21 Funny Get Well Soon Gifts

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When someone is feeling unwell or recovering from medical treatment, we usually like to send something in terms of a get well soon gift or card. But, sometimes it’s nice to step away from the traditional flowers and cards and give them something that they’ll really enjoy. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so why not give them something that will make them chuckle? Here are some of the funniest get well soon gifts for your favorite patient!

By the way, if you’re interested, here is our list of get well gifts for kids.


Our Funniest Get Well Gifts

Ticklish Plant

Flowers are nice, and plants are lovely, but what about a ticklish plant? The Tickle Me plant reacts to your touch by folding its leaves and dropping its branches when you touch it or blow it a kiss. A cute alternative to your standard plant, this piece of greenery will provide some entertainment as well. Unfortunately, this kit does not actually come with the plant itself, but rather the seeds to grow your very own Tickle Me plant. When it blooms, you will see pretty pink flowers on it amidst the lovely greenery.

Assistance Bell

Now, this gift could possibly backfire if the person you’re giving it to lives with you! This assistance bell will ensure that your patient has the best care and can get help (or a refill of snacks!) when they need it. It will make them laugh at the idea of being able to ring a bell to summon a caregiver, while also providing a practical way for them to get assistance while healing from their ailments. If they get a little too bell-happy, just tuck the bell away for a while so you can catch a break!

Plush Organs

When we’re not feeling well, most of us like to snuggle something soft and cozy. These plush organs are not only soft and cuddly, but they are a hilarious gift to give to someone who is recovering from surgery. There are adorable plush hearts for those who may have had heart surgery, a plush uterus for the woman who may be recovering from a hysterectomy or battling endometriosis, and even a “lymphin’ the dream” spleen plush! So many cute plush organs to choose from that are sure to make your loved one chuckle

First Aid Candy Care Package

We all have first aid boxes around our homes, and we’ve seen them many times in medical offices. But, no first aid kit is as fun or tasty as this one! Give your favorite patient a first aid kit that they’re really going to enjoy with this first aid candy care package. Filled with candy pills, gum gauze, and even a chocolate syringe! This is a great gift that will bring some humor to your loved one while also giving them a tasty treat to enjoy.

Giggling Happy Pill

Laughter is contagious, so this cute little giggling pill is sure to pass along some giggles to your patient. This plush pill comes with a funny face embroidered on and cute little legs that help him to sit on your table or shelf. Press the button on him and you’ll hear some contagious giggles erupting from this happy little pill. This plush pill sits about 5” tall and comes with batteries, so it works right away. Make them laugh, or at least smile, with this cheerful little fellow and his happy giggle.

Funny “Straight Outta Surgery” T-shirt

There’s nothing like a reminder of the good ol’ days, and this “Straight Outta Surgery” t-shirt will make anyone raised in the 1980’s and 90’s laugh at the connection to the popular rap song “Straight Outta Compton” that was so popular back then. If your loved one has just gotten through a tough surgery, then let them be proud of their accomplishment by wearing this funny t-shirt. They’re sure to get lots of comments, laughs, and well wishes by doing so!

X-Rated Coloring Book

It’s a widely known fact that coloring helps to reduce tension and improve one’s mood, and it also serves as a great pastime when you’re stuck resting in bed. But, sometimes we just don’t feel like coloring pretty flowers and rainbows, especially if we’re not feeling well. This adult coloring book blends the stress-free enjoyment of coloring with the x-rated words we sometimes say when we’re not feeling well. It’s full of motivational quotes, mixed with some colorful language, to let your friend know that you care about them, that you’re encouraging them, and that you recognize that it totally sucks when you’re not feeling well!

Bravery Bandages

Did someone you know get through a tough medical procedure, and do they now deserve some praise and recognition? Do it in a funny way by giving them these bravery bandages! Designed to look like medals, these bravery badges will have them laughing at the expressions on them. With awards like “I didn’t cry!”, “Walked it Off”, and “Suffered Valiantly”, these bandages are sure to make them laugh…and feel pretty proud when they’re all decorated in medals!

Liquid Therapy Wine Tumbler

A glass of wine is nice after a tough day, but sometimes that glass of wine seems to be a bit of liquid therapy! This wine tumbler is a humorous gift to give to that friend who hasn’t been feeling great, and it’s even nicer if you pair it with a bottle of their favorite wine. This tumbler is made from 100% stainless steel and comes with a lid and straw. It is an insulated double wall tumbler, so it will keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 16 hours.

Candle with Funny Message

It’s nice to know sometimes that we have a friend who’s got our back. This candle sends that perfect message to the one you care about, letting them know that you’re right behind them and supporting them through a difficult time, while also making them laugh in the process. The funny message tells them that you wish you could take their pain and “give it to someone we both hate”. The candle itself is handmade from 100% high quality soy wax and has a lovely, subtle lavender scent that will help your friend to relax and unwind.

