Best Medical School Graduation Gifts

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The path to becoming a doctor is a long and challenging one.  After going to college for four years, it’s time for more school.  Four more years or medical school to be specific.  Sure there are a few other professions that require additional schooling after an undergraduate education.  Law comes to mind for example.  However, if someone wants to become a doctor, there is still another step after med school, and it’s called residency.  Then there is fellowship.  Nevertheless, graduation is a big deal and a milestone that should be recognized and celebrated. In order to help celebrate, we have got some of the best medical school graduation gifts right here.


Best Medical School Graduation Gift Ideas

A new frame to make that diploma shine

Most doctors display their med school diploma prominently in their office.  This is for good reason given all of the hard work that goes into this becoming a doctor.  Since they are going to be displaying a diploma for the next 30 or so years, it just might be a good idea to get a nice frame to display it. While there are plenty of options, mahogany frames tend to lend an air of sophistication to any room. Of course, feel free to pick any frame that fits the graduate’s sense of style and taste.

Mugs.  A great source of pride and entertainment

Mugs are great for a few different reasons. First off, there are a lot of funny mugs that show off a bit of doctor related humor.  Speaking of showing off, it just never hurts to bask in the glory of being a doctor just a little bit.  It takes a lot of work to get there. So hopefully the med school grad can enjoy it by subtly reminding coffee and tea companions that they are in fact a doctor. Oh, and all of the work that it takes to become a doctor is not quite over yet either. There is still that small matter of residency and fellowship up ahead. Residents work notoriously long hours, so having a few extra mugs around for coffee is not a bad idea.

best medical school graduation gifts: spa day

A day at the spa

One of the best medical school graduation gifts is a nice dose of relaxation. After all, just what is a person to do after wrapping up med school before embarking on an exhausting residency. They could go climb a mountain or run a marathon.  But maybe, just maybe a day at the spa would be a better choice.  After all who doesn’t enjoy a nice massage and a little pampering?

Scrubs, scrubs and more scrubs

One thing is for sure, a resident can never have enough scrubs. Between all of the shifts someone is working, there is a good chance that doing laundry is not going to be the highest priority. A few extra sets of scrubs can really come in handy. You might go for classic blue scrubs, or something with a bit more personality to wear on occasion.

A new lab coat

If you’re going to get them scrubs, you might as well tack on a lab coat as well.  While scrubs kind of feel like the thing to wear when the work is getting done, lab coats feel a little bit more formal.  A doctor might work in a lab coat but they are also a great thing to wear when meeting with patients.  You might even get this one personalized with their name or initials. If you do include their name though, don’t forget to begin with “Dr.” or end with “MD”!

High end pen

The medical profession is one in which the old fashioned pen and paper are still used with a fair amount of frequency.  Whether a doctor is writing up a prescription or jotting down some instructions for a patient, wouldn’t it be nice to do so with a nice pen?  Last time I checked, Montblanc was still the gold standard in the world of pens. While this might seem a bit extravagant, a fine pen is something that will last for years and years (though occasionally the ink will need to be replaced).


A stethoscope might not be something that the average person thinks much about.  For new doctors and residents though, this tool might be a big part of their world.  Stethoscopes are also hugely symbolic of doctors and of that reason, they can be a great gift.

Hilarious Doctor Travel Tumbler

For the doctor with a sense of humor, this tumbler makes the perfect gift. Reminding people not to confuse their Google search with a medical degree, this sassy tumbler is the perfect travel cup to bring to the office each day. It holds 20 ounces of their favorite hot or cold beverage, and it is made from high quality stainless steel with a clear, BPA-free lid.

Anatomy Canvas Wall Art

Give them something to hang in their new workplace, such as this beautiful canvas featuring the anatomy of a heart. This art piece measures 8×10” and is printed on premium canvas that is water resistant as well as fade resistant. The black and white image of the heart, combined with the colorful flowers throughout makes this a stunning piece to hang in the home or at work.

Novelty Medical Socks

These medical-themed socks make a super cute gift for any new medical school grad. They feature various images such as stethoscopes, medicine bottles, and syringes, making them colorful as well as cute. Made with a combination of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% spandex, these socks are stretchy and breathable, so they are very comfortable to wear.

Medical Inspirational Gift Pen

Doctors are always in need of a good pen to keep on hand, so giving them a stylish pen such as this would be a great idea. This multifunction pen is engraved with the inspirational quote from Hippocrates, “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”, as well as medical symbols such as the EKG heart, stethoscope, Rod of Aclepius, and a first aid kit. The pen also has a stylus and even a lighted tip allowing you to write in the dark.

