Birthday for Him

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It’s that time of year.  Your husband or boyfriend is having a birthday, and it’s up to you to help make sure it’s a good one.  The right gift can set the stage for a fun and happy day.  Here are a few ideas to help make sure it’s a great birthday for him.


This is one of the only accessories most men take with them everywhere they go.  It’s also one of those accessories that gets beat up over time, and a lot of men wait way too long to replace them.  A new wallet is sure to put a smile on his face every day when he reaches to pay for something.

Smart Speakers

With lots of options to choose from, smart speakers are a product whose time has arrived. Great for streaming music, getting quick info, or controlling a connected home.  Particularly nice if your husband or boyfriend is a gadget enthusiast.

Gaming Console

The latest Nintendo or PlayStation is sure to provide hours and hours of fun. The amount of value that a gamer receives from such a gift is almost unparalleled.  If anything, this hobby might take up too much time!


BBQs and family meals will never be the same.  A great way to encourage your husband’s culinary inclinations.  Already own a nice grill?  How about a new grilling set.

Beverage Glasses

Whether your husband likes beer, scotch, or wine, new glasses will have him sipping in style.  You might even include a bottle or six of his favorite beverage so that he has a nice way to enjoy this gift after opening.

Poker Set

Up the ante in those weekly poker games with a new chip set.  This is a staple for even the occasional card player.

Hope the gift ideas above help make this a great birthday for him.  Happy shopping!