Birthday for Her

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It’s that time of year.  Your wife or girlfriend is having a birthday, and it’s up to you to help make sure it’s a good one.  The right gift can set the stage for a fun and happy day.  Here are a few ideas to help make sure it’s a great birthday for her.


A classic. This can be a standalone gift or a great companion gift to set the mood for a fun celebration.  Really, there is almost never a bad time for flowers, but birthdays are a great excuse.


The right piece of jewelry can have a lot of sentimental value. This is something she can wear to feel great and also think of you throughout the day. You might pick out something extravagant for special occasions or something for every day use.  Your best bet is a necklace, bracelet or earrings.


If your wife or girlfriend has a sweet tooth, this can be a great companion gift.  What could be more fun on your birthday than opening up a box and picking out a couple of treats?  As a side benefit, you might help yourself to a piece or two.


Does your wife like designer accessories? She might enjoy adding one into her rotation for a big night out.  Does she already have 11 handbags?  Don’t worry #12 will be just as special.  Careful though, some of these will break the bank.


Wallets are a slightly more affordable way to indulge those designer desires.  Of course, you could always give her a handbag with a matching wallet inside.  Just saying.


A good gift for her and a great gift for you.  This one speaks for itself. Really a gift that will put a smile on everyone’s face.


Coffee or Espresso Machine

A coffee maker or espresso machine is something she can enjoy every day.  Maybe even a french press.  Oh, and you get to enjoy this one too!

We hope that the ideas above help make it a great birthday for her.  Happy shopping!