Father’s Birthday Gifts

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Your father’s birthday is coming up.  Over the years, your dad has done a lot for you, and you want to show him how much you love him.  But just how should you express this? A homemade birthday card might do the trick. Or, you might try and find the perfect birthday gift for him. If you want to go that route, we’ve put together a list of birthday gifts for dads below.


Best Father’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Sports Apparel

Does your father play tennis or golf?  Is he a cyclist, runner, gym rat or a ski bum?  Help him play or work out in style.  When he gets compliments on his new apparel, he will delight in telling his friends about this gift.

Fitness Tracker

If your father is health conscious and loves gadgets, a fitness tracker can make a great gift.  This can also be a great way to encourage athletic activity.


Smartwatches are getting better and more popular.  These are a great way to help your father modernize his look.  This is a particularly great gift for the gadget enthusiast.

Picture Frame

Get him a picture frame and pop in a family photo.  For the man the appreciates technology, perhaps a digital picture frame that cycles through his favorite photos.


A classic.  Neckties are one of the few articles of clothing that give men a little leeway to show some personality.  Get him a fun or stylish tie that he can wear to a wedding or at the office.

Pocket Square

A simple pocket square can do wonders in creating a sophisticated appearance.  Some men will start using these every day and others will reserve them for special occasions.


Stylish socks for the businessman, something more fun for the goofball or anything in between.  Another small article of clothing that allows men some self expression.

Sports Team Apparel

Does your dad live and die by the Red Sox’s record?  Is he an NFL or NBA fan?  A college sports fanatic?  Then, get him a shirt, hat, or belt to show some team love!

Hopefully the gift ideas above will help make your father’s birthday a special day.  Happy shopping!