Going Away Gifts For Friends

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When a friend is moving away, it’s often a time of mixed emotions.  For the person making the big more, there is excitement about what lies ahead but also a somber note for all of the friends that they will be leaving behind.  Having said that, great friendships can transcend distances.  If your friend is moving on, the best thing you can do is to help them go out in style with a fun an memorable send off.  That probably means a going away party is in order, or perhaps something more low key.  It is also an excellent time to give a small gift to commemorate the fun times that you had together.  On that note, there are plenty of going away gifts for friends below to help you think of the perfect present to send them on their way.


Best Going Away Gift Ideas For Friends

going away gifts for friends

Going away gifts for friends that reflect the place they are leaving

When someone makes a move to a new place, they generally still want to think of their old home from time to time.  Having a few things strewn about their new home can trigger a nice memory and bring a smile to their face.  There are lots of options to choose from here but one of the best is artwork.  If they are leaving New York, you might get them a picture of the skyline or a landmark that they always enjoyed like the Brooklyn Bridge.  If they are moving from Texas, perhaps an outline of the state.  Hanging something like this on a wall will bring back happy memories.  In addition, geographical decorations can serve as great conversation pieces whenever they are entertaining.

There are plenty of options beyond art though. A mug with the city or state that they are leaving is a great daily reminder of the adventures that they had in the past.  Other functional objects like coasters and key chains can work as well.

going away gifts for friends: picture frame

Framed picture with a great memory

These days, taking pictures is no longer reserved for big events.  Some people seem to snap photos of everything they do and everywhere they go.  Out at a nice restaurant?  Better document it.  Got a flat tire?  Snap a quick pic and post it on Facebook with a sad face emoji.  This seems to be a natural consequence of the fact that people now carry around cameras with them everywhere they go.  It’s compounded by the fact that technology has made it so incredibly easy to share pictures with friends and family with just a few taps.  While people might have digital photo galleries and albums that dwarf even the most avid photographer’s catalog from just a few decades ago, this doesn’t necessarily translate into more physical photos.  Indeed, framed photos are a relative rarity these days.  Since they are relatively uncommon, framed photos can make great going away gifts for friends.  Your pal will surely appreciate this when unpacking and setting up their new home.

going away gifts for friends: easel

Something to remember all of the fun things you did together

Friendships are usually rooted in some shared interest or experience.  Yes, you enjoy each other’s company but are there particular things that you always seemed to do together?  If you loved playing golf together, you might get a new golf glove as a going away gift.  If you both loved art, maybe a new easel.  Then there are the simpler joys in life.  Maybe the two of you would always go to the same restaurant or bar together.  Is there a chance that you can persuade the owner to give you a branded pint glass or a menu that can be framed?  This one is sure to bring back a flood of memories and perhaps a good laugh at all of the fun times of yesterday.

going away gifts for friends: plant

Something to help with their next adventure

The going away gifts for friends mentioned above mostly look to the past.  However, as your friend embarks on a new chapter in life, it can also be a great idea to get them something to help them with their next adventure. If they are moving from the northeast to a warm coastal city, this might mean a new beach towel. If they are moving from Southern California to Chicago, maybe a pair of gloves or a scarf is in order. You might even get them a potted plant or something else that brings life into their new home.

Hopefully these going away gifts for friends bring a little bit more joy to this upcoming send off.