25 Gifts for Map Lovers

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Many people find maps and geography interesting, and it is often a hobby of theirs to study maps, learn about them, collect them, and of course travel to different places! So, if you know a map enthusiast and would like to find a gift for them that they would love, read on for some of the best gifts for map lovers!


Best Gifts For Map Lovers

World Map Novelty Socks

These novelty socks are stunning in their design, with the soft vintage-looking colors of a traditional world map poster. They are made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex for comfortable stretch. The socks are one-size-fits-most, fitting women’s shoes sizes 7.5-12, and men’s shoes sizes 5-10. A super cute novelty gift for any map lover!

Scratch Off Map of the World Poster

Oftentimes, a map enthusiast will also be an avid traveler, wanting to see all the different places from the map. If that’s the case, then they’ll love a gift like this scratch off map of the world poster, where they can keep track of all the great places they’ve traveled to! Measuring 17 x 24 inches, this map is a great piece of decor in any room, and the gold foil that covers the map can be easily scratched off to reveal where they’ve traveled to.

USA Beer Cap Map

For someone who also enjoys trying different beers, this gift idea encompasses both a love of maps and beers! This USA beer cap map holds 69 different bottle caps that can be added by snapping them in from behind. It is also finished with a lovely maple finish that adds a nice shine to the item. The map measures 24 x 14” and comes with mounting nails for easy display.

Etched Map Whiskey Glasses – Set of 2

These whiskey glasses make a charming gift for anyone who enjoys maps. Beautifully etched on to each glass is the city map of different U.S. cities. You can choose which city you would like on the glasses, there are several to choose from, and the glasses will arrive in a lovely magnetic gift box to safely preserve them during transport. These glasses are dishwasher safe and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Deed of Land

Are you looking for a truly unique gift that they will never forget? Then look no further! With this gift, you are actually giving them their own piece of land in whatever country you choose! There are several to choose from – England, Bavaria, France, Germany, and Ireland. Not only do they actually own the land upon receiving your gift, but as landowners they also have the right to visit the piece of land! An amazing, one-in-a-lifetime experiential gift that they will surely love.

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World book

This amazing book is a gift of maps and also history, with its amazing explanation of geopolitics using 10 different maps. Author Tim Marshall does an excellent job of answering many questions about global political development by referencing various maps and geographical boundaries that play a role in politics itself. An eye-opening, fascinating read for anyone, and especially those who are interested in maps, geography, and history.

The World Game

This award-winning game makes a fantastic gift for any map enthusiast, and it is a great learning game for families to enjoy together. It is a complete geography game with all 194 countries represented and a world map included. A super fun game for kids 8+ and adults to play together in groups of 2 – 5 people.

National Geographic Atlas of the World – 11th Edition

Anyone who is interested in maps will likely have a copy or two (or six or seven) of National Geographic’s Atlas of the World. So, what better gift than the most recent edition as a gift for them? This comprehensive book contains maps of every country, ocean, and region of the world. It is organized and easy-to-follow, with beautifully colorful maps outlining various pieces of information, from population to economic patterns. It also investigates some of the top global concerns today, such as changing freshwater availability and human rights conditions globally.

Scratch Off USA National Parks Poster

This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys maps as well as exploring the outdoors! This poster features all of the US National Parks, where you can scratch off the ones that you have visited, helping you to keep track of them all. With bright colors and excellent detail, this map is great to display anywhere in your home, so you can always see where you’ve visited and look to where you’re headed next!

Personalized Custom Wooden Lake Map

This has to be one of my all-time favorite gift ideas! This is a personalized custom wooden lake map, where you can select the exact lake, river, or other body of water to have featured in the piece. You can then also personalize it with a special message and/or date. With the opportunity to approve the draft before it is even printed, you can ensure that you create the perfect gift for your favorite map lover.

Go Explore Tin Sign

This vintage tin sign is a great piece of decor that anyone with wanderlust would appreciate. With the simple words of “go explore” written at the top, it encourages others to go and explore all of the beautiful national parks throughout the country. Measuring at 8 x 12”, this tin sign is made of heavy gauge metal and comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy hanging.

3D Wooden World Map Wall Art

This is an amazing gift for any travel enthusiast, and it is a gorgeous piece of wall decor that would look great in any room. The map is crafted from superior quality, highly durable birch plywood and is available in 4 different colors, 3 different sizes, and with 3 different map options. Each piece is easy to attach with the double-sided sticky tape that it comes with. This is an awesome DIY project that any travel or map enthusiast would love.

Wine Cork Map

This wine cork map is a nice switch from the beer cap map, in case you had a wine connoisseur who was also the map enthusiast! Available in all 50 US states, each map can hold a different number of wine corks, depending on its size. You could choose to feature wines from that state specifically, or just a variety of different wine brands. The map is made from durable birch wood and comes with wall mounts for easy display.

