Copper Anniversary Gifts for Her (Traditional 7th Anniversary)

Copper Anniversary Gifts for Her (Traditional 7th Anniversary)

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Your 7th wedding anniversary has arrived.  Congratulations on seven years.  For most people, each new year brings some ups and some downs.  For that reason, it is a great idea to stop and smell the roses at least once a year just to marvel at how far the two of you have come together.  Continuing on the metal theme from last year, the 7th anniversary is all about copper.  While this is another somewhat challenging category, GiftGlide has done some thinking on the topic and has plenty of ideas for copper anniversary gifts for her.

Beverage accessories to spice up the celebration

You might not know it, but there are lots and lots of copper drink accessories.  The copper mug makes a particularly nice one.  But what do you serve in a copper mug?  A Moscow Mule of course.  This delightful beverage is made from vodka, ginger beer, lime and ice and to be done properly must be served in a copper mug.  You are free to use this mug for other beverages as well, but it’s worth getting one just for this tasty concoction.  Beyond the mug, you might get a copper ice bucket – perfect for holding that bottle of champagne that you will be opening to celebrate this anniversary.  You can also get a copper cocktail mixer or an entire copper bar set.  This will stand out and is sure to get compliments when the two of you invite friends over and entertain.

copper anniversary gifts for her: copper mugs

The most well known copper item of all: Penny

In this day an age, people hardly seem to use physical currency.  Most of us go through our days swiping credit cards, or using mobile apps to pay for everything that we purchase.  Pretty soon we might all be using bitcoin or some other crypto currency.  Within physical currency, there is one coin that is probably used least of all and that is the penny.  Pennies are worth such a small amount that some people discard them to simply relieve themselves of the burden of carrying them around.  Astute shopkeepers have noticed this and put out tip jars to collect pennies and other spare change.  Pennies are of course made of copper, and that gets them included on the list of copper anniversary gifts for her.  No, it’s not recommended that you simply give your wife a penny as an anniversary gift.  If you have made it this far in your marriage, chances are that you know better.  You might get her something that riffs on the penny theme though.  If your wife is a Beatles fan, you might get her some form of the song Penny Lane.  You can give her an album in vinyl or perhaps some Beatles memorabilia that references the song.  If your wife has a sweet tooth, you might get her an old fashioned candy or gumball machine and fill it with penny candy (something that used to exist when certain pieces of candy cost only a penny).

copper anniversary gifts for her: candy or gumball machine

If you’re looking for copper anniversary gifts for her, look at artwork

Art is a recurring theme in gift giving, and a wonderful category to consider when looking for copper anniversary gifts for her.  You might look at copper sculptures.  You might also look at artwork that is made of pennies, or perhaps a painting of a penny.  For that matter, any painting that includes copper colors could be a winner.  This opens up a world of artistic possibilities.

copper anniversary gifts for her: copper sculpture

When in doubt about a sentimental gift idea, engrave it

The nice thing about metal gifts is that they can be easily engraved.  It’s a scientific fact that you can pretty much engrave any gift with the right message and instantly transform it into a wonderfully sentimental gift.  You might pick up a copper flask with your wedding date engraved onto it.  Something like this could be a nice decoration or a functional container.

copper anniversary gifts for her: copper flask

Copper cookware?  Yes, it’s a thing

While not as well known as cast iron cookware, copper cookware does exist.  The key here is to get an entire set.  While it might be fine to get a single cast iron pan for someone, a single copper pan would look a bit out of place if not part of a larger set.  On the other hand, a new set of copper cookware will really pop and look spectacular in your kitchen.  This would be particularly fun to use when entertaining and making meals with family and friends.

copper anniversary gifts for her: copper cookware

When in doubt, get her jewelry

This personalized cuff bracelet comes in a variety of metals, including copper. Add any special or meaningful message that you like


Hope these ideas for copper anniversary gifts for her help to make #7 an anniversary to be remembered.  Happy anniversary!

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