20 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

Greeting cards are a nice way to celebrate a special occasion or let someone know that we’re thinking of them. Birthday cards are especially nice as they celebrate a very important date – the day your loved one was born! Sometimes it’s nice to move away from store-bought gifts and cards and give something truly from the heart. Here are some of the sweetest homemade birthday card ideas that are fun and easy to make.


Pop-Up Birthday Card

This sweet little card gives a nice surprise when it’s opened in the shape of a pop-up birthday cake. Using nothing but some colored paper, scissors, and glue, this card is sure to impress. The video tutorial makes it super easy to follow along step-by-step to create your own special masterpiece. Adorn your card with balloons, stickers, and decorations if you wish, or keep it simple with the beautiful pop-up cake inside.

Puppy Ears Card

Who doesn’t love floppy puppy dog ears?! There is something so endearing about puppies and their floppy ears, so why not take some of that cuteness and turn it into a card? This puppy ears card from mmmcrafts takes cuteness to a whole new level by creating this peekaboo puppy ear card. Write your special message inside the floppy ears, then fold them over to hide the surprise. Even the puppy’s cheeky little tongue can hide a secret message inside!

This Makes Me Smile Photo Birthday Card

It’s nice to celebrate the people we love, and if we can’t be with them in person, then it’s nice to send a message that lets them know that we’re thinking of them. This photo card does just that by using your favorite photo as the main centrepiece on the front of the card. Adorned with the saying “this makes me smile” and an arrow pointing to the picture of the two of you, this birthday card really lets your special person know how loved they are.

Origami Birthday Card

Origami can seem like an intimidating craft to try to do, but really it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. This video tutorial makes it easy to make your own impressive origami birthday card. Decorate your card using colorful markers and adorn it with pretty balloons, cake, gifts, and whatever else you choose. Then, following the steps in the video, you will turn your pretty designs into a beautiful origami card, complete with surprise pull-outs and intricate folds. Your loved one will be so impressed with your origami talents!

3-D Pop-up Balloon Card

This adorable 3-D pop-up balloon card is a bit more advanced in terms of crafting skills. However, that being said, the instructions and photos from Passionate for Paper make it possible for even a rookie crafter like myself. When you are finished, you will have a delightful birthday card that surprises the recipient with fun, colorful balloons inside. It’s a perfect way to celebrate that special birthday!

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Washi tape is my new, all-time favorite crafting tool because it comes in so many beautiful colors and patterns! It is super easy to use, just like a regular roll of tape, and it allows you to make the most wonderful creations. This washi tape birthday card features a beautiful present made from different colors of tape, but you can choose any design for the front of your card. Make a decadent layered birthday cake instead of a present on the front, the choice is yours! 

Rainbow Birthday Cake Card

Sometimes the simplest of ideas is just staring us straight in the face and we don’t even notice. A pile of glittery paper can all of a sudden become a gorgeous, sparkly, layered rainbow cake! Who knew?! If you have colorful paper on hand (bonus if it’s glittery!), then you are all set to make this pretty birthday card. Write a nice message inside wishing your loved one well on their special day, and you are all set! 

Paper Balloon Birthday Card

This pretty birthday card is made using a diecutting machine and dies that can be purchased from Simon Says Stamp. It costs a bit to get set up with the different dies, but once you are, you will have them to reuse again and again. The pretty balloon and whimsical “Happy Birthday” lettering create the perfect effect on the front of the card. This card is a little more complicated to make, but the results are stunning.

Nuts Over You Card

For the handyman in your life, this “Nuts Over You” is a cute and fun way to wish them a happy birthday. Cut out some grey paper in the shape of metal nuts, and glue them vertically down the side of your card. Then, using stamps or your own fancy handwriting, write “Nuts Over You!” at the bottom of the card. Finish if off with a sweet message inside, and your main squeeze will be delighted with your thoughtful card!

Pop-up Birthday Cake Card

As you have probably guessed, I have a soft spot for pop-up cards! They’re just so fun and exciting to open, I can’t resist making them for special occasions. This is the next one I plan to make for my father who lives far away from me. I love how an entire layered cake pops out of the card for a sweet surprise. You only need some colorful cardstock, glue, decorations, and something to cut your cardstock with – either scissors or a Cricut machine. Follow the instructions in the post, including some clever ways to make your card unique, and you too will have a beautiful pop-up card to be proud of.

