25 Gift Ideas for Tattoo Artists

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There’s no doubt about it, tattoo artists are very unique, artistic, and creative people. So, when you’re shopping for a gift for them, you want it to reflect their unique personality and interests. Many artists love to hone their skills, and many love to celebrate the history of their trade. These gifts encompass a wide range of tastes and preferences, but they are all great gift ideas for your favorite tattoo artist.


Best Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

Retro Record Wall Clock

It’s important for tattoo artists to keep an eye on the time when they’re working on a client, so that they don’t run too far behind. A clock in their studio makes a great gift, and this super funky retro wall clock would definitely be well suited for a tattoo parlour. Help them stay on time while also providing some cool decor for their workplace.

“Yoda Best Tattoo Artist” Mug

This is a sweet gift to give someone, and its play on words is very endearing. Let them know that you think they’re the best tattoo artist out there with this mug that features a baby yoda on it and the quote “Yoda best tattoo artist” underneath. They’ll have something to drink their coffee from and a nice reminder of how awesome you think they are.

By the way, here is out list of gift ideas for coffee lovers.

Tattoo Ink Cup Holder

This super stylish ink holder is in the shape of a skull and can hold up to 7 different ink cups. The top of the skull acts as a lid to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the ink cups. Made from bone effect hard resin, this ink holder is durable and sturdy, not easily tipped or knocked over, which is helpful. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which makes this a risk-free gift to give!

Blank Tattoo Skin Practice Sheets

Just like any trade, skills require regular practice, and tattoo artists need blank canvases that they can practice on. These skin practice sheets are the perfect solution, being made from synthetic skin-like material for a realistic feel. This set comes with 10 blank sheets that each measure 8×6”, and each one is individually packaged to better preserve them.

LED Trace Light Pad

When tattoo artists are creating intricate designs, they often need to experiment and draw out their creations before actually tattooing them on to someone. In order to make sure they are copying the drawing correctly, they will often trace a specific design, and this LED trace light pad is the perfect tool to help them do this. The brightness on the pad is adjustable, and the pad is available in a variety of different sizes, so you can choose the one that you think they would prefer most.

Personalized LED Tattoo Shop Sign

How cute is this gift?! Their own personalized tattoo shop sign. What a great thing for them to display in their shop window or on a countertop. The LED lights display 16 different colors in 4 different modes, and the sign measures a solid 12”, making it a great piece to display and help light up a room. The engraving is done through laser technique on a large piece of acrylic, so it will never fade away. Makes such a sweet gift!

Pretty in Ink Makeup Pouch

This makeup pouch makes a nice gift for any tattoo artist, and with the little play on words saying “pretty in ink”, it honors their trade. The bag is made from high quality canvas material and measures 9×7.2”, making it a great size for carrying things on the go. The bag is also durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant, ensuring it will last for years.

Tattoo Machine Keychain

If you’re looking for a nice gift for your tattoo artist that won’t break the bank, then grab them this cool little tattoo machine keychain. Made with incredible attention to detail, this keychain is made from zinc metal alloy and is durable and high quality. It makes a nice gift for them that is both fun and practical at the same time.

Fineliner Ink Pen Set

Tattoo artists are just that – artists. They have excellent drawing and sketching abilities and can often create something beyond your wildest dreams. As such, they often like to experiment with sketching and drawing during their downtime, and this ink pen set is the perfect set for them to use. These pens come in a variety of thicknesses, to allow for expert drawing, and the ink will not fade, bleed, or smear.

Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Kit

Are you looking for the ultimate gift for a tattoo artist? How about a whole new tattoo machine kit? This amazing kit from Dragonhawk provides everything they need to get started with a new tattoo machine. Dragonhawk’s Atom tattoo machine is lightweight and low noise and is compatible with all cartridge needles. This set comes with everything they need to get started, and they will be thrilled by the precision of this tool.

Floral Skull Pen Holder Figurine

Skulls and flowers are often a decorative theme in tattoo parlours, and if your favorite tattoo artist likes that type of decor, then this pen holder would be a perfect gift for them. Shaped like a skull and adorned with flowers, this pen holder makes a great addition to their countertop, and it is practical for keeping pens close at hand. It measures 4” tall, so it is not too big that it will take up too much space on the counter, making it a great gift for them to use in their tattoo parlour.

Deluxe Head Visor/Magnifier

Sometimes, tattoo artists are asked to create incredible pieces that are full of intricate detail, which can be challenging at times. This head visor and magnifier is a perfect gift to give them if you know this is something that they struggle with. It offers four different levels of magnification, as well as a removable LED light that can also stand alone as its own tabletop light. Help them to tackle those intricate tattoos by giving them a gift like this.

Tattoo Coloring Book

Many adults enjoy coloring, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years with the concept of mindfulness being talked about more and more. It is just as important for adults to find calming, mindful activities as it is for children. This beautiful coloring book filled with tattoo-themed illustrations offers adults a way to unwind while peacefully coloring some lovely images. This makes a great gift paired with a package of colored pencils.

