Best Medical School Graduation Gifts

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The path to becoming a doctor is a long and challenging one.  After going to college for four years, it’s time for more school.  Four more years or medical school to be specific.  Sure there are a few other professions that require additional schooling after an undergraduate education.  Law comes to mind for example.  However, if someone wants to become a doctor, there is still another step after med school, and it’s called residency.  Then there is fellowship.  Nevertheless, graduation is a big deal and a milestone that should be recognized and celebrated. In order to help celebrate, we have got some of the best medical school graduation gifts right here.

Best Medical School Graduation Gift Ideas

A new frame to make that diploma shine

Most doctors display their med school diploma prominently in their office.  This is for good reason given all of the hard work that goes into this becoming a doctor.  Since they are going to be displaying a diploma for the next 30 or so years, it just might be a good idea to get a nice frame to display it. While there are plenty of options, mahogany frames tend to lend an air of sophistication to any room. Of course, feel free to pick any frame that fits the graduate’s sense of style and taste.

Mugs.  A great source of pride and entertainment

Mugs are great for a few different reasons. First off, there are a lot of funny mugs that show off a bit of doctor related humor.  Speaking of showing off, it just never hurts to bask in the glory of being a doctor just a little bit.  It takes a lot of work to get there. So hopefully the med school grad can enjoy it by subtly reminding coffee and tea companions that they are in fact a doctor. Oh, and all of the work that it takes to become a doctor is not quite over yet either. There is still that small matter of residency and fellowship up ahead. Residents work notoriously long hours, so having a few extra mugs around for coffee is not a bad idea.

best medical school graduation gifts: spa day

A day at the spa

One of the best medical school graduation gifts is a nice dose of relaxation. After all, just what is a person to do after wrapping up med school before embarking on an exhausting residency. They could go climb a mountain or run a marathon.  But maybe, just maybe a day at the spa would be a better choice.  After all who doesn’t enjoy a nice massage and a little pampering?

Scrubs, scrubs and more scrubs

One thing is for sure, a resident can never have enough scrubs. Between all of the shifts someone is working, there is a good chance that doing laundry is not going to be the highest priority. A few extra sets of scrubs can really come in handy. You might go for classic blue scrubs, or something with a bit more personality to wear on occasion.

A new lab coat

If you’re going to get them scrubs, you might as well tack on a lab coat as well.  While scrubs kind of feel like the thing to wear when the work is getting done, lab coats feel a little bit more formal.  A doctor might work in a lab coat but they are also a great thing to wear when meeting with patients.  You might even get this one personalized with their name or initials. If you do include their name though, don’t forget to begin with “Dr.” or end with “MD”!

High end pen

The medical profession is one in which the old fashioned pen and paper are still used with a fair amount of frequency.  Whether a doctor is writing up a prescription or jotting down some instructions for a patient, wouldn’t it be nice to do so with a nice pen?  Last time I checked, Montblanc was still the gold standard in the world of pens. While this might seem a bit extravagant, a fine pen is something that will last for years and years (though occasionally the ink will need to be replaced).


A stethoscope might not be something that the average person thinks much about.  For new doctors and residents though, this tool might be a big part of their world.  Stethoscopes are also hugely symbolic of doctors and of that reason, they can be a great gift.

We think these are some of the best medical school graduation gifts out there.  Hope you found one or two for the graduate in your life.