Traditional 8th Anniversary Gifts for Him: Bronze

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It’s your 8th wedding anniversary. Time really does move right along, doesn’t it! Congratulations on eight years together. Each year really is a milestone worth celebrating. At GiftGlide, we of course think that every proper celebration should be paired with a great gift. If you are following the traditional gift themes, the 8th wedding anniversary is all about bronze.  While this is another somewhat challenging category, GiftGlide has done some thinking on the topic and has plenty of ideas for bronze anniversary gifts for him.

Oh, and if you happen to be interested, here is our list of bronze anniversary gifts for her.


56 Bronze Anniversary Gifts For Him

Without further ado, check out our list of 8th anniversary gift ideas below.


1. This bronze globe will bring an air of sophistication to his study or office. As an added bonus, this could also be really useful to have in case the Internet ever goes away.

Bronze Fireplace Set

2. If he occasionally builds a fire for the two of you to enjoy, this bronze fireplace set could be a winner. Even if he doesn’t build fires all that often, this is a nice decoration.


3. For the man that dresses with style, cufflinks can really complete his look. Men that wear cufflinks can never have too many. If your guy doesn’t usually wear them, he might enjoy it on occasion when he wants to look his best. This could be for a bit night out or an important meeting. You might even throw in a french cut shirt for good measure.

Collar Stays

4. Collar stays are something that he might wear every day, which can be a great feature in an anniversary gift. These ones can even be personalized.

Tie Clip

5. You could also get him a tie clip. This one can be personalized as well, and can of course be worn almost every day. You can get him a necktie as well to round out this gift.

Leather Belt With Bronze Buckle

6. While we’re on the topic of functional accessories, how about a leather belt with bronze buckle. This can be flashy or low key to fit his style.


7. Watches are becoming more decorative and less functional every year since we are all surrounded by digital time displays on our phones, laptops and other devices these days. That said, they still look great and make a great gift.


8. This keychain wishes him a “Happy 2,922 days” (which happens to be the number of days in 8 years). You can get a bronze keychain engraved with anything you like if you would rather go with a different message


9. Give him a bronze key and call it the key to your heart. These are a great, sentimental decoration. They are also a nice addition to any other gift that you might like to get him.


10. A lamp or two can bring light into your bedroom, living room or just about any other room in the house. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a set of matching lamps that you both get to enjoy.

Fire Pit

11. Take things a bit further with a fire pit. Imagine evenings sitting outside together, sipping a glass of wine and talking the night away. Fire pits create a wonderful ambiance and make everything seem a bit more fun.

Bottle Opener

12. For the beer enthusiast, a bottle opener. Trust me, you can never have too many of these. This one catches bottle caps magnetically as they fall. Throw in a six pack of his favorite brew if you really want to make him smile.

Wine Corkscrew

13. If he is more of a wine drinker, then how about a wine corkscrew. Of course, you might just throw in a fine bottle of wine as well or even plan a trip to a winery.

Cigar Cutter

14. If he happens to enjoy an occasional stogie, you might get him a cigar cutter. A few premium cigars would make an excellent companion gift.


15. You can take things a step further with a lighter. This one can be personalized. These are simply a more elegant way start a fire. No more fumbling with matches or cheap plastic lighters.

Wallstreet Bookends

16. These Wallstreet bookends are great for the finance guru or amateur market speculator, especially if he happens to be a reader..

Bookends With A Nautical Theme

17. If he isn’t into finance, perhaps a set of bookends with a nautical theme or something else that suits him better.

Bronze Bird Bath

18. A bronze bronze bird bath might look great outside and it’s sure to win points for originality. It would be really cool to look outside once in a while and see a few birds gathering nearby as well.

Flower Wind Spinner

19. While we’re on the topic of outdoor decorations, a flower wind spinner could be a winning lawn or garden ornament.

Couple Intertwined

20. There are tons of different bronze sculptures. For your 8 year anniversary, it would be a good idea to get him something a bit romantic. You might get him this one of a couple intertwined.

Hands Clasped Together

21. Or you could give him this one with two hands clasped together. It’s almost like the artist made this with your 8th wedding anniversary in mind.

Desktop Organizer

22. For the neat freak or the guy that needs a little encouragement to stay organized, a desktop organizer for all those pens, pencils and miscellaneous items.

Nautical Ship Wheel

23. If he works in an office, maybe a decorative paperweight for his desk. You can give him a nautical ship wheel if this theme suits him.


24. Or, you might get him a turtle paperweight or anything else you think he might like.

Bronze Bracelet

25. If it fits with his style, you might get him this bronze bracelet.

Stackable Wine Rack

26. This stackable wine rack would make another great gift for wine enthusiasts. Pair it with the corkscrew above or give him this gift on its own. Of course, throwing in a couple of bottles of wine wouldn’t hurt either.

