Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s day is almost here.  Another time to reflect on the passage of time, and perhaps on your dad’s influence throughout your youth and into adulthood.  Why not send your father a gift as a small token of appreciation for all of the support and love throughout the years.

By the way, if you’re interested, here is out list of homemade father’s day gift ideas.


Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

#1 Dad

Let him bask in the glory of fatherhood with a shirt, hat, mug or glass proclaiming him as #1.  The #1 gifts are a perfect combination of genuine and funny.  Is he a grandfather too?  Riff on the #1 theme for grandfatherhood.


Is your dad a handyman?  Get him a new drill, sander, or an entire tool set.  He is sure to appreciate the latest and greatest in the world of tools, and will delight in working on whatever project he sets out to undertake.

Yard Equipment

Family and home go hand and hand.  Get him a new hedge trimmer or a lawn mower.  Other members of the household might appreciate this gift as well, as it is sure to result in better landscaping.


For the man with a green thumb, a new plant or gardening tools can be a great way to go.  There is something very peaceful about a morning or afternoon spent working in a garden, so why not enhance that experience just a little bit.


Even with all of the innovation from tech land, wrist watches will never go out of style.  There is something a little bit sentimental about watches too.  Perhaps, it’s because a good watch can last for decades reliably answering the owner’s queries about time.  Of course, for the gadget lovers, smartwatches are a great option.


A small way to say thank you for all of the help he has provided along the way. Your father’s wallet is sure to be worn out after raising a family, so why not get him a new one.


This one might bring back some family memories, and it might create new memories too.  Whether your father is a grill master or someone that always over cooks the burgers, the time spent bonding over a meal is priceless.  Gas or charcoal, or perhaps a grilling set.

Fishing Rod

For the fisherman among us, a new rod or tackle.  This one will tug at the heartstrings a little if you spent a lot of time on the water trying to reel in fish together in your youth.  It might even be a good excuse to block out a few hours on the weekend and get back out there.

Picture Frame

Get him a picture frame and pop in a family photo.  You might even get the frame engraved with something nice.  For the man that appreciates technology, perhaps a digital picture frame that cycles through his favorite photos.


A classic.  Get him a fun or stylish tie that he can wear to a wedding or at the office.  A man can never have too many ties to choose from when he goes to get dressed in the morning.

Happy Father’s Day!  Hope it’s a good one.