinks! If Lego is a popular pastime in your home, then Dad might appreciate these cute Lego cufflinks to wear to work. All you need to do is grab a pair of old plain cufflinks, spraypaint some small Lego pieces with whatever colors suits him best (silver looks amazing!), and you’ve got some awesome accessories that show he’s a Dad that enjoys Lego!

Wood Burned Kitchen Tools

Many Dads like to cook, so why not give him some special kitchen tools that are marked just for him?! All you need is an easy-to-use woodburning kit, and you can make beautiful designs in the wood. Decorate his kitchen tools with hearts, sweet messages, or whatever else you decide. Package them up and give him a bouquet of customized kitchen tools that he will treasure!

World’s Greatest Pop Gift Box

Do you have a special Dad, Grandpa, or Pop that deserves recognition this Father’s Day? Then how about a sweet gift box highlighting everything “Pop”?! Featuring candies that are all Pop-themed, this gift basket is sure to delight his sweet tooth. You can get a printable tag that reads “World’s Greatest Pop” from A Pumpkin and a Princess to attach to the gift box once it is complete.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Does Dad love to fish? Then he may be looking to add some new lures to his fishing tackle box. These bottle cap fishing lures are really cute and easy to make, the kids will get a kick out of trying to bend them in half! But, be careful using the fishing hooks as they are incredibly sharp! Combine the bottle cap with a fishing hook and a metal attachment at the top, and Dad has some lovely new fishing lures that he will be excited to test out!

Monsters Inc. Inspired Footprint Art

Oh those little itty-bitty baby feet, is there anything cuter in the world? Use those tiny tootsies to make some adorable monster art for Father’s Day, and let Dad know that his little monsters are awfully fond of him! In this art piece, you can use both your handprint and footprint to create the main characters from the movie Monsters Inc, which if you’re a parent, you’re likely already familiar with!

DIY Bottle Opener Game

If Dad has a man cave or somewhere he likes to hang out and watch the game while he enjoys a couple beers, then something to decorate the cave might be in order this Father’s Day. Make him this fun bottle opener game that he can hang in his den. The instructions are easy to follow, and while this project does take some time and finesse, it is not super difficult to complete. And his man cave will never look cooler!

Father’s Day Coupons

This printable coupon book from I Should Be Mopping The Floor is an easy way to let you little ones help with a Father’s Day gift. If they are old enough to write their own words, then they can fill out the coupon book themselves, giving Dad whatever special treats they feel he’d like best. If they’re not quite old enough to fill them out on their own, then you can ask them for their ideas and write them down. Either way, Dad is sure to cash in on some awesome coupons, and likely some adorable bear hugs!

Trinket Box

This is another popsicle stick craft, since my nostalgia hasn’t quite left me yet. We all remember making these little trinket boxes when we were younger, using nothing but popsicle sticks and copious amount of glue. This one adds a sweet message on top that read “My Dad rocks!”, complete with a little rock glued on top. Your kids can help you with this craft, and Dad will love storing his special items in this trinket box made with love.

Instagram Picture Frame

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, photographs make great gifts! Especially photos of loved ones. So, this Father’s Day, create an Instagram-themed picture frame for Dad! The instructions on the website are very easy to follow, and once you find all the photos you want to include (that’s the hard part, choosing them all!), then simply attach them on to the two screw hooks. That way, Dad can change the photos whenever he likes to see new smiling faces!

Citronella “Mandles”

Does your man secretly love candles but worries that maybe they’re too girly? Let him embrace his feminine side by making him some awesome citronella “mandles” for Father’s Day! These candles are made in paint cans = very manly. They also serve a dual purpose – the citronella does a great job of keeping pesky flies and mosquitoes away during the summer. Light ‘em up Dad, we won’t tell!

Painted Wood Coasters

This gift idea is very easy to make, only using some slices of wood and a bit of paint. You can get disks of wood from your local craft store, or if you live rurally like we do, simply go out and chop some from a fallen tree outside. Then, using a stencil or your own eye if you’re talented (I am not, so I resort to stencils!), paint on whatever image you choose. Nice and simple, and a lovely bit of home decor as well.

Photo Desktop Organizer

This desktop organizer is not as complicated as it might look (or at least it did to me at first!). You’re simply gluing together 4 picture frames that you can purchase at your local craft store. Once glued together, you have a sweet desktop organizer that Dad will love! It gives him a spot to store his pens and supplies, and it features photos of his favorite little faces. It’s a gift he’s sure to love.

Fill-in-the-Blank Printable

This fill-in-the-blank printable is a super easy gift to prepare for Father’s Day, and he will love looking back at their answers in years to come. Ask your child(ren) these questions about Dad, and then simply fill out the form. We have done something similar like this before, and I printed a different questionnaire for each child, that way they could have their own answers all together. They always say that “kids say the darndest things” – well this is your chance to capitalize on that for this cute Father’s Day gift!

Homemade Necktie

Now, this gift is outside my realm of crafting abilities, but if you know how to sew, then this would be a great gift for Dad. Make him his own necktie! What could be more personable than that?! You can choose whatever pattern of material or color that you think he’d like best, and then simply follow the instructions to make your very own necktie for Dad. A sweet gift that he will appreciate and use for years to come.

