Gifts for Tennis Players

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Tennis is a sport that’s growing in popularity, with more than 21 million Americans playing tennis every year. If someone on your gift list falls into this group, then use their hobby as inspiration as you shop for a thoughtful gift. From gear and gadgets to fun and even funny novelty ideas, you have plenty of options when shopping for gifts for tennis players. Find a gift your friend or family member will love by exploring this list that’s packed with creative tennis-inspired gift ideas.


Tennis Gear Gifts

1. Tennis Balls

You can’t play tennis without the right balls—and the more tennis balls, the better. Prepare your recipient for their next match by picking up a case of tennis balls. These popular Penn Championship Tennis Balls are a smart choice. They’re a reliable brand and come in many sizes, which allows you to give as many balls as your tennis player needs.

2. Tennis Racket

A new tennis racket can improve their game and make them even more competitive in their next match. While the experienced tennis player might prefer to pick their own racket, novice tennis players will certainly appreciate the gift of a new racket to step up their game. This set includes two rackets, which ensures your recipient has an extra on hand for their tennis partner, too. Consider this set the perfect gift for anyone who’s just beginning their journey as a tennis player.

3. Grip Tape

The right grip can make all the difference when playing tennis. As a result, tennis racket grip tape is a smart choice for tennis players. This tape extends the life of the racket. It wraps around the handle to absorb sweat and moisture for a secure grip. With a no-slip grip, your recipient can be even more successful and comfortable on the court.

4. Ball Hopper

Anyone who plays plenty of tennis probably has a healthy supply of tennis balls. But, where do they all go when they aren’t being hit on the court? A ball hopper is a convenient portable storage solution for tennis balls. Your recipient can roll it into the garage and keep it filled so that you always have a supply of tennis balls on hand. These hoppers can hold as many as 75 tennis balls with a no-spill lid that ensure those balls are securely stored in between matches.

5. Ball Machine

Help your recipient get some practice in with a ball machine. This versatile tool can be used on the court for solo practice—no tennis instructor necessary. This lightweight machine is easy to transport to the court and back and holds 30 balls that will be fed to them for easy and effective hitting practice.

Tennis Accessories

6. Tennis Bag

Make their trips to the tennis court more organized with an easy-to-transport bag that keeps their gear ready to use. This backpack-style bag comes in an array of color options, making it easy to find one that suits the person on your gift list. This spacious backpack can hold two to three tennis rackets, along with gear and accessories so that they’re always ready for a match.

7. Visor

Tennis and sunny days go hand in hand. Visibility is also important on the tennis court. A visor is a go-to accessory for tennis players, so pick up one for the tennis player in your life. These adjustable visors deliver a comfortable fit, and they work well for men and women alike. They’re lightweight, breathable, and available in many color options so that you can find one that suits your recipient.

8. Sunglasses

Pick up sunglasses for your tennis-loving friend. Check out these polarized sunglasses, which feature a UV protection coating that limits how much sunlight that your eyes are exposed to. The result? A successful tennis match on sunny days. These sunglasses come in several color options and are perfect for use both on and off the court.

9. Ball Storage

Extend the life of tennis balls by giving a ball storage system as a gift. This simple contraption holds the tennis balls under the right amount of pressure that helps preserve—or even extend—their life. This lightweight and portable storage system fits easily into a tennis bag or backpack, too.

10. For Her: Tennis Skirt

Help her look her best on the court with a new tennis skirt. This popular option is designed for comfort and includes a built-in short liner and wide elastic waistband. Pretty pleats add the timeless look of a classic tennis skirt to her athletic style. This skirt comes in more than a dozen color options and seven sizes for easy shopping.

11. For Him: Tennis Shorts

Comfort is key when you’re being active, and these tennis shorts deliver precisely the comfort he needs. Check out these options for the tennis-loving guy in your life. The mesh material is super breathable, which can make tennis comfortable even on hot days. He’ll love the elastic drawcord in the waist, two pockets, and a variety of color options.

High-Tech Gadgets

12. Fitness Watch

If someone on your gift list is into tennis, they’re also probably into their fitness. So, a fitness watch is a thoughtful gift that they’re sure to love. While there are many fitness watches on the market at many price points, the Fitbit Versa 3 hits the mark on features that a tennis player will love. It tracks exercise, gives reminders when it’s time to get active, and monitors your heart rate and sleep.

13. Pocket Radar

The serious tennis player requires serious gear that helps them track their skills and watch them grow. A pocket radar is a must-have addition to the tennis collection for anyone who takes the sport seriously. This handheld radar can track the velocity of every serve, helping tennis players grow over time with easy data tracking. This radar can be used as a standalone device or with an app for even easier data tracking.

14. Smart Sensors

Smart sensors allow tennis players to collect their data. This sensor can track the speed, strength, and angle of the serve, along with other data like dynamic trajectory. With a gift like this, you can help your tennis-playing friend improve their game.

Gifts to Keep Them Cool

15. Sports Towel

Whether your recipient plays tennis outdoors or indoors, they’re bound to get hot when they’re being active. These microfiber cooling towels make it easy to stay cool. Simply soak the towel, wring it out, and snap it in place to enjoy up to 3 hours of effortless cooling. Your recipient can use this towel between matches or even during their match to cool down. These towels come in a 4-pack with a variety of color options.

16. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important when you’re playing sports, which makes this stainless steel water bottle a smart gift for any tennis lover. The popular HydroFlask brand is a hit among athletes thanks to its stainless steel design that keeps water icy cold. Its slip-free powder coating won’t sweat, even on hot days.

Tennis Novelty Gifts

17. Tennis Wine Glasses

Tennis players don’t spend all their time on the court—they have fun, too. So, let them unwind after a busy match with these tennis wine glasses. These clear glass stemless wine glasses feature a laser-etched tennis racket emblem. Pick up a set of 2 for your recipient so that they can celebrate their next victory on the court.

18. Racket Decal

Add a little fun to their match with a novelty racket decal. These decals bring color and humor to the court, and they’re available in a variety of styles. Find one your recipient will love.

19. Tennis Keychain

Let your recipient showcase their love of the game every day with this tennis keychain. This miniature tennis ball is an adorable addition to any keychain and features real tennis ball felt for an authentic look and feel.

20. Tennis Bracelet

Give the gift of luxury with a cubic zirconia tennis bracelet to celebrate a special occasion. This dazzling piece of jewelry is sure to stand out every time she slips it on. Sterling silver prongs hold every jewel in place, making this a durable addition to her jewelry collection.


When you let your recipient’s interests inspire your gift giving, you’re sure to find a gift they love. These gifts for tennis players include a variety of options, making it simple to find the right gift to celebrate a special occasion for the tennis player in your life.