Money Clip

27. You might have gotten him a wallet in the past, but this year you can get him a bronze money clip. Even if he uses a wallet most of the time, there are certain occasions where he might like traveling a little lighter.

Solid Brass Directional Magnetic Compass

28. Make sure he can always find his way home with this beautiful brass compass, complete with a heart-warming engraved message on the inside. Complete with a leather case and brass chain, this gift is sure to make him happy, and because it is portable, he can bring it with him wherever he goes. Perfect for the man who loves to travel and explore!

Bronze Endless Knot Stepping Stone

29. Does your hubby enjoy working in the garden around your home? Then perhaps he’d love this gorgeous bronze endless knot stepping stone. Measuring 12” in diameter, this stepping stone also features the lovely message, “there is no strength without unity”, reminding him just how important he is in your life.

Vintage Touch Control Table Lamp

30. Turn down the lights and set the mood with this vintage touch control table lamp! This makes a great gift for your bronze anniversary, and this lamp is a lovely piece to have displayed in your home. The LED bulb features 3 different levels of brightness, making it perfect to use as a reading light, nightlight, or just to set the mood!

“You Are My Rock” – 8th Anniversary Metal Rock

31. Sometimes a simple gift is the best gift, like this 8th anniversary metal rock featuring the message “you are my rock”. This reminds him just how important he is to you, and that he is the solid strength that you rely on. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and this lovely metal rock does just that.

Contemporary Family of 4 Bronze Sculpture

32. Perhaps during your 8 years together you have started a family. If so, then this gorgeous bronze sculpture featuring a family of 4 is a great way to recognize all that you’ve accomplished together in your years of marriage. It measures 4.75” x 1.5” x 8.5”, making it the perfect gift to display in your home.

Bronze Bottle Opener

33. Does he enjoy cracking open a cold one after a long day? Then this bronze bottle opener would be a great gift to give him for your 8th anniversary. Shaped like a hammer, this bottle opener is unique in its design and comes with a chain to hang it wherever it is most convenient. Add a pack of his favorite beverages, and you’ve got a gift that he’ll surely appreciate!

Personalized Bronze Guitar Picks

34. Are you married to a musician or someone with a musical inclination? He might get a kick out of this bronze guitar pick with a sweet message on it. There are many different messages to choose from, but one that would be sweet for an anniversary gift would be “I’d pick you every time” – a cute little word pun!

Funny 8-Year Anniversary Mug

35. This funny anniversary mug is a great gift idea and it is guaranteed to make him chuckle! Reminding him that he’s “still got it” and that you still love every part of him will make him feel special and loved. So, why not put that message on his coffee mug so he can have a good laugh each morning?!

Bronze Wind Chime

36. Your love goes wherever the wind blows, so catch it in this beautiful bronze wind chime that he can display outside to enjoy. This high quality wind chime is carefully crafted and tuned to reflect a 5-note variation in its bars, and it measures approximately 27 inches in overall length. The removable windcatcher at the bottom can also be taken to your local engraving store if you want to add your own message to it.

Bronze Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

37. Is your hubby a motorcycle enthusiast? Then he will love this vintage motorcycle bottle opener. The handle of the bottle opener features a super cool vintage motorcycle, and it is small and portable so he can bring it with him even in his pocket.

Elegant Trinket Tray

38. This sweet little trinket tray would make a lovely anniversary gift for him, and it gives him a space to put his most valuable items like jewelry or spare coins. Featuring the simple message, “I still do”, it will remind him every day that you continue to choose him every time.

Bronze Open-Face Pocket Watch

39. This is an absolutely gorgeous gift to give to any antique collector or anyone who enjoys vintage gifts. Featuring an open-face design so you can view the mechanical workings inside, this watch requires no batteries to function, but rather requires him to wind the dial on the top.

Premium Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

40. This is a super stylish gift to give your hubby, especially if he enjoys cocktails! This shaker set comes complete with everything you need to make even the fanciest of cocktails, including a Boston shaker, Hawthorne strainer, spiral spoon, Japanese jigger, muddler, and wooden tray. All of these items are packaged into a lovely gift box, ready to give.

Bronze Family Tree with 6 Hanging Photo Frames

41. Capture the moment with this lovely family tree with 6 hanging photo frames for all your loved ones. This is a great gift for an anniversary, as you can select what photos you wish to include and have them all filled when you give him the gift. The tree itself measures at about 12” high with beautiful bronze leaves at the top, perfect for that bronze anniversary!

