Cotton Anniversary Gifts For Him (Traditional 2nd Anniversary)

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It’s your 2nd anniversary.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.  For couples that are following the traditional 2nd anniversary theme, this one is all about cotton. The good news is that cotton is a fairly easy category and there are plenty of great cotton anniversary gifts for him out there. Now, a lot of the best cotton gift ideas are clothing, but there are plenty of other options as well for people that want to be a bit more creative. Without further ado, take a look at the list below.

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27 cotton anniversary gifts for him (traditional 2nd anniversary gifts)

1. Show him a little of your style with a sharp dress shirt. This is the perfect way to subtly encourage him to dress the way you like.

2. For the more casual hubby, a hoodie would be even better. These also seem to be getting more stylish every year.

3. Perhaps a T-shirt proclaiming him to be the best husband ever. Hopefully this won’t go to his head. There are plenty of other T-shirt ideas out there too. Who doesn’t love a great T-shirt?

4. With all of the gadgets people carry around these days, messenger bags are surging in popularity.  Gone are the days where men can carry everything that they need in a single wallet.  Messenger bags are perfect for carrying laptops, tablets, notepads, pens and anything else that your guy might take with him when he leaves the house.

5. If your guy likes to grill, he will love this BBQ Grill Apron. Just make sure to give him all of the instructions he needs before he puts it on. Then, sit back, relax and brace yourself of a delicious meal.

6. If you live in a cold weather climate, this scarf can help his stay warm when he goes outside.

7. This pillow was designed to be a 2nd anniversary gift. If two years doesn’t seem like a long time, 730 days sure does. This can be a fun gift, since different variations are available for future anniversaries.

8. Maybe it’s all those episodes of Mad Men talking, but a pocket square can take your man’s look to a new level. Get him a few and instantly upgrade his wardrobe.  Some men might start working these into their wardrobe every day, and others might keep them for special occasions.  Either way, this gift idea is a winner.

9. Super stylish socks for business, sports, or everyday use.  Take an otherwise dull article of clothing and replace it with something special.  How nice it will be for him to smile first thing every morning as he puts on his socks and is reminded of the thoughtful gift that you gave him.

10. No better way to start a day than rolling out of bed and into a warm, comfy robe.  The right robe can take the chill right out of the air and set the tone for a blissful morning.

11. For someone with a sweet tooth, how about a tasty bit of nostalgia in the form of a cotton candy maker. On the other hand, you might just take him to an amusement park or baseball game and buy him some cotton candy.

12. You might get him a hammock if he likes reading, sleeping, or just chilling out. This hammock is made for two people. Just imagine all the lounging the two of you will do together!

13. A watch with a canvas strap fits the bill. Watches make great gifts, and you might surprise him by getting a watch that fits into the cotton category. In this day and age, when everything seems to be going digital, a watch like this really stands out.

14. Cotton pajamas can be a great standalone gift or a great companion to the robe listed above. What’s not to like about this comfortable gift idea?

15. If you are looking for something more intimate, these boxers could be the way to go. You might even bundle these with some other clothing items listed here.

16. For the outdoorsman, this sleeping bag is sure to come in handy. Help him stay warm on all of those camping trips. You can even throw in a tent or some other camping related gift if you like.

17. This duffel bag will be useful on all kinds of trips. You can put anything you want inside to top this gift off if you want.

18. If he likes sports, get him a hat with his favorite team. Of course, if he just likes hats, feel free to get him one that isn’t related to sports instead.

19. Help him elevate his look with some really nice jeans, the quintessential piece of cotton clothing.

20. A canvas belt would make a great companion gift to the jeans listed above. This would really tie his look together.

21. This comforter set comes with a couple of pillow cases to boot. Yes, this is a 2nd anniversary gift for him, but that doesn’t prevent you from enjoying it too.

22. Cotton bed sheets would make a perfect companion gift to the comforter set above. Just make sure to get the right size for your bed.

23. While we’re on the topic of sleep, this sleep mask will help him log a few more Zzzs. This is a particularly great gift for frequent travelers.

24. While we’re on the topic of travel and sleep, how about this travel pillow. Again, this is great for frequent travelers, especially if they like sleeping.

25. Candles make great gifts, and this clean cotton candle is perfect as a 2nd anniversary gift.

26. Canvas shoes work well if they fit his sense of style. Or, if they just fit your sense of style for that matter.

27. For an even more comfortable footwear gift, get him these slippers. These ones have rubber soles, so they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Hope these cotton anniversary gifts for him help make this a wonderful 2nd anniversary. Hope you do something fun to celebrate this milestone. Happy shopping!