DIY Cookout Kit

Back to the King of the Grill! What a fun gift this idea is, and totally customizable to Dad’s preferences! Grab a wooden box or container of sorts, preferably with a handle like the one featured here. Then simply fill it with all of the items Dad likes to use when he is grilling. You may choose to include some unique spices, sauces, tools, and anything else he may need. It’s a portable caddy that will get tons of use during those hot summer months!

Watch Stand

This is another gift that requires a bit of DIY knowledge and finesse, however it is definitely not an impossible task by any means. And the result is pure awesome! Make Dad his very own watch stand, so he has somewhere to hang his jewelry and watch at the end of the day. It will help to keep him more organized, and he’ll surely be impressed with your crafting skills!

Wood and Leather Wine Rack

This is a unique and artistic way to store your favorite wine bottles, and if Dad is a wine connoisseur, then he will enjoy something like this for Father’s Day. All you need is a bit of plywood and some leather, and you can make this wine holder. Follow the instructions on the website for a step-by-step guide on how to make it, and then pop a couple of bottles of his favorite wine in the holder to give to him on Father’s Day!

Homemade Whipped Shaving Cream

Treat Dad to a relaxing spa experience by making him some luxurious homemade whipped shaving cream. The smell is absolutely amazing, and the cream feels so wonderful on your skin. Made with simple ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, there aren’t any harmful chemicals or products in this, and it will leave his skin feeling oh-so-soft! 

Mason Jar Succulents

Does his office need a bit of greenery to brighten it up? Then perhaps these mason jar succulents would make a good gift for Father’s Day. All you need are some mason jars, succulents, dirt, sand, rocks, shells, and a shovel to make these cute plants. Decorate the finished product with some twine to give it a finished look, and you’ve got a lovely homemade gift in a jar for Father’s Day.

Personalized BBQ Grill Set

Another gift for the King of the Grill could be his very own personalized grilling tools! If you have a Cricut machine, you can cut out your own vinyl decals to put on. Or, simply purchase them from your local craft store and set to work decorating the tools. Put on whatever words you like, whether it’s wishing him a happy Father’s Day, or letting him know that he is Master Chef. Either way, the King will appreciate his special tools! 

Stacked Herb Garden

My hubby loves to cook, and he loves to use fresh herbs in his cooking. When I saw this stacked herb garden, I immediately saved it as an idea to do for this coming Father’s Day. Super easy to put together, this planter can hold a variety of his favorite herbs. And by having them in a planter, you can keep them close at hand for when needed.

BBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printable

Another homemade recipe that is off the charts! This delicious BBQ rub makes your steaks taste amazing, and it would be the perfect addition to the Cookout Kit listed above! Not only can you find the recipe on this site, but they also provide you with a free printable tag to attach to the jar once it is complete. It makes a great gift and an awesome addition to any BBQ!

Homemade Microwave Caramels

Let’s get back to that idea of Dad having a sweet tooth. Most people who have a sweet tooth love anything sweet that is homemade, because it just tastes that much…sweeter. So, this Father’s Day, make Dad some homemade microwave caramels using mostly just ingredients that you would already have at home. Be sure to sneak a couple for yourself too! 

Candy Bar Wrapper and Questionnaire

This is a super easy and super cute gift for Dad that the kids will love helping with. Grab Dad some of his favorite candy bars, and decorate them using the template from this site. Then have the kids fill out the little questionnaire that can accompany the candy bar. If they’re too little to write themselves, then simply ask them the questions and write down their adorable answers.

DIY Father’s Day Trophy

Are you proud to have the Best Dad in the World? Then give him your very own DIY trophy this Father’s Day and honor him with the title! Using cardboard and gold spraypaint, you can design an amazing trophy for Dad, and complete it with a photo of the two of you together. The instructions are very easy to follow, and your kids can definitely help with this craft. Dad will be honored to display his trophy! 

Flavored Salts

Another gift for the Dad who is also the House Chef! These flavored salts can be used in so many different ways when cooking, and they each bring a unique flavor to any recipe. Grab some small lidded containers from your local dollar store or craft store, then simply follow the instructions to create six different delicious salts that he can use when cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

“Dad You Are Dino-Mite” Handprint Card

We had to include one more handprint craft, because they are just too cute. This card would be great to give for Father’s Day, and it lets Dad know that he is Dino-Mite! Use their cute little handprints to design a dinosaur-themed card that he will love. From the little dino to the big dino, it is sure to be a great day!

Coffee Can & CD Wind Chimes

Perhaps Dad enjoys sitting outside enjoying his cup of coffee in the morning. Make some musical sounds for him to enjoy with this coffee can and CD wind chimes craft. It is very simple to make and easy to customize with color and style. Design it however you wish, and follow the instructions on the site for some good advice. Then hang it proudly in the yard for Dad to enjoy!

Making a gift from the heart always takes a bit more time and effort, but the results are so heart-warming and meaningful that it makes up for it. We hope you found some great ideas from this list! Which one do you think you will make for your Dad this Father’s Day? Be sure to come back and let us know!