Physician’s Prayer Framed Poem

A very thoughtful gift would be this framed copy of the Physician’s Prayer, available in several different colors and styles. It serves as a daily reminder that physician’s are given by God to deliver their care to their patients. This wooden frame measures 6 x 12” and holds a 4 x 10” print.

White Coat Ceremony Love Knot Necklace

This gorgeous love knot necklace makes the perfect gift for the graduate’s White Coat Ceremony. Presented on a lovely gift card, the sparkle and beauty of this necklace is hard to miss! The necklace is made from high quality polished surgical steel, measures 18 inches with a 4 inch extension, and fastens with a durable lobster clasp. Custom made in the USA, this lovely necklace is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Future Doctor Mug Set

The design of this mug is absolutely gorgeous, with its marble effect and gold trim, making it an elegant gift for any graduate. Featuring the words “Future Doctor” in gold print, this mug comes with a matching lid and golden stirring spoon, all packaged in a beautiful gift box for that special person. This mug set makes the perfect gift for someone entering the field of medicine.

“She Believed She Could” Keychain

Never underestimate the power of determination! This keychain honors that perseverance with the quote, “She believed she could, so she worked her ass off & she did”. This makes a great gift for anyone who is graduating from a medical program, because along with the quote there is also a stethoscope that forms a heart engraved on it. It comes packaged in a lovely jewelry box.

3-Piece White Coat Wine Bags

Does your future doctor enjoy a nice glass of wine every now and again? Then they’ll certainly get a kick out of these adorable white coat wine bags! They come in a set of 3, so you could always grab the graduate a few bottles of their favorite wine, decorate the bottles with these cute bags, and you’ve got the perfect celebratory gift!

“Because Residency” Wine Tumbler

Sometimes an experience can be summed up in very few words, and sometimes those few words accompany a wine glass. This “Because Residency” wine glass pokes fun at the trying time that medical school students go through when they complete their residency. A very trying time, residency often requires a glass of wine here and there to calm the nerves. Your medical school graduate will get a laugh out of this stemless wine glass, and they’ll look back on that crazy time as they enjoy a glass of wine!

Funny Doctor Travel Bag

Does your doctor graduate march to the beat of their own drum? Celebrate their uniqueness with this hilarious doctor travel bag. Made of 100% flax, this bag is durable and printed with high quality heat transfer printing. The bag measures 9.5” x 6.3” and is stain resistant and water resistant. The perfect little bag for them to carry things like makeup, toiletries, or any other small items.

Personalized Crystal Hippocratic Oath Plaque

This is a beautiful gift for your special medical school graduate. It is a handmade optical crystal plaque that features the Hippocratic Oath engraved as a background, with a personalized message in the foreground. It is available in 3 different sizes, 6.5”, 8”, and 10”, and you can customize the name, date, degree, and medical school to be written on the plaque. This is a gift they will display with pride.

Sterling Silver Stethoscope Necklace

This lovely necklace makes a sweet gift for that special medical school graduate. Made of hypoallergenic sterling silver, this necklace has a pendant in the shape of a stethoscope and embellished with a colorful crystal from Austria. The box chain is durable and measures 18” long, and it is packaged in a lovely jewelry box and accompanied by a 12-month warranty.

Doctor Wine Label Stickers

Are you planning a party to celebrate your medical school graduation? Make the party complete with these fun doctor wine label stickers. This gift includes a set of 4 different doctor-themed wine labels that can be stuck on your favorite bottles of wine. They each measure 4 x 5” tall, so they are a perfect fit for your standard 750ml bottle. Celebrate in style with these awesome labels!

Cute Travel Tumbler

This fun tumbler is cheeky as well as humorous, with its saying “Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it”. Your medical school grad will get a laugh out of this one, as they bring their favorite hot beverage in it to work. This tumbler holds 20 ounces of fluid and keeps hot drinks hot for 3 hours and cold beverages chilled for up to 9 hours.

Pack of 12 Syringe Pens

Doctors are always in need of pens, so this 12-pack of syringe pens makes a funny and practical gift for that medical school graduate. They feature 4 different colors of fluid inside the syringe, but all the pens write in either black or blue ink. A fun novelty gift for anyone in the medical field.

Before Patients After Patience Drink Set

This humorous gift set is perfect for that medical school graduate who will be finding out soon enough how stressful the job can be. The set features a black “Before Patients” travel tumbler that is made to hold their favorite hot beverage to start the day, and a pink “After Patients” wine tumbler to celebrate the end of a long day. Both tumblers are made from high quality stainless steel and feature a double wall with copper coating on the inside to maintain beverage temperatures.

Personalized Medical School Graduation Plaque

Another beautiful choice for a medical school graduation gift would be this customizable graduation plaque. There is a beautiful poem featured in the center of the handmade crystal plaque, and the recipient’s name, school, date, and qualifications can be listed at the top. The plaque is available in two sizes, 11” and 9” and comes packaged in a padded gift box to protect it during transport.