Get Well Stuffy Toy

This adorable stuffed bear is a lovely gift to give to that special someone who hasn’t been feeling well, especially if that special someone is a little kid. But, even adults enjoy a cuddly plush to snuggle with when we’re not feeling well. This little guy even comes with a bandage on his tummy that says “Get Well”, and an ice pack on his head, so he will blend right in like another patient! This snuggly bear measures about 12” long, so he is the perfect size to cuddle up with while recuperating.

‘Life is Tough, But So Are You’ Get Well Care Package

While this get well gift is not exactly super funny, it is one that is so thoughtful that it just needed to be included in this list. This care package is filled with so many wonderful goodies and gifts to pamper and spoil the recipient. There are cozy socks to keep warm, along with a beautiful fuzzy blanket and a “Hug in a Mug” to enjoy their favorite hot beverage. There is also a lovely rose-scented bath bomb and rose-scented soap for them to endulge in a soothing bath. Shower steamers and a scented candle add to the spa-like experience, while the engraved “Life is tough, but so are you” bracelet reminds them that they’ve got the strength to get through this. Such a thoughtful gift!

Funny Socks

Anyone who may be stuck lying in a hospital bed recovering from treatment, may appreciate the humor behind these funny socks. On the soles of the socks, it says “If you can read this, get me the good meds”, making these a great way to keep those feet warm and have a chuckle at the same time. They are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyester, and 3% elastane, making them breathable and comfortable to wear.

By the way, here is our list of gifts ideas for kids in the hospital.

Hey Girl, Feel Better

This tea blend has a cute name and strict instructions for your friend to “feel better”! No beating around the bush here, this gift just tells it like it is. This herbal wellness tea gives the immune system a wonderful boost through herbs, antioxidants, and vitamins, including lemongrass, echinacea, honey, goldenseal herb, and elderberry. Brew a mug of this to help your friend feel better and give her immune system the little boost that it may need.

Get Well Cookies

We all enjoy treats when we’re not feeling well, but how about treats that carry their own “get well” message on them? These adorable sugar cookies do just that! With one giant cookie shaped like a pill bottle and the other like a prescription pad, this gift is just what the doctor ordered! These vanilla sugar cookies are delicious and come in a lovely gift box. Perfect for that special someone who isn’t feeling well and would enjoy a little treat to brighten their day.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

Sometimes we get pretty bored when recuperating from an illness or surgery, and we’re required to spend a lot of time in bed or doing very little, which can get pretty boring. Give them a fun activity to do, such as growing their own Chia Pet! And, what better face to have than the calming presence of Bob Ross in the form of a Chia Pet! Spread the seeds on to the head following the instructions, and then watch as the plant becomes Bob Ross’ signature curly hair. This is a cute gift that will make anyone smile.

Marvin Monkey Hang In There Plush with Jelly Belly Beans

The best of both worlds – a plush to snuggle and some jelly beans for a treat! This get well gift comes with a Marvin the Monkey plush, and he’s dressed in an adorable t-shirt that says “Hang in there! Get well soon”. He is even wearing adorable matching slippers! His hands have little velcro pieces on them to allow him to hang from door knobs or hooks. But, Marvin the Monkey does not come empty-handed either; he brings a lovely gift box of delicious Jelly Belly Beans for your patient to enjoy while they are busy “hanging in there”!

Dammit Doll

You know, sometimes life just stinks, and no matter how hard we try, we just feel frustrated and mad at the world. That’s when you need a Dammit Doll to take out your frustrations! This little doll is made from high quality material, so it can really take a squeeze. It even comes with a humorous little poem that gives instructions on how it is best used. Give this to someone who is recovering from a difficult illness or surgery, and let them take out their frustrations on it. If nothing else, it’s sure to make them laugh!

Feel Better Soon Gift Care Package

This care package may not have them in stitches with laughter (pun intended), but they will certainly appreciate all the lovely treats inside! It is well thought out with carefully curated items to ensure your loved one’s delight. There is a reusable water bottle, activity books, a deck of cards, a game of dominoes, several bags of different cookies and crackers, mints, travel tissues, and hand sanitizer. This care package certainly shows that you are thinking of them and wanting them to be comfortable and content.

Nostalgic Mug

Anyone who grew up in the 1990’s will remember the blockbuster movie The Bodyguard and Whitney Houston’s chart-topping song “I Will Always Love You”. Most of us have sung along to that epic song, so this nostalgic mug quoting the big line at the end of the song is sure to make your friend laugh while also letting them know that you love them. Pair this funny mug with their favorite coffee or tea, and they will truly be appreciative of the gift.

Funny Get Well Soon Card

Sometimes we just need to look at the bright side of things, and this funny get well soon card does just that. While your patient may not be feeling very good, they can take comfort in the fact that their situation perhaps isn’t as bad as other possibilities….like the fact that you don’t have to wear a cone during your recuperation like poor doggies do! Give them a funny get well soon card and make them laugh about the situation, they’ll appreciate your efforts!

It’s always nice to check in on loved ones and friends who may be recovering from an illness or recuperating after a surgery, and it’s always great if we bring a little something to cheer them up. But that special something doesn’t have to be boring; make them laugh with some of these funny get well soon gifts. Be sure to come back and let us know which idea you decided on and how your loved one enjoyed it!