45 Funny 30th Birthday Gifts for Her

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Milestone birthdays are definitely something to celebrate, and sometimes we want to throw a little humor into the celebration to make the birthday girl laugh and smile at the fact that she is officially another decade older! Here are some of the funniest 30th birthday gifts for that special lady in your life.


Our Funniest 30th Birthday Gifts For Her

29 + One Middle Finger Beer Glass

Sometimes we get to a point in our lives when we want to just hold firm at a certain age and not get any older. This beer glass is a hilarious way to emphasize this desire, with its witty message of “29 + one middle finger” – it’s definitely not subtle about its message! If that special lady is not thrilled with celebrating a 30th birthday, grab her this funny beer glass so she can remain “29 and holding”!

Happy 30th Prank Toilet Paper

Perhaps you’re hosting an epic 30th birthday celebration at your house. Grab some rolls of this hilarious 30th birthday prank toilet paper to have at your house when your guests arrive. It will not only serve its usual purpose, but it will make guests giggle when they visit the washroom! A great gag gift to celebrate that special birthday.

Before and After 5 Coffee & Wine Glass

When you reach a certain age, you need to be prepared for all times of the day, and this glass helps you to do just that! One one end of the glass you have a coffee mug for before 5:00 p.m., and on the other end, you’ve got your after 5:00 p.m. wine glass ready to go! A funny yet practical gift that any 30-year old will appreciate!

So Happy I’m Thirty Mug

Most adults enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or tea throughout the day, so a novelty mug is always a nice gift to give.This funny mug is not only practical, but it also sends a bit of a mixed message. While it says “So Happy I’m Thirty”, if you read the letters down the side of the mug, it certainly sends a different message! A funny gift for the birthday girl to enjoy every morning with her cup of coffee.

Making the World a Better Place Since 1991 Makeup Bag

Let’s celebrate the fact that this wonderful person has been around since 1991! This adorable makeup bag has a pretty logo on the front that says “Making the World a Better Place Since 1991”. Give it to that special friend who has been gracing the world with her presence since 1991, and let them know how much you appreciate them! This makeup bag is not only a sweet gift with its positive message, but it’s a practical gift that she will enjoy using on a daily basis.

30th Birthday Gift Set

This isn’t necessarily a funny gift, but it is a very thoughtful gift to help celebrate that special person in your life. It comes with a beautiful tumbler with matching straw and cleaning brush that says “Cheers to 30 years”, a lovely all natural soy candle, and some adorable gradient pink-yellow cozy socks that will keep her feet cozy and warm. This is a lovely gift set to celebrate that special someone in your life.

30 and Fabulous Keychain

Let’s celebrate that special birthday and let that girl know just how fabulous she is! This keychain is decorated with a sweet birthday cake and a message that says “30 and Fabulous”, which is exactly what she is! Let her celebrate this milestone by recognizing that she is amazing just how she is. A daily reminder that she can carry with her of just how fabulous she truly is.

“Vintage” Wine Tumbler

At a certain point in time, things become known as “vintage” due to how long they’ve been around. Well, this wine tumbler recognizes your friend as a vintage edition because they have reached 30! This wine tumbler is practical and cute, and recognizes your birthday girl as a vintage 1991 edition! It is 12 oz of top quality stainless steel with a double vacuum insulation to keep their drinks at the right temperature for hours.

Funny 30th Birthday Mug

There’s just something awesome about funny mugs; they give us a chuckle when we’re first waking up in the morning, and we start our day with a nice cup of coffee or tea and a smile on our face. This hilarious 30th birthday mug is not different, with a “check yes or no” themed message on it to make the birthday recipient smile and laugh. This mug is made from premium ceramic and is dishwasher safe and guaranteed not to chip or lose any of its beautifully marbled pink coloring.

Funny Journal

Help your birthday friend to recognize the perfection within them with this funny journal! It has a great message on the front of it – “Nobody’s perfect, but if you were born in 1991 then you’re pretty damn close”! A great way to let them know just how awesome you think they are. This journal will give them plenty of writing space, with 120 blank lined pages for them to fill. Pair it with a cute novelty pen, and you’ve got a lovely gift that they’ll appreciate.

Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

Amazonite is a beautiful turquoise-green gemstone that has been used for centuries to promote courage, success, and hope. This bracelet also comes with a lovely heart charm amidst the Amazonite beads. The bracelet measures 7” long and is made of stretchy material to stretch over any wrist. It comes gift wrapped and with a sentimental card that shares the special meaning of the bracelet with the recipient.

Friends Show Themed Jewelry Tray

If she is turning 30-years old, then chances are she is very familiar with the ever-popular TV show Friends, so what better way of celebrating her birthday than by giving her a jewellery tray inspired by the hit TV show? This cute little jewellery tray is a practical gift that she can use daily to keep her special jewellery items on, and it will make her smile with nostalgia every time she sees it with memories of the show she loves.

Hooded Wearable Blanket

Does turning 30 make your girl want to curl up in a corner and cry? Some people don’t take birthdays too well, and they’re not exactly something they’re happy about. So, perhaps she would enjoy something cozy and warm to snuggle up in while she deals with the sadness of turning one year older. Combine the wearable blanket with a wine tumbler, and she’s got a perfect “I hate turning 30” gift pack!

“Why You’re My Bestie” Journal

Is it your bestie who’s hitting this special milestone? Remind them of how special they are to you by giving them this cute journal for their birthday. They can record special memories or thoughts that they have in this journal, and every time they open it, they will be reminded of the fact that they have a very special bestie in their lives!

Turning 30 Socks

Another way of sending the message that you are turning “29 and holding”! These funny novelty socks have a hilarious message on the bottom for anyone wondering how old they might be. They say “I’m 29 +” on the one sock, but be prepared for the second half of that message, as it’s the middle finger! No mincing words here! Your birthday girl will get a laugh out of these socks, while they also help to keep her feet nice and cozy.

Retro Candy Gift Box – 1991 Decade

I have a tremendous sweet tooth, and I love to eat candy that was popular when I was a child. Some of those candies are no longer available or are much harder to find. So, this retro candy gift box is the perfect gift if you have someone in your life who’s like me and enjoys candies from their childhood. Filled with all sorts of different candies from the 1991 era, your friend will appreciate this nostalgic treat!

Funny 30th Birthday Candle

Sometimes we just have to break the bad news, and sometimes it just comes out better in the form of a candle! Let them know that their twenties are officially behind them with this funny birthday candle. With subtle scents of lime, coconut, and a floral blend, this candle is a sweet but funny gift to give to someone who may be holding on to their twenties a little too tightly!

Chic 30th Birthday Wine Labels

If you’re planning on hosting an epic 30th birthday celebration for that special lady in your life, grab some of these awesome wine labels to stick to her favorite bottle of wine. With bright colors and a variety of cute messages, these labels will add some chic flair to the party and will display happy birthday messages for her to enjoy throughout the evening.

F**k It – Do What You Love Book

An important message to remember when we get older is that life is too short to be doing things we don’t love. This book has an important message to readers to say “f**k it” and do what they love. This is a great gift for that special someone who is turning 30, and it will remind them to focus on the important things in life and let all the other garbage go.

Straight Outta My Twenties T-Shirt

This is a nice little retro gift that is reminiscent of the 90’s when the rap group NWA came out with their “Straight Outta Compton” music album, instead this time it’s “Straight Outta My Twenties”! Let them celebrate this milestone birthday with some retro humor and a t-shirt that will let everyone know that they’ve got something special to be celebrating!

Best Friends Adult Coloring Book

Experts say that coloring is a very relaxing, therapeutic activity that can help to reduce stress and improve overall mood. But, sometimes we don’t really feel like coloring unicorns and rainbows, but rather we’d like to color things that match our mood a little more. This best friends adult coloring book allows you to do just that! Grab your bestie and some coloring pencils, and curl up to enjoy some hilarious, adult-themed coloring time together.

Funny Old Age Balloons

Planning that 30th birthday party and looking for some funny decor to add to it? These funny old age balloons are just the thing! With a variety of hilariously-insulting messages on them, you will have your guests giggling throughout the evening. I can’t promise that the birthday girl will enjoy the messages as much as the guests, but if she’s got a good sense of humor, then she’ll love them too.

