25 Gift Ideas for Child in the Hospital

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It’s rarely a fun time when a child is in the hospital, and often they’re feeling pretty yucky and unhappy. It’s nice, therefore, to bring them a little something to cheer them up, help pass the time, or enjoy a little treat. Here are some of the best gift ideas for a child in the hospital.


Best Gift Ideas For Child In The Hospital

Get Well Gift Basket

This gift basket is the perfect gift to bring to a child in the hospital, as it gives them stuff to do and yummy treats to munch on while they’re in bed. This awesome basket includes crackers, cookies, and candies, as well as a word search book, wooden tower game, yellow happy face squishy ball, playing cards, spinner top eraser mechanical pencil, and a wooden 12” Jacob’s ladder. It makes a great gift to bring a smile to their face!

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Franklin Goes to the Hospital Book

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why we’re in the hospital and what is going on, so it’s nice to provide kids with a way to relate what’s going on to something they can understand. This book, Franklin Goes to the Hospital is a lovely story about how Franklin goes to the hospital. With its relatable content such as Franklin feeling nervous and worried, kids can better understand what’s happening and feel validated for feeling the way they do. Reading a book like this also helps to open the door to discussions and allows kids a comfortable way of asking questions. 

The Feel Better Box

The ultimate boredom buster! This is such a great gift for a child in the hospital, as it is stocked full of awesome games and activities to help pass the time. There are so many fun things to do, including origami paper and instructions, card games, pictures to color and/or paint, magic tricks, funny jokes, a little stuffed animal to play with, and clay to sculpt with. They will love all the different things to do in this box!

Color-Your-Own Tumbler

It’s always important to drink fluids throughout the day, but it’s especially important when we are sick or recovering from something. So, why not make it a little more appealing for them by giving them their own tumbler to color? This kit comes with a 16-ounce tumbler that has a lid and bendable straw, and three different liners that can be colored and decorated however they wish. The kit also includes 10 coloring markers and a sheet of glitter stickers to add some extra detail to their tumbler. It not only gives them a stylish tumbler to drink from, but it gives them an activity to do while resting in bed.

Sicky Vicky Teddy Bear

Sometimes we just need to cuddle something when we’re not feeling well, and this Sicky Vicky teddy bear from Bearington is the perfect thing to snuggle with in bed. Sicky Vicky measures 10” tall and comes dressed in her cozy pajamas just like your child! She is also holding a handkerchief, and has a “get well soon” message sewn on her pajamas. She makes the perfect companion for a child resting and recuperating in the hospital.

Kids Create Absurdity Card Game

For an older child in the hospital, they might enjoy a fun game like this hilarious Kids Create Absurdity card game. This game combines the logistics and rules of the popular games Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity to create this awesome card game that kids are sure to get a laugh from. Small and portable, this card game pack is an easy thing to bring to the hospital as it doesn’t take up much room or require much set-up space, making it a great gift for them to enjoy while in the hospital.

One Tough Cookie Gift Box

Do you want to let them know what a tough cookie they are? Then give them this adorable One Tough Cookie gift box set! It comes with a cute balloon that says “One tough cookie” on it, along with seven different cookie packages from popular name brands, such as Teddy Grahams and Sandies Shortbread. They’re all packaged in a sweet gift box, ready to surprise your favorite tough cookie!

Get Well Soon! Sesame Street Book

If your little one isn’t feeling so great in the hospital, and they’re feeling rather sad or confused about it all, then they might appreciate hearing this heart-warming tale from Sesame Street about Grover now feeling well either. Kids often learn about and understand new concepts and situations (like being in the hospital) by hearing stories that they can relate to. This nice rhyming story is catchy to listen to, with familiar Sesame Street characters that they’re sure to enjoy seeing throughout the book.

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Feel Better Teddy Bear

There are so many adorable stuffies to choose from when looking for a thoughtful get-well gift, and this sweet little teddy bear is one of the cutest. With his ultra soft fur and sweet face, he is super huggable, and the gift tag that he comes with lets your child know how loved they are. The gift tag reads, “Hoping this little friend helps you feel better soon”, and it is attached with a bow around his neck. They’ll love snuggling with him as they rest in bed.

Friendly Hospital Activity Book

This Friendly Hospital activity book is packed full of fun things for your child to do while they’re in the hospital. There are games, mazes, crossword puzzles, word searches, I Spy games, and many more! Help take the stress and worry away from being in the hospital with this cute book full of games and friendly animal doctors! It will entertain them and help pass the time.

Jelly Belly Get Well Gift Set

Most kids I know love jelly beans, especially Jelly Belly beans, with all their unique and delicious flavors. This gift set is super cute because it not only comes with a box of yummy Jelly Belly beans, but it also comes with an adorable Ty Beanie Boo plush toy to help cheer them up. So, not only do they have something yummy to snack on, they also have a cute plush to snuggle with while they’re not feeling well.

Recuperate Kate Stuffy Toy

Recuperate Kate has to be one of the cutest get-well gifts out there! She comes with all the accessories needed for recovery, including a cozy little bathrobe, kitten slippers, and her own little kitten stuffy. This makes a very sweet gift for any child who is in the hospital, and she will be something nice and soft to cuddle with while they recuperate.

