4th Anniversary for Her: Fruit & Flowers (Traditional)

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It’s your 4th anniversary.  The traditional gift theme this year is fruit & flowers.  On the one hand, the theme itself suggests a few obvious ideas.  On the other hand, you might enjoy the challenge of trying to do something creative with this theme.


Ok, you didn’t need help thinking of this one.  Flowers are always appreciated on their own or as a companion gift.  In the case of the 4th anniversary though, flowers are not an absolute must (as they are with Valentine’s Day).  You are free to give them or to think creatively about another gift idea.


From shirts to robes to pajamas, there are plenty of options to choose from with a flower or fruit pattern.  In fact, you can find many non-clothing items as well with fruit or floral patterns and all of these would be great ideas.


Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle with a juicer. Or, get a blender for making smoothies (and an occasional milkshake!).  This is a fun way to play on the fruit theme and could become a part of your regular routine together.

Gardening tools

If she has a green thumb, gardening tools can provide years and years of fruits and flowers.  Careful though, some people are into gardening and others simply are not.  So, make sure she actually enjoys the hobby before giving this gift.

Flower Bulb

Instead of (or in addition to!) fresh cut flowers, why not get a bulb that will bloom for many years to come.  Imagine her watching this flower bloom every year and remembering her 4th anniversary gift.  This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th anniversary.  Happy shopping!