Funny 30th Birthday Apron

If your birthday girl enjoys cooking, then this funny 30th birthday apron would be a great birthday gift for her. This is a practical gift that will protect her clothes when she’s cooking, and it’s also a funny gag gift that she can while hosting her epic 30th birthday party. Guests will be sure to get a laugh out of it, and it’s a gift she can continue to use throughout the year.

Dirty Thirty Beer Can Coolers

These dirty thirty beer can coolers are a great addition to your birthday party decor. Place your guests’ beer cans or pop cans into these coolers for a fun way to add some cheeky decor to the birthday party. They will keep everyone’s drinks nice and cold while also adding to the festivities of the day!

You’re Only Old Once! Dr. Seuss Book

Dr. Seuss has always had a way with words, so why not use his talent for rhymes to celebrate the fact that a special someone is getting older? This book is not specific for people turning 30, but rather it celebrates the fact that you are now officially “obsolete”. With hilarious phrases and rhymes that only Dr. Seuss can do, this book is sure to make the recipient laugh.

Code Brown Commandos Emergency Underpants

One thing we know about getting older, is that sometimes there are bathroom emergencies. Now, your friend is only turning 30, so this pack of emergency underwear is definitely meant as a gag gift. But, it should make them laugh at the idea. Hopefully they have a good sense of humor for these code brown commandos!

Screaming Goat Figurine

Are you mad about turning 30? Do you just want to scream and yell about the fact that you’re turning one year older? If you know someone like this who may not be too happy about turning 30, they might appreciate this screaming goat figurine. This table top decoration will surely make them laugh when it bellows out its yell, and they can yell along with it as they rebel against turning 30!

Dirty Thirty Tank Top

Maybe that special lady in your life is wanting to celebrate the fact that she’s in her dirty thirties now. If so, this cute dirty thirty tank top is a great gift for her. It comes in a variety of colors, and has a loose, comfortable fit. Let her pop on this flashy tank top and celebrate that she is officially in her dirty thirties!

Pooping Pooches Gag Gift Calendar

What do pooping pooches have to do with turning 30? Absolutely nothing. But sometimes it’s those random hilarious gifts that really make them laugh. Are they feeling “poopy” about turning 30? Then this is the perfect gift! It’s a whole year of pooping pooches! No matter how they’re feeling about this birthday, this gag gift is sure to make them laugh at least for a moment.

Back in 1991 Sign

This is a nice tribute to everything that happened when your friend was born in 1991. As a way of celebrating their special birthday, grab this pretty sign that lists a wide variety of things that went on during that specific year. It makes a nice decoration for a birthday party, and then it is something they can hang on to for years to come.

Dirty Thirty Shot Glass

Any big birthday party needs some good drinkware to help get the night going! This dirty thirty shot glass is the perfect drinkware for that special lady to use during her party. Fill it with her favorite shots, and let her celebrate this awesome milestone birthday.

“Damn I Make 30 Look Good” Tank Top

Another cute tank top for that friend to wear who’s pumped about being thirty and looking awesome! There’s nothing wrong with celebrating our age, in fact it’s something we should honestly do more often. So, why not flaunt the fact that we make 30 look awesome? Grab your girl this cute tank top and help her to celebrate just how awesome she is.

Funny Double Insulated Tumbler

This 20oz tumbler carries a hilarious message that many of us can relate to. It says, “30! How the f**k did that happen?” We have all felt at one time or another that our age creeps up on us awfully quickly, so this tumbler would be a great gift for someone who might be a little shocked that they’re hitting a new decade! Made of premium grade stainless steel with double wall insulated construction, this tumbler will keep their drinks at the right temperature for hours. It also comes with 2 stainless steel reusable straws and a cleaning brush to make maintenance much easier.

Beaver Bath Gag Spa Gift

Does your special lady love taking a nice hot bath? This hilarious bag of bath salts is a great gag gift that she’ll enjoy using. With many naughty puns right on the cover of the bag, this package of luxurious bath salts will make her giggle whenever she uses it, while she delights in a nice relaxing bath. A great way to help her celebrate that special 30th birthday!

Motivating Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults

Is your friend perhaps feeling a little down about turning 30? Then this motivating coloring book is sure to cheer her up. With hilariously uplifting messages like “Shake that sht off” and “You are f*king awesome”, she’ll be laughing while she takes a breather and does some mindful coloring. Pair it with some coloring pencils and a cute mug, and you’ve got an awesome, funny gift that will cheer her up and remind her just how amazing she really is.

