Traditional 8th Anniversary Gifts for Him: Bronze

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It’s your 8th wedding anniversary. Time really does move right along, doesn’t it! Congratulations on eight years together. Each year really is a milestone worth celebrating. At GiftGlide, we of course think that every proper celebration should be paired with a great gift. If you are following the traditional gift themes, the 8th wedding anniversary is all about bronze.  While this is another somewhat challenging category, GiftGlide has done some thinking on the topic and has plenty of ideas for bronze anniversary gifts for him.

Oh, and if you happen to be looking for bronze anniversary gift ideas for her instead, they can be found right here.

27 bronze anniversary gifts for him

1. This bronze globe will bring an air of sophistication to his study or office. As an added bonus, this could also be really useful to have in case the Internet ever goes away.

2. If he occasionally builds a fire for the two of you to enjoy, this bronze fireplace set could be a winner. Even if he doesn’t build fires all that often, this is a nice decoration.

3. For the man that dresses with style, cufflinks can really complete his look. Men that wear cufflinks can never have too many. If your guy doesn’t usually wear them, he might enjoy it on occasion when he wants to look his best. This could be for a bit night out or an important meeting. You might even throw in a french cut shirt for good measure.

4. Collar stays are something that he might wear every day, which can be a great feature in an anniversary gift. These ones can even be personalized.

5. You could also get him a tie clip. This one can be personalized as well, and can of course be worn almost every day. You can get him a necktie as well to round out this gift.

6. While we’re on the topic of functional accessories, how about a leather belt with bronze buckle. This can be flashy or low key to fit his style.

7. Watches are becoming more decorative and less functional every year since we are all surrounded by digital time displays on our phones, laptops and other devices these days. That said, they still look great and make a great gift.

8. This keychain wishes him a “Happy 2,922 days” (which happens to be the number of days in 8 years). You can get a bronze keychain engraved with anything you like if you would rather go with a different message

9. Give him a bronze key and call it the key to your heart. These are a great, sentimental decoration. They are also a nice addition to any other gift that you might like to get him.

10. A lamp or two can bring light into your bedroom, living room or just about any other room in the house. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a set of matching lamps that you both get to enjoy.

11. Take things a bit further with a fire pit. Imagine evenings sitting outside together, sipping a glass of wine and talking the night away. Fire pits create a wonderful ambiance and make everything seem a bit more fun.

12. For the beer enthusiast, a bottle opener. Trust me, you can never have too many of these. This one catches bottle caps magnetically as they fall. Throw in a six pack of his favorite brew if you really want to make him smile.

13. If he is more of a wine drinker, then how about a wine corkscrew. Of course, you might just throw in a fine bottle of wine as well or even plan a trip to a winery.

14. If he happens to enjoy an occasional stogie, you might get him a cigar cutter. A few premium cigars would make an excellent companion gift.

15. You can take things a step further with a ligther. This one can be personalized. These are simply a more elegant way start a fire. No more fumbling with matches or cheap plastic lighters.

16. These Wallstreet bookends are great for the finance guru or amateur market speculator, especially if he happens to be a reader..

17. If he isn’t into finance, perhaps a set of bookends with a nautical theme or something else that suits him better.

18. A bronze bronze bird bath might look great outside and it’s sure to win points for originality. It would be really cool to look outside once in a while and see a few birds gathering nearby as well.

19. While we’re on the topic of outdoor decorations, a flower wind spinner could be a winning lawn or garden ornament.

20. There are tons of different bronze sculptures. For your 8 year anniversary, it would be a good idea to get him something a bit romantic. You might get him this one of a couple intertwined.

21. Or you could give him this one with two hands clasped together. It’s almost like the artist made this with your 8th wedding anniversary in mind.

22. For the neat freak or the guy that needs a little encouragement to stay organized, a desktop organizer for all those pens, pencils and miscellaneous items.

23. If he works in an office, maybe a decorative paperweight for his desk. You can give him a nautical ship wheel if this theme suits him.

24. Or, you might get him a turtle paperweight or anything else you think he might like.

25. If it fits with his style, you might get him this bronze bracelet.

26. This stackable wine rack would make another great gift for wine enthusiasts. Pair it with the corkscrew above or give him this gift on its own. Of course, throwing in a couple of bottles of wine wouldn’t hurt either.

27. You might have gotten him a wallet in the past, but this year you can get him a bronze money clip. Even if he uses a wallet most of the time, there are certain occasions where he might like traveling a little lighter.

Hope these bronze anniversary gifts for him help make #8 an anniversary to be remembered. Happy anniversary!