Custom Lab Coat Hanger

This is a very sweet and unique gift to give to that med school graduate, their very own first white coat hanger! If they have recently graduated from medical school, then chances are they are going to be wearing a white lab coat on a regular basis when they go to work. Give them a special, personalized hanger to hang their white coat on. The hanger is made from solid wood, and the customization allows for 10 characters on the top line and 16 characters on the bottom line, allowing you to put whatever special message you like.

“I’m So Freakin Proud of You” Coffee Mug

Sometimes you just need to let them know how freakin proud you are of them! Well, this mug certainly sums it up. Available in a beautiful pink or gray marble effect, this 14-ounce mug comes with a matching lid and a beautiful golden stirring spoon to complement the gold writing on the mug. It comes packaged in a lovely marble-effect gift box, ready to give to that special medical school graduate.

Doctor Daily Planner Notebook

It is important to stay organized, and doctors especially have to be mindful of their time. So, an organizer such as this one would make a practical gift for any new graduate. It has a cute saying on the cover that reads, “I gave up my life so I could learn how to save yours”, which is a nod to the many hours of studying medical school students have to endure. Inside the planner, each page is organized into different sections to help them organize their day.

Medical School Graduation Cushion Cover

Perhaps they’re settling into new accommodations now that they have graduated, so this adorable cushion cover would make a lovely gift for them. Made of soft and durable 100% cotton linen, this cushion cover is printed on both sides with a quote that reads “Pain is temporary. A medical degree is forever.” The cover measures 18 x 18 inches, so it will fit any standard throw pillow. A super cute gift to give to that special grad!

Sterling Silver Necklace with Crystal Pendant

This gorgeous necklace will make a perfect gift for your favorite medical school graduate! It is available in a few different shapes, depending on what your preference is. The pendant features a beautiful colored crystal, enveloped with a stethoscope that forms the shape of a heart. It is made of pure sterling silver with white gold plating, so it will not irritate the skin, nor will it fade, rust, tarnish, or turn the skin green. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that celebrates their amazing accomplishment.

Doctor Coloring Book

This is a cute little gift that will provide them with some relaxing, mindful coloring to ease their stress and allow them time to relax and unwind. Full of beautiful images to color, this book is geared towards anyone who works in the medical field, and it measures 8.5 x 11”. Give them something fun to enjoy when they’re not working with this adorable coloring book.

My Quotable Patients Journal

In most professions there are those moments that we want to remember, because they were either hilarious, heart-warming, or shocking. But doctors really see an incredible amount of unusual things, and sometimes the things they see and hear are things they want to remember. So, this journal provides them with the opportunity to document some of the more shocking moments in their profession. With 108 pages, this book will give them lots of room to jot down those memorable moments.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Are they a Miss? A Mrs.? Nope, they’re a Doctor! This cute personalized coffee mug makes a great gift for that medical school graduate who now gets to use the pronoun “Dr.”. Made in the United States, this 11-ounce mug will hold their favorite beverage while reminding others that they now go by a new title. A super cute gift to give as a graduation present.

When A Medical Student Gets Their White Coat book

This is a fun read and makes a great gift for someone who has just completed the difficult four years of medical school. The book takes you through the experiences of medical school and reminds graduates of the important job they are now taking on. It is a lovely gift for someone who has recently graduated from medical school, as they’ll surely look back on those days and recall all the hard work they put in.

Silver Doctor’s Clock

This gorgeous doctor’s clock would make a lovely gift for a recent graduate, and it would look perfect displayed in their new doctor’s office or place of employment. Measuring 3.5”, this clock is made from zinc alloy metal and features a variety of medical instruments such as a stethoscope, an otoscope, and others. There is even a small tray to hold valuables such as coins or jewelry.

Hippocratic Oath Pashmina Scarf

This beautiful pashmina scarf is both stylish and comfortable, made from pure silk and features the Hippocratic Oath printed on the side. The scarf is lint-free and very warm to wear, making it a practical gift as well on those chilly days. Your medical school graduate will be proud to wear this pashmina scarf when they head off into the world as a new doctor.

Funny Doctor Socks

Novelty socks are the best, and they make a great gift that will surely make someone smile. These novelty doctor socks feature the message “If you can read this, this doctor is off duty” along with adorable medical-themed items such as stethoscopes and syringes on them. They are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% spandex for a super stretchy, breathable feel. The socks are also unisex and fit a men’s size 6-13 and a women’s size 7 and up.

We think these are some of the best medical school graduation gifts out there.  Hope you found one or two for the graduate in your life.

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