Set of 4 Vintage Tattoo Prints

These vintage tattoo prints would fit in nicely in any workspace, but especially in a tattoo parlour. Embrace the history of tattoos and the development of the tattoo machine by giving your favorite tattoo artist these lovely prints to display. Each print measures 8×10”, making them easy to frame or put on a plaque as a gift.

Vintage Tattoo Flash – Illustrated Hardcover Book

Perhaps the tattoo artist you’re shopping for would enjoy a beautiful illustrated hardcover book to lay out in their waiting room for clients to look at. This book draws from the collection of Jonathan Shaw, renowned outlaw tattooist and author, and it covers the history of tattoos over the past 100 years. A gorgeous book full of history and illustrations that anyone would enjoy looking through.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm & Aftercare Cream

Most tattoo artists have numerous tattoos of their own, and therefore would likely be using a fair amount of healing creams to treat their new designs. This tattoo balm and aftercare cream from Mad Rabbit would therefore make a great gift. It is made from 7 all-natural vegan ingredients that will help to soothe and protect the skin without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates. Help them look after their new tattoos with this awesome cream!

Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Perhaps your tattoo artist is looking to expand their skill set, so they might enjoy using a new tool like this rotary tattoo machine kit from STIGMA. It offers a strong 10w motor and an easy-to-control big sized needle. The kit also comes with a pack of 20 needles ranging in 5 different sizes, a pack of 5 inks to practice with (not professional grade), and a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Tattoo Ink Set – 14 colors

If there’s one thing tattoo artists go through a lot of, it’s ink! So, why not add to their supplies by giving them a kit of professional grade tattoo ink? These inks from Millenium Moms are some of the purest inks, offering vibrant colors that just don’t quit. They are designed to be long-lasting, retaining their color and richness long after application. With 14 awesome colors to choose from, your tattoo artist will love this set!

The World Atlas of Tattoo – Illustrated Hardcover

This is another beautiful coffee table book that they could keep in their tattoo parlour’s waiting area for clients to peruse while they wait. Or, perhaps they would enjoy it just for themselves in their home. Either way, this book makes a lovely gift for any tattoo artist, as it highlights the history of tattoo art around the world, complete with over 700 gorgeous illustrations and countless stories from all around the world.

Tattoo Nation DVD

Instead of a book, maybe they would enjoy a DVD all about the history of tattooing and how it has evolved in society over the past 50 years. Featuring actors Danny Trejo and Travis Barker, this DVD tells the story of how three artists in one tattoo shop revolutionized the concept of tattooing by taking it from the prison style to become the incredible art form it is today. An interesting watch that anyone would enjoy, tattoo artist or not.

The Original Buddha Board Art Set

This is an amazing artist tool that anyone would enjoy, as it allows you to create and draw however you want, and then watch as it slowly fades away. Using only water as the “ink”, the board can be reused again and again, and it is a wonderful activity to do to practice mindfulness after a long busy day. This Buddha board measures 12×9.5” and comes with a stand for easy use and an authentic bamboo water brush. Combine their love of drawing and art with mindfulness, and they will thoroughly get a kick out of this unique gift.

Secret Lives of Great Artists Book

This book puts a new spin on reading about famous artists by exposing some of the shocking secrets buried in history. Read about Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Edward Hopper, along with many others. This book shares all sorts of surprising details about these famous artists, such as Van Gogh eating paint directly from a tube! Keep them laughing with this book, it makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in art and art history.

Shiatsu Neck & Shoulders Massager with Heat

At the end of a long day of tattooing, most artists would be feeling pretty achy and sore around their neck and shoulders. Help them to relieve some of that soreness and tension by giving them this amazing Shiatsu neck and shoulders massager. It has 8 powerful kneading massage nodes and soothing heat, along with a 15-minute auto shut off for extra safety. It is made of high-quality PU leather and mesh fabric, and it is easy to clean and wipe down. A very thoughtful gift for any tattoo artist!

Hand Grip Strengthener

Anyone who specializes in a particular talent needs to hone their skills and build their muscles to ensure that they are in top performing shape. The same goes for tattoo artists, whose hands are their most important tools. Help them to build the strength in their hands by giving them this hand grip strengthener. It spins at 15,000 RPM to exercise and strengthen hands and wrists, they will feel the burn after only a minute! A nice easy way to ensure their artists’ tools are in tip-top shape!

3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Help to create a soothing atmosphere in their tattoo parlour by giving them something pretty like this relaxing tabletop fountain. The 3 tiers help to create a beautiful flowing waterfall, whose sounds replicate a bubbling stream. Lit with soothing reflective lighting, and adorned with natural river rocks, this is a lovely piece of decor that would be beautiful wherever it is placed.

Gift-giving can always be a bit of a challenge when you want to choose the perfect gift for someone. This list gives a wide variety of different ideas that your favorite tattoo artist is sure to love. Which one do you think they will like best? Be sure to come back and let us know what gift you chose for your tattoo artist!