Best Gifts For Quilters

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Whenever you want to get a gift for someone in your lift, thinking about their hobbies can be a great place to start. If they are passionate about something, chances are there are some related products they are pining for that would bring them a bit of joy. For the quilter in your life, take a look at our best gifts for quilters below.


20 Gifts Ideas For Quilters

Sewing machine

This Brother sewing machine is popular for novices and expert quilters alike. It features a simple LCD display, 60 different stitches, a brightly lit work area, and an automatic needle threader!


One of the most important weapons in a quilter’s arsenal is a pair of reliable scissors. Gingher is well-known for quality scissors that glide through fabric easily, without snagging and leaving loose threads.

Thread Cutters

Any quilter knows there will come a time where stitches have to be pulled out and redone. In this case, precision is of utmost importance. These Gingher thread nippers are perfect for pulling out crooked seams and snipping loose threads.

Fabric Calculator

There’s a fair amount of math involved in quilting. Quilters need to know how much fabric of each different color they need for a specific pattern and this can quickly get complicated, depending on the design. Among other things, this special fabric calculator can be used to calculate how many pieces will be needed for a pattern, how much fabric is needed for the backing, border, and pattern, and how many blocks are needed for the size quilt you want.

​Gooseneck Lamp

Quilters need to be able to see the details and tiny stitches in their work and overhead lighting might not always cut it. Consider gifting a gooseneck lamp that will enable them to shine a light directly on the project at hand and highlight small details and color contrast.

Fat Quarters

If there’s one thing quilters can’t get enough of, it’s fabric! Fat quarters are fabric cut in ideal dimensions for project work, making them popular among quilters! Connecting Threads sells these beautiful bundles of fabric, wrapped in a bow, and perfect for gifting.

Jelly Rolls

Another popular way to gift fabric is jelly rolls. Jellies are 2.5” strips of fabric that can be sewn together in a simple pattern for a quilt, or easily cut into smaller shapes to save time preparing for a design. This bright set can surely be used by a quilter for countless projects.

​Quilting with a bit of History

Quilts can teach us so much about history and the people who have made them and used them. If your quilter is interested in history, check out this inspirational book that commemorates farm women and the quilts they made during the Great Depression. The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt includes actual letters written during the Great Depression, as well as instructions for completing quilt blocks inspired by the letters.

Sewing bracelet

Let her show off her passion in style with a piece of jewelry, like this pretty bracelet. This bracelet is adjustable in size, and includes 5 charms with things like a pair of scissors and a quilt square.

Cricut Maker

Take your quilter’s hobby to the next level with an electric cutting machine, such as the Cricut Maker. Save your quilter hours cutting every shape imaginable for customized quilt patterns. The cricut has hundreds of designs to choose from or an option to create and cut a design of your own!​​​​​​​

Quilting Humor

What could be better than a group of attractive men providing encouragement for your love of quilting? This hilarious book is filled with handsome men making quips about quilts and quilting. It’s a sweet lighthearted gift to give your favorite quilter a chuckle about her hobby.

Mini Iron

This tiny iron is ideal for quilters because it enables them to smooth out wrinkles from even the tightest corners. The mini iron is also great for marking out hems or appliqueing small, detailed shapes to projects.​​​

Rotary Cutter

Quilters need to cut smooth, precise lines, and a rotary cutter makes it easy to cut through multiple layers of fabric along a straight edge or pattern. You can’t go wrong with this Comfort Loop Cutter from Fiskars, which is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, making it easier to maintain control.

Sewing Basket

Help the quilter in your life stay organized with a new sewing basket. These sewing baskets keep everything handy with a storage tray for thread and small tools, a pocket for scissors, a pin cushion, and extra space for fabric.

Travel Case

For the quilter on the go, Omnigrid makes this sleek travel case that has enough space to carry everything a quilter might need and keep quilt blocks from getting wrinkled while being carried around.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

With all the cutting a quilter needs to do, it’s important to have a safe space to do so. This non-slip mat from Crafty World has a ruler, grid lines, and angle markings to assist with precision cutting and layout of designs. The unique material enables the mat to reseal itself after every cut, so this mat can be used over and over again.​​​​​​​

Personalized Sign

Let everyone know she loves to quilt with this personalized sign. Lightweight and easy to hang, it will make a great addition to any sewing or craft room.


This sweet figurine would be the perfect gift from a grandchild, or for anyone to let a quilter know how much their special craft is appreciated.

Computerized Quilting Software

If your quilter is at all tech savvy, quilting software programs will allow them to design their quilt with guidance and have a better idea of what the finished product will be without the guesswork! This program also includes thousands of designs and tips, along with printable patterns, and information on how much fabric is needed.

Coffee Mug

Quilters have a hard time getting quilting off the brain. For the times when she’s not actively working on a project, let her curl up with a cup of coffee in this mug that really understands what she’s thinking about!

Hope this list of gift ideas for quilters helps you find just the right thing. Happy shopping!