Cotton Anniversary Gifts For Her (Traditional 2nd Anniversary)

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It’s your 2nd anniversary.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.  For couples that are following the traditional 2nd anniversary theme, this one is all about cotton. The good news is that cotton is a fairly easy category and there are plenty of great cotton anniversary gifts for her out there. Now, a lot of the best cotton gift ideas are clothing, but there are plenty of other options as well for people that want to be a bit more creative. Without further ado, take a look at the list below.

By the way, if you’re interested, here is our list of cotton anniversary gifts for him.


31 cotton anniversary gifts for her (traditional 2nd anniversary gifts)

Cotton Calendar Print

1. A cotton calendar print that is personalized with your wedding date is sure to bring a smile to her face. As an added bonus, it’s a nice reminder of exactly when your anniversary is each year. I’m not saying that you won’t remember on your own. But, having it prominently displayed at all times is a pretty good idea.


2. You might get her a hammock if she likes reading, sleeping, or just chilling out. This hammock is made for two people. Just imagine all the lounging the two of you will do together!

Clean Cotton Candle

3. Candles make great gifts, and this clean cotton candle is perfect as a 2nd anniversary gift. It seems they make candles in just about every scent these days, doesn’t it?

Best Wife Ever T-Shirt

4. Perhaps a T-shirt proclaiming her to be the best wife ever. There is a good chance she already knows this to be true, but it doesn’t hurt to let her know that you realize it too.  Besides, who doesn’t love a great T-shirt?

Cotton Candy Maker

5. For someone with a sweet tooth, how about a tasty bit of nostalgia in the form of a cotton candy maker. On the other hand, you might just take her to an amusement park or baseball game and buy her some cotton candy. It’s nice when you can find a creative twist on a theme gift like this.

Cotton Print

6. This cotton print can be customized with your wedding song, wedding vows, or any other message of your choosing. It’s a perfect 2nd anniversary gift for her.


7. If the woman in your life enjoys baking or cooking, she will love this apron. Sit back, relax and brace yourself for a delicious meal. This gift idea really might be a win-win.

2nd Anniversary Pillow

8. This pillow was designed to be a 2nd anniversary gift. If two years doesn’t seem like a long time, 730 days sure does. This can be a fun gift, since different variations and materials are available for future anniversaries. Of course, you’ll lose creativity points if you giver her one of these every year.

Pillow With Your Wedding Date

9. Speaking of pillows, a pillow with your wedding date can be a great decoration, and with this constant reminder, you will never forget your anniversary again!  These can be displayed in the living room, bedroom or just about anywhere in the house.  As the years tick by, she may find herself looking at the pillow and marveling at the life that you have built together.


10. If you live in a cold weather climate, this scarf can help her stay warm when she goes outside. A woman can never have too many accessories, especially when they are functional like this one.


11. Help her elevate her look with some really nice jeans, the quintessential piece of cotton clothing. Just be careful to get the right size.

Canvas Belt

12. A canvas belt would make a great companion gift to the jeans listed above. This would really tie her look together. Of course, the belt alone can be a really nice gift too.


13. She’ll enjoy her morning coffees and breakfast routine more than ever, and she will do so in comfort and style. This robe will be particularly appreciated during those long winter months.

Cotton Pajamas

14. Cotton pajamas can be a great standalone gift or a great companion to the robe listed above. What’s not to like about this comfortable gift idea? Seriously, this one is a winner.


15. Lingerie is a gift for her and a gift for you. Everyone wins.  While lingerie can be made from a variety of different materials, make sure to pick something made out of cotton to stay within this theme.


16. A woman can never have too man handbags. So, why not add a cotton one to her collection? This is a classic gift idea that is sure to win you some points.

Sleeping Bag

17. If she likes the outdoors, you might get her a sleeping bag. That way, she’ll stay warm whenever you go camping together. You might even plan a trip to take together to make this extra special.

Summer Hat

18. A summer hat would make a nice gift. This can be a particularly nice touch if you want to surprise her with a vacation for your 2nd anniversary, and then tie in cotton with the hat.


19. This is a great time to upgrade your comforter with something fresh and new.  It’s amazing how once your replace a perfectly fine comforter with something better, you immediately realize what you have been missing.  Going to bed will be more fun, and she will wake up better rested and refreshed than ever before.  This one also happens to be one of those gifts that both of you can enjoy together.

Cotton Bed Sheets

20. Cotton bed sheets would make a perfect companion gift to the comforter set above. Just make sure to get the right size for your bed. This is one of those gifts that clearly benefits both of you.

Sleep Mask

21. While we’re on the topic of sleep, this sleep mask will help her log a few more Zzzs. This is a particularly great gift for frequent travelers, since it makes it a lot easier to get some rest on a plane.

Travel Pillow

22. While we’re on the topic of travel and sleep, how about this travel pillow. Again, this is great for frequent travelers, especially if they like sleeping.

Canvas Tote Bag

23. We listed a handbag above, but a canvas tote bag can also be a great idea. This one is 100% waterproof and perfect for a day at the beach. For that matter, you might even throw in some flip flops or sunglasses to top this one off. Just put them in the bag and enjoy the look on her face when she opens it!

His And Hers Bath Towels

24. A set of His and Hers bath towels can be a nice gift. Sure, technically, it’s more of a gift for both of you but there is a good chance she will appreciate these more than you.

Throw Blanket

25. Is she always cold and you’re always warm? Get her a throw blanket so she’s really comfortable whenever the two of you are binge watching shows or movies.


26. Warm and comfortable slippers to take the chill out of those cool winter mornings. You might even get a pair that can be worn outdoors for those quick morning trips to the mail box or to take a pet out.

Cotton Rose Flower

27. This beautiful rose ornamental flower makes the perfect gift for your cotton anniversary! Made from high quality silk, the rose holds a soft ball of cotton in the center of it to symbolize your special anniversary. Planted in a lovely terracotta pot with a cute ladybug gift tag attached to it, this rose is sure to make her smile!

Cotton Anniversary Memory Journal & Keepsake Album

28. By your second wedding anniversary, the two of you have started to collect some amazing memories together. Why not write them and keep them in this adorable memory journal? Full of beautifully decorated pages with sweet writing prompts for you to fill in together, this journal and keepsake album makes a lovely gift for her. Complete with a cover that says “Cotton Anniversary” on it to celebrate your special day!

“To My Wife” Cozy Blanket

29. There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket to snuggle up with on those chilly days, so if your wife is someone who enjoys being cuddled up in a nice warm blanket, then this blanket would be perfect for her. The blanket is made from incredibly soft microfleece and has a sweet message on it from the husband, letting her know just how special she truly is.

Funny Anniversary Wine Glass

30. Perhaps the two of you enjoy a nice glass of wine every now and again; if so, then this 15 ounce wine glass would be a great anniversary gift. Featuring a funny message that lets her know that she’s doing an awesome job as your wife, she will certainly appreciate both the glass and the humor behind it!

Hilarious Couples Reversible Pillow Cover

31. This gift is absolutely hilarious, and she’s sure to get a kick out of it. This reversible pillow cover sends the message on whether or not tonight will be “the night” in a super cute and funny way. Give her a laugh and the power to decide whether it will be “tonight” or “not tonight”! Made of quality cotton linen, this pillow cover measures 20” x 12”.

Hope these cotton anniversary gifts for her help make this a wonderful 2nd anniversary. Hope you do something fun to celebrate this milestone. Happy shopping!