Best Flight Attendant Gift Ideas

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If you’re looking for a gift for someone in your life, thinking about what they do for a living is a great place to start brainstorming. This is particularly true for people with interesting professions, and flight attendants certainly fit the bill. Below is a list of our best gifts for flight attendants.

26 Gifts For Flight Attendants

1. Power Bank

With all of the devices that people carry around these days, it’s critical to take a power bank when you travel. For a flight attendant, this can mean the difference between having a fully charged phone upon landing, and one that is about to die. This power bank is small and compact, making it a perfect travel accessory.

2. Wright Brothers Patent Prints

These Wright Brothers patent prints are a pretty unique decoration, and absolutely perfect for anyone that spends a lot of time flying. Hang them all together or spread them out across a couple rooms.

3. Airplane Bottle Opener

This airplane bottle opener comes with a tag that says “let the adventure begin”. Indeed, flying is an adventure, especially if you mix in a choice beverage or two. Or three. Who’s really counting?

4. Coasters

These coasters are another great way to play on the aviation theme. Highly functional and a little bit fun as well, these make a great present.

5. Airplane Earrings

For a woman that spends time flying for a living, these earrings are a perfect gift. She can wear these in the air or whenever she happens to be on the ground for a few days.

6. Luggage Tags

These luggage tags let the world know that the luggage sporting them belongs to a sky princess. This is a great way to let the flight attendant in your life know how you really feel about them.

7. Fly Safe Keychain

For someone that flies a lot, this key chain expresses a nice sentiment. It’s actually nice for people to have something small to carry around to remind them of loved ones that are far away.

8. Knock Knock Pack This! Pad

Even seasoned travelers often forget to pack certain items once in a while. It’s just so easy to overlook small but important things when packing and unpacking is such a frequent occurrence. This pad solves that problem by providing a comprehensive checklist of everything you might need.

9. Hanging Toiletry Bag For Men

This hanging toiletry bag is made of premium leather, and is perfect for any man that travels frequently. For someone that is living out of suitcases and staying at lots of different hotels, being able to hang this on a bathroom door is a small luxury that makes things just a little easier.

10. Hanging Toiletry Bag For Women

Along the same line as the gift idea above, here is a hanging toiletry bag for women. Simply a must have item for women that spend a lot of time on the road.

11. All-In-One Worldwide Charger Adapter

For someone that flies internationally, a charger adapter is absolutely essential. This one works in over 150 countries. A flight attendant can never have too many. It’s almost certain that on occasion, one will get left behind or a colleague will need to borrow one.

12. Roller Luggage Set

This 3 piece set of roller luggage is great for someone that makes frequent trips of varying length. A small piece of luggage for quick overnight trips. A large piece for longer journeys. And one more piece that fits right in the middle.

13. Collapsible Water Bottle

Have you ever tried to pack your suitcase, only to find that you couldn’t quite get is shut after jamming in so many things? For someone that works out, a collapsible water bottle can be a life saver when heading out on the road. This way, you don’t take up lots of space with an empty water bottle that is just filled with air.

14. Compression Bags

These compression bags take saving space to the next level. Simply put in your clothes or towels, and then roll up the bags. Packing in this way saves a ton of space. Plus, these compression bags are airtight, and they protect your clothes, towels and other items.

15. Flight Attendant Mug

What day is it and where am I? Questions that every flight attendant has surely asked at one time or another after traveling through a few time zones. This mug is funny because it rings so true.

16. Safe Travels Bracelet

This bracelet is inscribed with the words “safe trip wherever you go”. Often times flight attendants have no idea where they might be off to a few months from now. This gift is a great way to wish them well wherever they happen to fly off to next.

17. Passport Wallet

For anyone that travels internationally with any frequency, having a wallet that can hold a passport makes things much more convenient. It’s just so much more convenient to be able to keep everything in one place.

18. Necklace

This necklace has an airplane and an angel’s wing, and can symbolize a guardian angel for anyone that flies regularly. The necklace is 18 inches of sterling silver and makes a great gift for the flight attendant in your life.

19. Bracelet

Along a similar line, this bracelet has five charms: passport, camera, globe, compass, and airplane. Anyone that spends a lot of time in the air would appreciate this gift.

20. Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf is lightweight and has a soft, silky feel. It is also decorated with airplanes and airport terminals, making it a great accessory for flight attendants.

21. Flight Attendant Survival Glass

This wine glass is sure to come in handy on a layover or two. It’s also just a fun thing to break out after a long trip or whenever you’re in the mood for an adult beverage.

22. Scratch Map

A scratch map can be a really fun way to keep track of all the places that you visit. It’s satisfying to scratch off a new location upon returning home after a trip. And after a while, it can be really cool to step back and look at all of the places that you have been.

By the way, if you’re interested, here are our best gift ideas for map lovers.

23. Airplane Cufflinks

For the man that wears an occasional french cut shirt, these cufflinks are a winner. They’re stylish and also a great conversation piece.

24. Airplane Brooch

This brooch would be a fun thing to wear in uniform. It’s the small details that make everything in life a little bit more fun. Another great conversation piece as well.

25. Airplane Necktie

For any formal occasion, this airplane necktie is a fun accessory. Neckties are one of the few great areas for men to express a little of their personality in fashion.

26. Socks

Socks are another fantastic area for self expression. Of course, these are just a little bit more subtle, but super cool nonetheless.

Hope this list of gifts for flight attendants gives you a great idea or two.