Tulle and Confetti Birthday Balloon

This birthday card is simply gorgeous with a large balloon on the cover that’s made of tulle and then filled with bright sparkly confetti. You can customize your balloon to hold whatever color of sparkles and glitter you want, and you can make the balloon as large as the card will handle! Finish off the cover with a “Happy Birthday!” message, and then write a personalized message inside. Your recipient will be super impressed with your crafting skills!

Birthday Bear Card

This peek-a-boo bear card is whimsical and fun and is guaranteed to make your loved one smile. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and then you can customize your cute little bear however you like. When he opens up his arms, he can be holding whatever you like – balloons, a gift, a message, a toy, etc. Then inside his arms is where you will write a nice birthday message to finish it off.

Secret Pocket Handmade Birthday Card

Adding an element of surprise to a gift or card is always a fun thing to do! What better way to do this than to make a secret pocket on the front of your card? The secret pocket will look like an open present on the front of the card, and you can pop a little treat or surprise in there to delight the recipient when they peek inside. Then, decorate the rest of the front with some pretty cut-out hearts and balloons to complete the festive look. 

Make a Wish Birthday Card

One of my favorite birthday memories as a kid is when I would get to blow out the candles on my birthday cake. That was always so fun, and I always believed that those special birthday wishes would come true. This make a wish birthday card helps us to relive those childhood memories by giving us some candles on the front and reminding us of the fun we had blowing them out as kids! Write “make a wish” on the cover of your card to remind them of this festive tradition, and then decorate and write on the inside to complete your card.

Scrapbook Sticker Birthday Card

The great thing about making your own homemade cards is that there are so many wonderful things you can use to make them. Scrapbookers know full well what amazing stickers and embellishments they can buy for their scrapbooks, and these same stickers work awesome for making your own beautiful birthday card. Pick up some of your favorite stickers and decorations, and simply stick them on to the front of the cover to make a lovely, personal, creative birthday card for your loved one.

Sprinkle Lollipops Birthday Card

Birthdays are synonymous with treats and goodies, so what better way to celebrate than by giving a card decorated with some delicious-looking sprinkled lollipops?! The tutorial on how to make these is super easy to follow, and you only need some basic craft supplies to make them, such as cardstock, hot glue gun, rainbow sprinkles, a circle punch, and some lollipop sticks. In the tutorial, the author also gives you some other cute ideas to try, like an ice cream cone or a wrapped present. These are definitely cute ways to celebrate a special birthday!

Birthday Card Accordion

This is a fun one, especially if you like to celebrate birthday weeks, rather than just one day! The birthday accordion card allows the person to open a different card each day for a week…or however long depending on how many cards you attach! This card is fairly easy to make, although pay close attention to how to attach them, so that it’s easy to open each card. You could write a different message in each card, or even include a little surprise in each card for them to discover. The choice is yours in terms of how you want to have fun with this neat birthday card!

Doily Cupcake Card

There is something inherently fancy about doilies, so I love to use them when I’m making different crafts. So, these doily cupcake cards are top of my list when I want to make a quick, but special, card for someone I love. They are simple to make, and you can personalize them however you wish depending on who they are for. Using just doilies, colored paper, and some cardstock, this card doesn’t require a lot of materials or time, but the effect is very sweet when finished.

Embroidered Birthday Card

Now, this card takes some fine motor skills and patience, because you’re doing embroidery on paper which can be tricky. But if you set it up properly, you will be able to create a beautiful embroidered birthday card that is truly made from the heart. This craft does not require a lot of supplies, just a blank card or some cardstock, embroidery floss, a push pin, ruler, and a piercing mat so your needle doesn’t go through the back of the card. The step-by-step instructions provided are very clear and easy to follow, you just need to take your time with this one. But, I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with the final result. 

Dahlia Fold Dress Card

Calling all expert crafters! Are you familiar with different kinds of folds and putting paper through embossing folders? Then you are all set to tackle this absolutely stunning card! Me, I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to complicated crafts, so I think I’ll try to make the origami birthday card listed above before I start trying to make Dahlia folds. But, this card is definitely a goal of mine as it is so beautiful and unique. If you’re wanting to create a really special card for someone you love, then give this one a try, it will be gorgeous!

There are so many ways to celebrate birthdays, and it is always so nice to give a personal touch. These diy birthday cards are a great way to give a personalized gift to someone special in your life. Which one do you think you’ll try first? Be sure to come back and let us know!