Level 30 Unlocked Funny T-shirt

While there’s a bit of a stereotype that men and boys are the main people who enjoy video games, there are certainly lots of girls and women out there who get a kick out of playing some cool games as well. So, if your friend is turning 30 and she enjoys playing video games, she’ll definitely get a kick out of this cute t-shirt that says “Level 30 Unlocked” on it. A cute way to recognize her hobbies and celebrate her special birthday at the same time.

Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

Maybe your friend isn’t really into partying or celebrating her 30th birthday in a big way. Perhaps she’d rather be curled up on the couch at home with a warm drink and a good television program. If that’s the case, why not surprise her with this beautiful mermaid tail blanket? It is sure to keep her cozy while also reminding her of how magical life can be!

Time Capsule

Turning 30 is a pretty special milestone, so why not commemorate the occasion by giving the birthday girl a time capsule that she can fill with everything that’s important to her from this stage in her life. Tuck it away or bury it somewhere safe and leave it for a while. She could plan to open it up again when she turns 40, 50, or even 60! She’ll surely get a thrill seeing all the special items she chose from her special day when she turned 30. The time capsule is fully waterproof with silicone gaskets on either end to keep out moisture.

The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You

Now, we have to stress here that this gift would not be a good idea for anyone who might be having a hard time with turning 30! Be mindful of your recipient’s overall mood about their birthday. But, if they’ve got a healthy sense of humor about the idea, then this gift might just make them chuckle! A perfect gift for someone who likes to play Dr. Google and look up every ailment there is! 

Paper Tantrum Nifty Note

Maybe she’s feeling a tad annoyed at turning 30, so this paper tantrum note pad will be a great way for her to let out some of her frustrations in a hilarious way! With boxes to check off exactly what the problem is and spaces to write in exactly how she wants to feel better, your friend will feel that you understand just how unhappy she is at turning 30, and she will likely get a good laugh out of this gift idea!

Old As F*ck Bath Bombs

Well, this gift definitely does not beat around the bush! Lacking subtlety, this gift of bath bombs is one for someone who has a good sense of humor about turning another year older! This package comes with two giant bath bombs that are a mix of purple and yellow, turning her bath into a luxurious spa experience! She may not appreciate the frankness of this gift, but she will certainly enjoy the lovely bath it gives her.

1991 Birthday Beer Glass

If your girl is more of a beer drinker than a wine connoisseur, then she might appreciate this gift instead of a wine glass. This 20 ounce beer glass has a “Vintage 1991” message on the front, and on the back it sports a list of different bits of information about what life was like back in 1991. It’s a trip down memory lane that your girl will enjoy reading as she enjoys a nice cold one to celebrate her birthday!

Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

Maybe the birthday girl wants to relax with some of her new bath bombs, but she wants to enjoy a glass of wine on her special day too. She needs this bathtub wine glass holder! The perfect gift for the woman who loves her baths and her wine, it’s the perfect combination! She’ll get a chuckle out of this gift, while also racing to the bathroom to test it out! It’s sure to be a hit!

World’s Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug

Maybe a regular sized coffee mug isn’t going to do the trick this birthday, and she needs something a little bigger. This gigantic coffee mug will help for sure! At a whopping 11 inches wide and 9 inches tall, this mug holds an incredible 1.5 gallons of coffee! She might be a little jittery from all the caffeine, but if she’s looking for a big mug, this is surely a win!

The Hungover Cookbook

After this exhaustive list of hilarious birthday gifts, you might be needing this one to recover from a night of partying and laughing! This cookbook is stocked full of comfort food recipes that will help cure even the nastiest of hangovers. With jokes and mind games sprinkled throughout the cookbook, this is a great gift for that special girl who might have partied a little too hard turning 30!

Whichever gift you choose for that special someone who’s turning 30, they’re sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Keep in mind when choosing funny or novelty gifts that she might be feeling a tad sensitive about turning 30, so make sure you “read the room” before purchasing anything too outrageous or naughty. Have fun shopping, and be sure to come back and let us know which gift you settled on for her special 30th birthday.