Not Parent Approved Card Game for Kids 8-12

For an older child who is in the hospital, this hilarious card game is sure to be a welcomed distraction. Inspired by some of the raunchy adult card games (but made appropriate for a younger audience) this card game will have everyone laughing. Play it with 4 or more players who are at least 8-years old or older. Makes a great get-well gift that is sure to bring a smile to their face!

Get Well Soon Blanket & Pillowcase

Keep them cozy and warm with this ever-so-soft blanket and pillowcase set. The luxurious blanket is super soft and made from 100% flannel polyester for that ultra cozy feel, and it is decorated with a beautiful heart made up of encouraging words and phrases. A matching 18” x 18” pillowcase is included, to complete the set.

Activity Book & Teddy Gift Set

The best of both worlds – something to snuggle and something to do. This gift set makes the perfect gift for a little girl in the hospital, and it comes with an adorable teddy bear plush that is wearing a sweet pink bathrobe. It also comes with a unicorn activity book full of mazes, coloring pages, dot-to-dot activities, and more, along with 24 pre-sharpened pencil crayons. Keep her busy and give her something snuggly to cuddle while she rests and recovers.

Ultimate Get Well Soon Gift Basket

This gift basket is so full of great stuff, it is sure to make them smile! There is an adorable teddy bear plush, a Rubics cube game, playing cards, word search games, Jacob’s ladder, wooden tower game, and tons of delicious snacks for them to munch on. The snacks include all varieties of sweet and salty, from crackers and chips to cookies and candy. Something for all tastes and tons of activities to do.

Goodbye Tonsils! Book & Teddy Set

Is your little one in the hospital to have their tonsils removed? They may appreciate hearing this little story entitled Goodbye Tonsils. This book comes in a lovely gift set accompanied by a cuddly little teddy bear dressed in a sweet pink bathrobe with a little blankie that has “Get Well Soon” embroidered on it. A very thoughtful gift for a young child who may be feeling nervous about having their tonsils taken out.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Bundle

These “Water Wow!” coloring kits from Melissa & Doug are the perfect activity to do while lying in bed, as they only use water so they don’t make any mess. This bundle has three different coloring books in it, and each booklet comes with its own water pen. Simply fill it with water, and your child will have a blast coloring the different pages with their “magic ink”. A great activity to help pass the time while resting in the hospital.

Get Well Soon Triceratops

Does your little patient love dinosaurs? Then this Get Well Soon Triceratops would be a perfect gift to bring a smile to their face while they’re recovering in the hospital. This sweet little guy measures 8” tall, and has the most adorable face! He’s sporting a little t-shirt that reads “Get Well Soon”, sending a nice little message to your child. While he’s a tough little triceratops, he’s definitely not opposed to snuggles!

Candy Care Package

Make them laugh with this hilarious doctor-themed candy care package! The candy medical kit comes complete with a large chocolate syringe, jelly bean pills in a pill container, and gum gauze. If they love candy, then they’ll certainly appreciate this funny candy care package. All the candy comes packaged in a medical kit, ready for giving!

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Mini Notes

These scratch art mini notes from Melissa & Doug are a great way to pass the time. Each paper reveals a rainbow pattern underneath the black coating, and by scratching away the black coating, they can design a beautiful rainbow image. If your child loves to draw and doodle, then grab them a pack of these mini notes for them to work on while they’re in the hospital. Pair it with the Water Wow coloring books listed above, and they’ll have some great art activities to enjoy while they rest.

Illie Willie Stuffed Animal

Oh poor Illie Willie isn’t feeling very well and needs someone to cuddle. This sweet little teddy bear makes the perfect companion for your child while they’re in the hospital. He measures at 10” tall and comes wearing his dapper striped pajamas that have the words “Get Well Soon” embroidered on the side. He is also carrying a little handkerchief for when his little nose is running. A very sweet gift to give to any child!

Snack Mountain Candy Care Package

The words “snack mountain” sum up this candy care package perfectly! It is a mountain of delicious treats and snacks that any child would surely love (and devour!). This package includes delicious treats like Cracker Jack popcorn, Oreo cookies, Skittles candy, Rice Krispies treats, Airheads candy, and so many more! They will love this snack mountain, and it will keep them happy and snacking for quite a while!

Get Well Soon Plush Monkey

This get well soon plush monkey is such an adorable gift to give to any child who is in the hospital. He is super soft and cuddly, and he measures at a whopping 15” so there is lots of him to snuggle! This poor little monkey has been through quite an ordeal, and comes complete with a leg cast, arm cast, and bandage on his head. The adorable thing about him is that his cast can even be signed by others, so you could add a sweet little message to his cast. With his embroidered message of “get well soon” on his tummy, he’s sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Make-Your-Own Unicorn Night Light

Is your little one starting to feel better but still needs to be resting? Then you might be looking for things to help pass the time and keep them from feeling too bored. This adorable make-your-own unicorn night light is the perfect craft kit to give them to work on. It comes with everything you need to make a beautiful unicorn night light, and as it is powered by an LED light, once she is finished her design, she can turn it on and enjoy its soft light right in the hospital without needing it to be plugged in.

It is never fun watching a child battle an illness or injury, and we’re always looking for ways to brighten their spirits and keep them entertained while they rest and recuperate. We hope some of the ideas listed here give you some good ideas for get-well gifts to give a child in the hospital. Which one do you like best? Be sure to come back and let us know which one you chose as your get well gift!