52 Best Drummer Gifts

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When brainstorming about the perfect gift idea, a great place to start is with hobbies. If you get someone a gift that relates to one of their hobbies or passions, there is just a much better chance that they are going to really like it. And drumming is no exception. Think about it for a moment. If someone loves drumming and spends a lot of their time playing the drums, aren’t they pretty likely to enjoy just about anything that relates? What’s more, there are lots of fun drummer gifts. Some are really useful, and others are quite unique. Without further ado, here are our best drummer gift ideas.


52 Gift Ideas For Drummers

Mute Pak

1. Anyone that lives with a drummer will surely appreciate this mute pak. You might give them this gift as a not so subtle reminder that their instrument can be quite loud. From now on, practice sessions can happen any time of day or night without disturbing anyone

Drummer Zone Sign

2. Who wouldn’t like a sign like this? Hang it on a bedroom wall, on a door outside of the practice room or anywhere else that they spend a lot of time

Drummer Parking Sign

3. This sign plays on a similar theme to the one above. One of these is probably enough, but if you got both it would really help create a theme. Lots of people hang pictures and paintings on the wall, but creative decorations like this can give a room a lot of character

Meinl Cajon Box Drum

4. Give this Meinl Cajon Box Drum so they can have a seat on this box and get their groove on. These are becoming really popular, and they are a fun way to play percussion. These are kind of casual and also create a great sound

Practice Pad

5. This practice pad is perfect for beginners and advanced players alike. It’s designed to feel just like the real thing and can be easily mounted for upright playing. It also has a rubber bottom for non-scratch, non-slip tabletop use, so it’s quite versatile

Drumeo Practice Pad

6. This Drumeo practice pad takes things to the next level with four different playing surfaces. Players will get to experience a traditional snare-like practice pad feel, as well as a high tom, a floor tom, and a ride cymbal. This simulates moving around the kit, and helps players develop consistency, accuracy and power. These are great for aspiring musicians, but also a lot of fun for experienced players

Personalized Drumsticks

7. These personalized drumsticks are a great gift for anyone that plays. There is something about personalizing things that just adds a layer of sentimental value to even simple things. Someone might use these regularly or just put them out as a decoration

GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool

8. This GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool lets players quickly remedy any problem that arises when they are playing by tightening things that need tightening and adjusting things that need adjusting. It’s a must have for serious musicians and beginners alike.

Stick Control

9. Stick Control is a very well regarded book in the world of percussion. For someone that is looking to improve control, speed, flexibility, rhythm, and power, this book can be super helpful


10. It’s tough to argue with the message on this t-shirt. It’s funny because it’s true. It’s also a good looking shirt if I do say so myself

Funny T-Shirt

11. For the married drummer that has a sense of humor, this t-shirt will hit the mark. I’m sure his wife will appreciate it as well

Drum Stick Holder

12. All drummers need a good drum stick holder. This is a must have for anyone that performs, and a useful gift for just about anyone that plays at all. After all, where else are they going to put their sticks?

Water Bottle

13. It’s good to have priorities in life, and this water bottle says it all. What else is there, really? It is also always a good idea to stay hydrated, particularly in the middle of a long performance of practice session

Coffee Mugs

14. Coffee mugs are a great vehicle for passion, humor and of course coffee. This one hits the mark. Help them get every day started off right, and remind them just how cool and talented they are

Drumming and Star Wars T-Shirt

15. Drumming and Star Wars, together at last. Anyone that likes both of these things (and really, who wouldn’t?) is sure to like this t-shirt.

Ear Plugs

16. One thing about drums is that they are loud, especially when played along side other instruments. For that reason, it’s important for drummers to protect their hearing. These ear plugs should do the trick, and they come with this great carrying case to boot


17. This painting was clearly made with a drummer in mind. For anyone that just can’t get enough of the instrument, this painting has got to help get them a little closer. Guests will be sure to ask about it whenever they come over as well

Christmas Ornament

18. This Christmas ornament will make a pretty unique gift. It’s particularly well suited to the holiday season, but a great gift any time

Drum Picture T-Shirt

19. While some of the other t-shirts listed here are humorous in nature, this one simply expresses a fondness for drums and a good sense of style.

