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It’s your 4th anniversary.  The traditional gift theme this year is fruit & flowers. Feel free to get a fruit anniversary gift for her or a flower anniversary gift for her. Or for that matter, feel free to get your wife a gift for each category. On the one hand, the theme itself suggests a few obvious ideas (i.e. flowers). On the other hand, you might enjoy the challenge of trying to do something creative with this theme. We have included two separate lists of 4th anniversary gifts for her below. One is for fruit gifts and the other is for gifts related to flowers. There are actually a few ideas below that could probably fit into either category as well. We have tried to include some inexpensive 4th anniversary gift ideas as well as some that are a bit more indulgent. We have also tried to list some unique 4th anniversary gifts and some that are perhaps a bit more obvious.

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24 fruit anniversary gift ideas for her (traditional 4th anniversary gifts for her)

1. Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle with a juicer. You will be mixing up drinks with carrots, apples, oranges, celery and a whole range of other fruits and vegetables before you know it

2. Or, get a blender for making smoothies (and an occasional milkshake!).  This is a fun way to play on the fruit theme and could become a part of your regular routine together

3. Meyer lemon trees are relatively low maintenance, and as they grow the yellow and green colors look beautiful. They also produce lots and lots of tasty lemons. Just imagine picking a lemon off the tree to add some flavor to an iced tea or a glass of water

4. While we’re on the topic of fruit trees, you might look at this Dwarf Valencia orange tree instead. Better yet, you might get your wife this orange tree in addition to the lemon tree above

5. If she likes sweets, these chocolate covered strawberries are sure to bring a smile to her face. If you’re nice, she might even share one or two with you. If you really feel like going all out, add a bottle of champagne to the mix

6. This frozen concoction maker will have the two of you drinking piña coladas, daiquiris and other fruit based cocktails.  Feel free to throw in a margarita or two while you’re at it

7. Scented candles make great gifts for just about any occasion, and there are plenty of good fruit scented candles out there. This one is a strawberry scented candle

8. Does she like wine? If so, a wine set can be a great gift, and since grapes are a fruit it works well as a 4th anniversary gift

9. On a similar note, you might get her a wine rack. Don’t forget to throw in one or two of her favorite bottles as well so this rack doesn’t look so empty

10. If she is a really serious wine enthusiast, a wine refrigerator can help her take this indulgence to the next level. If you want to riff on the wine theme a bit, here are a few more gift ideas for wine lovers

11. A fruit bowl can be a nice functional piece of decor for your kitchen. Plus with all of these apples, bananas and oranges being displayed so prominently, the two of you are bound to eat more of these healthy foods

12. Apple products are all fair game for your fourth anniversary. Why not surprise your wife with a new iPad?

13. For the woman that already has the latest smartphone and tablet, an Apple Watch can be a great gift. Smartwatches have been growing in popularity quite dramatically in recent years as we all look to be ever more connected

14. This apple peeler is surprisingly fun to use, and it’s a must have item for anyone that makes apple pies once in a while. This peeler can peel other foods like potatoes as well

15. If your wife is into baking, this pie plate will be a wonderful addition to the kitchen. Pie plates are fair game for your 4th wedding anniversary, since so many pies have fruit fillings. You might pair this with the apple peeler above if you are a big apple pie fan. It just might result in an apple pie or two in your future

16. This fruit soft serve maker makes nutritious, delicious dairy free alternatives to ice cream or frozen yogurt. This one also comes with a 130 recipe book to get your started. Finally, a way to make nutritious desserts at home

17. A fruit basket can be an excellent way to tie fruit into your anniversary. This is a particularly great companion gift if you would like to get her something else outside the traditional theme

18. She is bound to enjoy this mango body butter and it fits right in with the fruit theme. If mangos aren’t her favorite, feel free to pick another fruit

19. You might pair the gift above with this bourbon strawberry vanilla body spray

20. To go one step further, you might bundle some strawberry shampoo with the body wash and body spray listed above

21. Art is a great gift for just about any occasion. For your fourth anniversary, you might get your wife a painting of fruit

22. A painting of wine can be a great gift for a wine enthusiast. This type of art is particularly great for the kitchen

23. For that matter, a painting of a vineyard would look great in any room. People travel for miles and miles to visit vineyards. Why not bring some of that beauty into your living room?

24. Add a little flavor to her drinks with this fruit infuser water bottle. This will help her to enjoy the process of staying well hydrated

25 flower anniversary gift ideas for her (traditional 4th anniversary gift ideas for her)

1. Flowers are always appreciated on their own or as a companion gift. In the case of your 4th anniversary though, flowers are not an absolute must (as they are with Valentine’s Day). Ok, you didn’t need help thinking of this one. You are free to give them or to think creatively about another gift idea

2. Instead of (or in addition to!) fresh cut flowers, why not get a bulb that will bloom for many years to come.  Imagine her watching this flower bloom every year and remembering her 4th anniversary gift.  This is truly a gift that keeps on giving

3. There are all different types of clothing with floral prints. Why not get her a floral print dress?

4. A floral robe is an intimate gift that would be perfect for your fourth anniversary

5. On a similar note, these floral pajamas from Victoria’s Secret will hit the mark. Imagine how happy your wife will be slipping into these in the evening or lounging around in the morning

6. If she has a green thumb, gardening tools can provide years and years of flowers. For that matter, gardening tools would fit into the fruit category as well. Careful though, some people are into gardening and others simply are not.  So, make sure your wife actually enjoys this hobby before giving this gift

7. This rose has been preserved and dipped in 24k gold. It’s a beautiful flower and a perfect 4th anniversary gift for your wife

8. If you like the idea listed above, you might like this preserved rose as well. It comes in a nice box and a rose shaped pewter holder

9. This teddy bear is holding a rose, making him a perfect fourth anniversary gift for your wife. This is a fantastic companion gift to go along with something else as well

10. Giving your wife perfume for an anniversary gift is a time honored tradition. For your 4th anniversary, get her a flower scented perfume

11. Candles make great gifts. This one will fill your home with the scent of fresh cut roses12. This painting of flowers will look great in just about any room in your home

13. These flowers pots will add to the ambiance in your home. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even get her some flowers to plant

14. This simple flower vase will bring a smile to her face every time you bring home flowers to put inside. Be sure to include some flowers when you give her this gift

15. This flower printed handbag will make a nice accessory. It’s useful and also looks great

16. There are lots and lots of flower printed gifts, a blanket will both look great and keep her warm on cold nights

17. If you like the blanket idea above, you might like these flower pillow covers as well. Just be sure to get some pillows to go inside

18. This tricycle plant stand is a great place to show off a few potted flowers. As far as unique gifts go, this one is hard to beat

19. A flower cookie cutter set would be a fun gift, particularly if your wife is into baking. And if you like cookies, this would be a good way to encourage her to make some!

20. What anniversary gift list would be complete without jewelry? This calla lily necklace would be a great 4th anniversary gift for your wife

21. If your wife likes bracelets better than necklaces, you might get her pearl bracelet with a flower clasp22. Of course, some women like earrings best. In that case, you might give her these Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Flower Earrings

23. This bath bomb gift set comes with several different flower scented bombs. These will turn her bath into a luxury spa, and leave her feeling great24. Flower print bedding can be a great gift if your current set is in need of an upgrade

25. Floral hand towels are a nice way to brighten up the bathroom. A lot of women love decorations like this

Hope these 4th anniversary gifts for her help make #4 an anniversary to remember. Happy shopping!