Solid Brass Sundial

42. This sundial would be a beautiful addition to any yard or deck, and it features lovely sentimental messages around the outside. It is approximately 6¼” in diameter and is made from 99% recycled metals and materials. Let him know that your love stands the test of time with this beautiful sundial.

Celtic Design Solid Bronze Cufflinks

43. If your hubby often wears dress shirts with cufflinks, then this would be a great gift to give him. These cufflinks are solid bronze and feature a Celtic knot design. A subtle fashion statement with a lovely design, these cufflinks are sure to impress.

Personalized Secret Message Leather Bracelet

44. If your hubby is not one for wearing showy jewelry or sentimental things, then this secret message bracelet might be a great solution! This bracelet is simple in its design, made from genuine leather with a brass clasp. On the inside of the bracelet is where you can leave a secret engraved message that only he will see.

Antique Bronze Bottle Opener

45. This bottle opener is made from renewable acacia wood which offers gorgeous natural wood contrasting patterns. It also has a magnetic backing on it so that it can be mounted on any metal surface such as a refrigerator or toolbox, ensuring that he has it close by whenever needed.

8th Wedding Anniversary Fishing Lure

46. Is your hubby the best catch? If so, then maybe you want to give him this cute fishing lure as a reminder! It has a sweet message on it that reads, “8 years down and I’m still hooked on you”. This lure is made from high quality stainless steel and measures about 3” from top to bottom. A great anniversary gift for the fisherman in your life!

Bronze Steampunk Owl with Jetpack and Goggles

47. If your hubby enjoys antique and vintage collectables, then he will certainly appreciate this adorable bronze steampunk owl statue with jetpack and goggles. This little guy measures 6.25” high and would make a great addition to his desk or workplace, as a reminder that you love his quirky little ways!

Badass Husband Morse Code Bracelet

48. If your husband isn’t a huge fan of flashy jewelry, then he might get a kick out of this simple morse code bracelet. The code says “badass husband”, and is made from waxed nylon cord, wooden beads, and black stones. A simplistic way to let him know that he is the ultimate badass husband.

Bronze Irish Love Plaque

49. This is a stunning piece of home decor that he will love to display. Made of resin coated in bronze, it can endure being displayed both indoors and outdoors. It features the words “gra” and “love” on it along with a beautiful Celtic knot heart, and it measures 5.5” tall and 3” wide.

Funny 8th Anniversary Mug

50. Let him know he’s doing a great job as a husband and to “keep that sh*t up” with this hilarious anniversary coffee mug. These mugs are designed to last and are both microwave and dishwasher safe. Make him smile each morning with this funny mug reminding him that he’s’ doing a great job!

Bronze Spinning Top

51. A perfect gift for a bronze wedding anniversary, this bronze top can reach spinning times of up to ten minutes! A small little spinner, it is made from top quality materials and features a knurled upper top for better grip to get that perfect spin! A fun little gift for him to keep on his desk while working.

8th Anniversary Engraved Metal Wallet Card

52. This metal wallet card makes a great anniversary gift, and it is something that he can take with him wherever he goes. It measures 3.38” x 2.13” x 0.03” and fits perfectly inside a wallet. Because it is laser engraved, the endearing message will never tarnish or fade, ensuring that he will carry your messages of love forever.

3D Crystal Picture Engraved Heart

53. Do you have a favorite photo of the two of you? Capture it in this beautiful 3D crystal engraved heart, where your photo is memorialized within the heart to create a beautiful ornament to display within your home. The base uses LED lights to illuminate your photo and includes a USB port for charging.

Safe Brass BBQ Grill Cleaner

54. Is your hubby King of the Grill? Then he’ll love this safe brass BBQ grill cleaner as an anniversary gift! It is safer than a wire brush to use on the BBQ grill because it is made from solid brass so it won’t damage the grill, and no pesky wire bristles will be left behind! Small and compact, this grill cleaner is easy to store and take with him wherever he goes.

Bronze Vintage Cigar Ashtray

55. If your husband enjoys smoking cigars, then this stylish bronze cigar ashtray would make a great gift for your bronze anniversary. With its single smoke slot design, it holds the cigar perfectly in place, and the bronze finish adds a touch of elegance to the tray itself.

Bronze Motorcycle Wine Bottle Stopper

56. This bronze motorcycle wine bottle stopper makes a great gift for your 8th anniversary, and combines two things your hubby loves – motorcycles and wine! If that sounds like your man, then grab this gift today. Made from silicone and zinc alloy, this bottle stopper features a vintage motorcycle on top, making it one of the coolest wine bottle stoppers on the market!

Hope these bronze anniversary gifts for him help make #8 an anniversary to be remembered. Happy anniversary!