Drummer Socks

20. Everyone has got to wear socks. So, the drummer in your life might as well wear these socks. Socks are actually a great, low key way for people to show a little of their style

Drummer Evolution T-Shirt

21. While the scientific accuracy of the t-shirt below is questionable, it still makes a great gift. There certainly is no shortage of funny t-shirts in this category


22. Another mug idea that asks a very good question. Anyone that enjoys coffee and drums is sure to appreciate this one.


23. This t-shirt is a nice riff on the Vitruvian Man. I’m sure Leonardo da Vinci would approve.

Wooden Drumstick Spoons

24. Have you ever noticed that some drummers will always pick up pens, pencils, and other objects and start banging them like drumsticks? Well, these wooden drumstick spoons are perfect for that. Of course, they are also great for cooking

Drum Patent Prints

25. This set of drum patent prints makes a really unique piece of art, and an excellent gift. This is another great piece of wall art that is a little bit of a departure from simply hanging a regular picture on the wall. They can put these all together (as shown below) or hang them in different places throughout their home to create a cool theme

Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument

26. Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument let’s people play without a physical drum set. It works by connecting to a computer and measuring air-drumming gestures. Anyone that appreciates technology will enjoy this gift

Wearable Vibrating Metronome

27. This wearable vibrating metronome is 7x more powerful than the average vibration of a smartphone. A great device to help all sorts of musicians maintain their rhythm. This is another one that is sure to be appreciated by tech and gadget enthusiasts everywhere.


28. These cufflinks are just plain cool, and people that wear cufflinks can never have too many. Anyone that wears french cut shirts would be sure to enjoy this fun gift

Drum Throne

29. This drum throne will have them feeling like a rock star. It’s also comfortable, sturdy and it’s height is adjustable

Drumstick Bag

30. Most drummers have a whole collections of sticks, but carrying them around can be a challenge.  Those days can be a thing of the past though, thanks to this drumstick bag.

Stick Rapp

31. This Stick Rapp is a comfortable wrap for drumsticks. It absorbs shock and provides a non-stick grip. These also come in ten different colors, opening the door for a little self expression and style

Light Up Drumsticks

32. Light up drumsticks to put on a killer show? Yes please. A lot of performing artists come to find out that sounding great is table stakes, and you have to looking great can be a great way to excite audiences

Rechargeable Color-Changing Drumsticks

33. Make them stand out in style with these flashy and fun color-changing drumsticks! Powered with LED lights, these sticks will light up the stage when they’re playing. They come in a set of two and have a duration of 8 hours. Once they require charging, simply plug them into the included charging cable to be ready to use next time!

Silver Metal Drummer Figurine

34. This super cute drummer figurine makes a great gift for that drummer in your life, and they can display it wherever they choose, be it on their desk, a bookshelf, or anywhere in their home. Made from durable metal, this figurine stands about 7” tall and features a cute little fellow playing his drums.

3D Pop Up Drummer Card

35. If you are looking for a fun card for someone who enjoys playing drums, then grab this cool 3D pop-up card featuring a detailed drum kit that pops up when you open the card! This is a great way to send good wishes to any drummer, and they will certainly appreciate the laser detailing on the drum kit inside the card.

Funny Music Lovers Socks

36. A fun and inexpensive way to show appreciation for someone’s talents and hobbies would be to give them a cute pair of novelty socks! These socks will appeal to the rocker inside them, and they feature a funny saying on the bottoms of the socks – “Rock out, socks out”! This is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they wear them!

Drumsticks Ballpoint Pens

37. These pens make a fun gift for any drummer in your life, and they will enjoy using them at work or at home whenever they need something to write with. Made from quality wood with blue ink, these pens will turn any notepad into a drum pad for practice!

3D Drum Night Light

38. Send them off to dreamland with images of drums in their heads with this 3D drum night light! The light displays a full 3D drum kit in 2D imagery, and it includes 7 different colors to choose from. It is easily charged with a USB cable, so they will never be without the soft lighting of this super cool night light.

Awesome Drum Mug

39. This has to be one of the coolest mugs I have ever seen, and given that my husband is a huge drum fanatic, I will be grabbing one of these for his next birthday! The detail on this mug is amazing, and it truly looks like a real little drum! Let them enjoy their morning coffee in this awesome mug, while they appreciate all of their drumming talents.

