Traditional 8th Anniversary Gifts for Her: Bronze

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It’s your 8th wedding anniversary. Time really does move right along, doesn’t it! Congratulations on eight years together. Each year really is a milestone worth celebrating. At GiftGlide, we of course think that every proper celebration should be paired with a great gift. If you are following the traditional gift themes, the 8th anniversary is all about bronze.  While this is another somewhat challenging category, GiftGlide has done some thinking on the topic and has plenty of ideas for bronze anniversary gifts for her.

Oh, and if you happen to be interested, here is our list of bronze anniversary gifts for him.

24 bronze anniversary gifts for her

Our best 8th anniversary gifts for your wife are below.


1. Jewelry is always a good anniversary gift bet. So, you might get her a bronze ring that she can wear once in a while. You may have already given her a ring or two in the past. But, then again, she might like another one to wear on certain occasions.


2. Earrings are another great jewelry idea. A woman can never have too many. Pick out a nice pair for her, and she is sure to get a lot of complements.

Jewelry Box

3. While we’re on the topic of jewelry gifts, you might get her a bronze jewelry box. This gift will be especially well received if you put a little bling inside. The jewelry itself can be bronze or some other metal since you already have bronze covered with the box. For extra points, get this one engraved.

Bronze Jewelry Tree

4. Instead of a jewelry box, you might go with something more unique like this bronze jewelry tree to hold her jewelry. Are you starting to notice a theme? Jewelry and jewelry related gifts are great ideas

Bronze Shower Heads

5. What kind of fixtures do you have throughout the bathrooms in your home? If they are in need of updating, you might pick out bronze shower heads, sink faucets and towel racks. Bronze is a common and attractive choice for these fixtures. Just one pro tip: make sure all of the fixtures in a given room match if possible.

Picture Frame

6. A picture frame can make a great 8th anniversary gift. If you want to put a nice touch on this one, plan a dinner at a nice restaurant. During the meal, ask a server to snap a photo of the two of you. Then, when you give your wife the frame, let her know that you are getting your dinner photo printed and pop it in once it’s ready.

Candle Holder

7. If your culinary skills are up to the challenge, you might prepare a gourmet meal at home instead of going out to dinner. Add a little magic by making this a candle light dinner, and top it off with a new candle holder or two.


8. When people want to look a little more tan than they actually are, they can use a product called bronzer. What if you gave your wife some bronzer and also planned a trip somewhere warm to get a real tan to boot!

Shower Caddy

9. Interested in another bronze bathroom idea? How about a shower caddy? I’m not saying the 8th wedding anniversary theme is a bathroom theme but there are a few good ideas here. Plus, a good shower caddy really can be a game changer in helping her to get her day off to a nice start.


10. With all of the jewelry that you have given your wife over the years, it might be a good idea to get her a vanity so that she can easily try on each piece before making a choice. You might even bundle this with something else if you’re feeling generous.


11. For that matter, you might get her a bronze mirror for the bathroom or for her vanity. Gifts like this can be wonderful daily reminders of your anniversary since they get used all the time. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could put a daily smile on her face?


12. Now, let’s revisit jewelry again. What about a bronze bracelet? This is another one of those accessories where it pays to own lots of them. Of course, you can always get her a couple of nice pieces of bronze jewelry that look good together if you like.


13. And if you are thinking about wrist accessories, you might as well take a look at watches as well. Once a functional item, these are increasingly just a piece of jewelry given that we are all surrounded by screens displaying the time these days.

Wine Opener Set With A Bronze Corkscrew

14. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or staying home to celebrate, you might decide to open a bottle of wine to kick off the evening or to close it out. Either way, this is a great opportunity to break out a new wine opener set with a bronze corkscrew.


15. Over the years, artists have been enamored with bronze, and art can make a great anniversary gift. You might get your wife a bronze sculpture this year. There are lots of different options to choose from to fit anyone’s artistic taste.

Bronze Rose

16. Romantic art is particularly well suited for an anniversary gift. Perhaps a bronze rose? It’s almost impossible to think of something that is better suited to being an 8th anniversary gift for your wife than this.

Sculpture In The Shape Of A Heart

17. Or for that matter, a sculpture in the shape of a heart. This is a pretty good way to celebrate the 8 year mark as well.

Wind Chimes

18. Outside of pure art, you might look at other decorations, like a set of wind chimes. Besides adding to your aesthetic, these make beautiful sounds as well. When she hears the wind chimes, she’ll think of you.


19. Something simple and sentimental like a keychain that she will carry around everywhere. A lot of women love carrying something with them that symbolizes their relationship. A keychain fits the bill.

Teddy Bear With A Bronze Wool Rose

20. How about a teddy bear with a bronze wool rose if she likes stuffed animals? This is another gift that is custom designed to celebrate your 8 year anniversary.

3 In 1 Device

21. If you are going for something really unique, take a look at this 3 in 1 device. It’s a pen, USB flash drive and stylus in one. I’ll bet she hasn’t seen something like this before. It’s a winner for anyone that appreciates a good gadget.


22. A bronze clock would be a nice gift to hang on the wall. Functional decorations like this can really make your home look nice. Plus, they add a little variety to a room rather than hanging up yet another picture or painting.


23. If she has a desk job, you might get her a tchotchke to keep in her office. Who doesn’t love a good tchotchke?

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

24. This personalized cuff bracelet comes in a variety of metals, including bronze. Add any special or meaningful message that you like. This one wins points for being sentimental and looking good.

Hope these ideas for bronze anniversary gifts for her help make #8 an anniversary to be remembered. Happy anniversary!