Copper Anniversary Gifts for Him (Traditional 7th Anniversary)

Copper Anniversary Gifts for Him (Traditional 7th Anniversary)

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Your 7th wedding anniversary has arrived, and that is a very big deal.  Seven years might not be a round number like five or ten, but it is a really long time.  Just think about what your life looked liked seven years ago.  Then imagine what it might look like seven years from now.  With all of the ups and downs in life and marriage, it’s important to stop and smell the roses on your anniversary.  A nice dinner out or an evening with just the two of you might be one of the highlights of the year. It might also be something that you look back on fondly many years from now.  Of course at GiftGlide we like to commemorate each milestone with a gift and the theme for the 7th anniversary is copper.  This is a continuation of the metal anniversary theme from last year, and finding a gift in this category is no easy task.  Not to worry though.  We have a lots of copper anniversary gifts for him to get you thinking in the right direction.

Does he like to grill?

There are some men that just love to grill. They might not enjoy cooking in a kitchen, but they will leap at the chance to make a feast on the BBQ.  It might be the fun of being outside or the thrill of cooking with fire.  Maybe it’s the smoke and aroma of fresh food grilling away.  And maybe this is something that we just don’t need to question because it means someone else is taking care of dinner and it is going to be delicious.  If your guy likes to grill, then why not get him some grilling accessories to encourage this passion.  Copper grill mats can be a great thing to cook with since they open up the possibility of grilling pizza, chopped vegetables, eggs and many other things that you couldn’t prepare on grill grates.  As an added benefit, they keep the grill clean, prevent food from falling through the cracks and prevent flare ups.

copper anniversary gifts for him: grilling mats

Beverage accessories to spice up the celebration

You might not know it, but there are lots and lots of copper drink accessories.  The copper mug makes a particularly nice one.  But what do you serve in a copper mug?  A Moscow Mule of course.  This delightful beverage is made from vodka, ginger beer, lime and ice.  If you’re going to serve it properly, then you have to use a copper mug.  You are free to use this mug for other beverages as well, but it’s worth getting one just for this tasty concoction.  Beyond the mug, you might get a copper ice bucket – perfect for holding that bottle of champagne that you will be opening to celebrate this anniversary.  You can also get a copper cocktail mixer or an entire copper bar set.  This will stand out and is sure to get compliments when the two of you invite friends over and entertain.

copper anniversary gifts for him: copper mugs

Pennies make great copper anniversary gifts for him

In this day an age, people hardly seem to use physical currency.  Most of us go through our days swiping credit cards, or using mobile apps to pay for everything that we purchase.  Pretty soon we might all be using bitcoin or some other crypto currency.  Within physical currency, there is one coin that is probably used least of all: the penny.  Pennies are worth such a small amount that some people discard them to simply relieve themselves of the burden of carrying them around.  Astute shopkeepers have noticed this and put out tip jars to collect pennies and other spare change.  Pennies are of course made of copper, and that gets them included on the list of copper anniversary gifts for him.  There are penny key chains that are designed to be 7th anniversary gifts.  These are nice since they are small and simple, and something that he will carry around every day.  You might also look at artwork that is made of pennies, or perhaps a painting of a penny.

copper anniversary gifts for him: key chain

Personalized gifts make great anniversary gifts

Personalized gifts can be so simple and yet so heart warming.  You might get him a copper anniversary print that includes both of your names and your wedding date.  This has an added benefit since decorating your home with prints that include your wedding date makes it that much more likely that he will actually remember your anniversary each year!

copper anniversary gifts for him: print


Hope these ideas for copper anniversary gifts for him help to make your 7th anniversary one to be remembered.  Happy anniversary!

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