Rock Drumstick Pendant Necklace

40. Does your drummer enjoy rocking out to some good music? Then they might appreciate wearing this stylish rocker-style drumstick necklace while they do so. The necklace has two small metal drumstick pendants hanging from a chain, all of which are made from quality stainless steel to preserve longevity and prevent corrosion.

Drum Throw Blanket

41. After a long drumming session, they might want to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and watch a good music video. So, let them do so with a nice cozy throw blanket featuring drums on it. This cozy blanket is available in three different sizes and includes excellent detail of various types of drums. Made of quality microfibre velvet, it is soft, cozy, and warm.

“The Rockfather” Funny T-shirt

42. Is your drummer the Godfather of all drummers (or at least do you think he is)? Then celebrate his talents with this awesome t-shirt that is a play on words in a nod to the popular movie The Godfather. Suitable for both men or women, this t-shirt comes in a wide variety of sizes and is made from 100% quality cotton ensuring a soft, comfortable fit.

Drummer Keychain

43. This cute keychain sums up drummers perfectly with the quote, “I destroy silence”! The keychain also comes with a little drum kit charm along with the featured quote. Made of quality stainless steel, this keychain won’t rust or fade, and the laser printing technology ensures that the quote will never tarnish or rub off.

Vinyl Record Wall Clock

44. Add some style to their home or music studio with this awesome vinyl record wall clock featuring a drum kit and hands clutching drumsticks in the background behind the clock face. The entire display measures approximately 12” in diameter, and the clock itself requires 1 AA battery to work, which is not included.

Finger Drums Novelty Desktop Set

45. I think every drummer who works at a desk should own one of these finger drum sets! Super fun and a great way to pass the time, these little drums provide endless entertainment. Each of the 5 drums have their own unique sound, so your drummer can practice their own beats right at their own desk. They require 3 AAA batteries which are not included, so be sure to grab some batteries as well so they can have fun immediately.

Drumstick Holder for Drum Set

46. This drumstick holder is something every drummer should have on their drum kit to keep all of their drumsticks safe and off the floor. It also allows them to switch to different sticks for different sounds, depending on what music they’re playing. The holder can accommodate up to 14 pairs of standard-sized drumsticks, and it mounts easily with a mounting clip to any standard drum stand.

“World’s Best Drummer” Bracelet

47. This bracelet is very stylish with its simple black design and is made of both silver and black stainless steel and silicone, ensuring a comfortable fit. The bracelet measures 23cm in length, but it is also adjustable. This gift is a nice way to let them know how much you appreciate their drumming talents!

Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Earmuffs

48. While not all drummers will choose to do so (my husband included eye roll), it is important to protect your ears when playing or listening to loud music. These earmuffs are great for drummers to wear when playing, as they protect the delicate eardrum from being exposed to overly loud sounds. They may not feel like a super cool drummer with them on, but their ears will thank them!

Drum Set Necktie

49. Perhaps your drummer would like to add a little bit of rock and roll to their work outfit, and this drum necktie would be the perfect thing to do so with! Featuring little drum kits as the pattern on the tie against a navy blue background, this tie is both stylish and fun. The company also offers a 5 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is always great.

Drumstick Grips

50. These drumstick grips are great for anyone who enjoys spinning their drumsticks while playing but hates dropping them mid-song! These grips ensure they will never drop their sticks again, freeing them up to spin and twirl the sticks as much as they want! They also come with complementary drum mutes, so that they can practice their drumming quietly when needed.

Multi-Purpose Drum Wall Hanger with Hooks

51. This multi-purpose wall hanger with hooks is great for hanging your keys or coats when you come in the door. It measures 11.8” x 7.9” and is made from quality wood that is 8mm thick to ensure durability. It can hold up to 11lbs of weight, so it is a great addition to any entranceway in your home!

Drummer Cosmetic Bag

52. If your drummer needs somewhere to keep all of their smaller items, such as make up, keys, or their phone, then this cute little bag would make a perfect gift. Measuring 23cm by 16.5 and made of durable polyester fiber, this is one handy pouch to carry along with them!

Hopefully these drummer gifts give you a few great ideas. Happy shopping!

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