Gifts for Tennis Players

When thinking through gift ideas, hobbies are an absolutely fantastic place to start.  If you know that someone just loves to play tennis, why not get them a tennis gift to help indulge that desire?  This is a sure fire way to ensure that you get something that is useful and dramatically reduces the probability that your gift ends up sitting in the back of the closet somewhere barely seeing the light of day.  Here are a few gifts for tennis players that might help make that time on the court extra enjoyable.

Tennis gear makes the perfect tennis gift

Absolutely fundamental to the game of tennis is the racket itself.  Now, if you are getting a gift for a newbie tennis player this might seem like a great idea.  However, for someone that plays seriously, they might have a very strong connection with their own racket.  So, you might think it doesn’t make sense for you to get them something new and different that they haven’t tried before.  Well, you would be right.  However, rackets can be fairly expensive and often times good players only have one racket that they really like using.  Inevitably, whenever they break a string, they end up playing with some inferior equipment for a week or so while their racket of choice is restrung.  For this reason, a lot of players like having two of their favorite racket so they have a back up ready whenever they need one, and this can make for an excellent gift.  Beyond the racket itself, you might get the tennis player in your life a new tennis bag that they can carry on and off the court.  This is often an underrated piece of equipment but a quality bag that can carry a few rackets, cans of tennis balls, and other miscellaneous objects will be much appreciated.  Beyond that, tennis balls can make great gifts for tennis players to ensure that they always have a full supply.  There are different tennis balls for hard courts and clay courts, so if possible try and figure out where this tennis player spends the most time.

The clothes make the player

It’s one thing for a person to win all of their tennis matches, and it is another thing entirely for them to look really good while they do it.  The right clothes will have the tennis player winning in style in no time at all.  While most tennis players can always use more skirtsshorts and shirts, there are also certain types that are essential for their wardrobe.  For example, some tennis clubs still require players to wear all whites which means it’s a good idea for a player to own all white shorts and shirts.  There are also a lot of funny tennis shirts which can be a great ice breaker and a way to disarm competitive opponents.  Beyond that, a few good warm up suits are a great idea for every tennis player.  Some people play in the morning, and so they start out in a warm up suit and by the end of the match, they are in shorts.  This is also an essential part of the wardrobe for someone that plays indoors when the weather is cold outside.  On the other hand, a tennis hat can be a great way to block out the sun on those extra bright days.  Some players wear headbands and wristbands as well as these serve a dual function.  They collect perspiration and they also make someone look like a pro.  Never underestimate the competitive edge that can be gained by looking the part.

gifts for tennis players: funny shirt

When thinking about gifts for tennis players, think peripherals

Beyond the core equipment, there are a few things that every tennis player needs.  A good water bottle or two top the list, and can be a good gift for a tennis player or any other athlete for that matter.  Sun glasses suited to athletes are key as well.  The pair that you wear when driving around town will likely fall off in the heat of competitive tennis.  A pair that fits tightly will help block out the sun when a tennis player is serving or hitting an overhead smash.

gifts for tennis players: water bottle

The best experiences tennis has to offer

Sometimes, the best gifts for tennis players aren’t objects but experiences.  Tickets to the US Open are sure to be a hit.  Or, for someone looking to improve their game, how about lessons, a clinic or a tennis camp?  All of these are sure to be a blast.  Books can be another great tennis gift idea.  They can be instructional or biographical.

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