By the way, if you’re interested, here are our best gift ideas for wine lovers.

Transit Maps of the World book

Your map enthusiast may also be a fan of city maps and transit maps, in which case they would really enjoy this book. Featuring subway, light rail, and streetcar maps from all over the world, this book has now expanded by an additional 36 pages and includes 250 city maps revised from previous editions. This book makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys maps.

Histomap – 4000 Years of World History Timeline Poster

A fascinating twist on maps, this histomap includes an incredibly detailed history of the past 4000 years around the world. This wall chart measures at an incredible 16 x 76” and is a great tool for learning about global history. It makes it very easy to see how various societies and civilizations overlapped throughout time, in order to better see the connections between different events in history. A truly unique and educational gift!

USA National Park Poster – Interactive Push Pin Map

This gorgeous poster should be in everyone’s home! It is a wonderful way to see beautiful scenery from all of the different national parks throughout the United States. It is also interactive in that it comes with 100 push pins for you to indicate where you have visited, or perhaps special parks that you want to visit. The choice is yours! In collaboration with the National Forest Foundation and Trees.org, Epic Adventure Maps help plant 1 tree for every map that is purchased.

Travel-themed Charm Bracelet

If you know someone who has a bad case of wanderlust, then they might enjoy a fun charm bracelet like this one. With its adorable travel-themed charms, this bracelet captures many aspects of traveling, from taking pictures to flying on a plane. The bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel, so it won’t rust or irritate the skin. A beautiful gift for anyone who enjoys traveling.

Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light

This is a beautiful accent piece to display in any room, and the LED lights cast a soft glow in the room. The amazing levitating globe hovers gently due to the magnetic force between the top and bottom of the frame. You can even spin the globe, and it will stay spinning for 15 to 20 minutes! This is a very fun and unique gift idea.

17th Century Antique World Map Poster

Many map enthusiasts enjoy seeing maps from different time periods, and this 17th century world map is simply gorgeous in its design. The poster measures 36 x 24” and is available in different print styles, from laminated to framed. It is an excellent tool to use when studying historical geography and seeing how the continents have shifted over time. A beautiful, interesting gift for any map enthusiast.

USA Travel Map Sticker Collage

This is another travel-themed gift that helps them to keep track of where they have traveled throughout the United States. Each state will feature your own photo, whichever photo you choose to represent your time in that state. The photo is printed on to sticker paper through the use of their online tool where you upload and crop your own photos. A truly unique gift that puts a fun spin on how you display your travel adventures!

Antique Laminated World Map & US Map Poster Set

This set of antique maps is a great collector’s item for anyone who enjoys looking at and studying maps. The set includes a world map and a map of the US, and each one measures 18 x 29” and comes laminated for added durability. These maps are the 2020 edition, with updates to increase accuracy. They would be perfect placed in matching frames or simple mounted to the wall side-by-side.

My World Interactive Talking Map for Kids

Perhaps your map enthusiast is a bit on the younger side, and you’re on the hunt for an appropriate toy or game that they would enjoy. This is just the thing you’re looking for! This interactive talking world map is perfect for kids ages 5 – 12, and it allows kids to explore and learn about capital cities and countries with their flags, the languages that are spoken in each country, important landmarks, and tons of fun facts. Over 1000 different facts for your child to learn about!

History of the World Map by Map book

This book is an incredible history lesson packed into one book, looking at the movement of the human race throughout time using maps to better understand. Discussing the important events in history with the use of 140 different maps, this book also incorporates timelines, info boxes, and beautiful photos to best show how various events have shaped our world today. An amazing gift for anyone who enjoys history and maps.

Interactive AR Globe for Kids

This is another gift idea for your youngest map enthusiast. This interactive AR globe for kids offers children the chance to explore the world in a new and exciting way. Suitable for kids 4 – 10, this map allows them to explore over 400 highlights and 1000 different facts about the world around them, teaching things like animals, cultures, maps, and even cuisines of the world. The globe interacts with the company’s online app, which provides even more amazing learning opportunities.

Illuminated Globe of the World with Stand

This is a gorgeous piece of decor for anyone who enjoys maps. This detailed globe is 8” in diameter, and it is illuminated so you can see it even in the dark. Mounted on a durable non-tip base, this globe would fit well in any room and can even be used as a nightlight in a children’s bedroom. This makes a great gift for any map enthusiast young or old!

Maps are fascinating, and it is easy to see why so many people enjoy looking at them and learning about them. They provide so much information not only about landforms and geography, but also human history and movement over time. We hope that you found some great gift ideas for map lovers here. Be sure to come back and let us know which gift idea you decided on!